The Federated Monarchy of Soupistan
Flag of Soupistan
The Flag of Soupistan
Capital City San Novala
Largest City Lans
Language(s) English, Soupistanic
National Anthem

"Lat êltg mâr" File:National Anthem of Soupistan.ogg

Government Federal Monarchy
Population 42,850,317
Currency Soupistanic Lacrêtgs (Ł)
Demonym Soupistanic
Drives on the right
Abbreviation SP
Included Environment(s)
Mountain, Tropical, Forest

Soupistan, officially the Federated Monarchy of Soupistan, also called "Sópaltg" in Soupistanic, is a country made of of 54 states located on the Osirisian continent of Sytiria.

Soupistan is a country that is geographically isolated its mainland continent by the tall Nacrima Mountains which are part of the greater Salvatie Mountain Range. The mountains occupy the greater part of western borders, and the majority of the population reside in the flat central part as well as the eastern mountains. The largest cities are found within the mountain areas. The largest city, Lans is the highest city in terms of altitude as well as marijuana consumption. Soupistan holds a long history of armed neutrality since 1420. However, the country was attacked and taken over by Mikayysia. Soupistan's founder has been taken and placed in Mikayysia's "dungeon", where he will be taken care of.

The richest parts of the country are in the mountains, especially the state of Lacrenze which is a huge exporter of iron and steel. Most of the country is fairly prosperous, although the southern part is considerably less rich than the rest of the country, with the state of Zircônt having the lowest GDP per capita. Zombie outbreaks are common in Soupistan, and as such cities are often walled as well as every person about the age of 16 knowing and trained how to use a firearm.


The country's English name Soupistan is a compound of Sópal, which is the Soupistanic word for "Hills" and "lîstand", meaning "land of" in Soupistanic. This translates to "Land of Hills" in Soupistanic. It is also close to the Soupistanic name for the country

Soupistan Map

Map of the States

The Soupistanic name Sópaltg literally means "(on) the hills".


Soupistan has existed as a state since 1037 as a union of smaller countries, which soon developed into one country with the smaller countries becoming states.

Early Soupistanic History

The smaller nations of Acrymêza, Seïn and Xaceart joined forces to repel the first recorded zombie attack on the area in 938. The three countries upheld their friendship and union and eventually were united into one by King Zênt. Later countries pledged their union as zombie attacks rose in frequency across the ages, as the union knew how to defend themselves the best.

20th century

In the 20th century, the Soupistanic economy has flourished with a strong industrial rise. Many notable companies have started their business since. Zombie attacks remain every common but casualties remain low due to everyone learning how to defend themselves and family in case of ones, with absolutely no deaths in the major cities since 1902. Women gained the right to vote in 1922, and gay marriage was legalized in 1994. The Soupistanic people are very proud of their architecture and as such nmodern high-rise skyscrapers and modern buildings are designed with a rustic, somber facade that helps them blend in with their old towns. Major reforestation campaigns have also seen a resurgence in wildlife over the years.



Soupistan consists of 54 states.

Name Flag Abbr. Capital City Description
Acrymêza AC Lans Acrimoza is the most populated state and is an economical hub for businesses and and organizations.
Seïn SN Ẅalas
Xaceart XA St. Tzég XA
Conzil CO Nevet Conzil is the State of Education in Soupistan with the largest amount of universities and has the highest average IQs in the country.
Ðartg ÐG Mont-Saeïouẍ Ðartg is known mostly in Soupistan for its natural scenery and is a popular place for nature-loving tourists.
Gartdeltu GT San Zolata Gartdeltu is the least populated state and most of its population is concentrated in the capital of San Zolata.
Mariẍ MR Ençèn Mariẍ is Soupistan's largest exporter of cloth and fabrics, and is known for its fashion-centered society.
Quèndys QU Denzaru Quèndys is where most of the electricity is made for Soupistan, as it houses many wind turbines.
Ýndes ÝN Hollendorm Hollendorm, the capital is the movie capital of Soupistan and is a popular tourist destination


Foreign relations and international institutions

Soupistan, while a neutral country enjoys trade and communication from many different countries, including Marinia, Lumoshiland and Jakeistan. Jakeistan in particular is a region of high trade with Soupistan.



The main language spoken in Soupistan is Soupistanic. English is mainly spoken as a second language and pupils in schools get a choice whether to learn Marinian, Rikacetic, Icelandic or Finnish.


Education in Soupistan formally starts from the age of 6 and ends at age 17. Elementary school comprises of 6 grades, while high school comprises of 5. Education is free and compulsory for Soupistanic citizens. Universities are also free, but only for Soupistanic passport holders.


Healthcare is free in Soupistan with many hospitals and care centers in the country. The healthcare sector is the largest one in the country and employs a 27% of the population.

Energy, infrastructure and environment

Most of Soupistan's energy comes from wind power from the western state of Quèndys, which is the windiest state in the country. A lot of energy comes from geothermal sources in the natural hot springs heated by volcanic activity in the mountains.

Soupistan's environmental pursuits have become a big subject in recent years as the country goes to great lengths to preserve its wildlife and forested areas.


Soupistan has received a lot of modernization over the past years, but new buildings are always designed to fit in with the historic architecture of the city.



Soupistan has a rich musical history with music playing a deep role in its culture. Traditional instruments include the Jatearz (a wooden flute), the Acêrdien (accordion) and the Lyfeal (A plucked instrument similar to a guitar)


The most popular sporting events in Soupistan have always been skiing, snowboarding and mountaineering. This is reflected by Soupistan being in the top 3 of Osiris Winter Olympic medalists every year. Ice hockey and sledding are also largely followed. Shooting is Soupistan's best sport in the Osiris Summer Olympics. With many people being trained to use firearms as a result of the zombie attacks, Soupistanic athletes are known for their accuracy. Archery and sailing are also quite popular. Tennis and Baseball have been getting more popular in recent years as well although football is on a decline. While Soupistanś football team is one of the oldest in Osiris, they have not qualified for an Osiris World Cup since 1964, and have only qualified three times out of 43.


Soupistan is known for its production of cheese and is one of the largest exporters of it in Osiris. The most notable cheese in Soupistan is Rynçäde, which has become popular for its versatility and soft texture. Chocolate is also widely produced. Soupistan is the world's largest consumer of coffee, more cups per capita than any country in the world. The next most popular drink is tea, then wine, and then followed by beer.

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