The Fantendo User Wars
Developer(s) Phazonworks (primarily)
Genre(s) Varied
The Fantendo User Wars is the reboot of the somewhat-original series by Darth Phazon.

Originally, the concept was based on a fan-game known as LEGO Fantendo: The User Wars; but gradually, the idea behind it became a fleshed-out series beyond that of a simple brick-built world.

The latest reboot focuses on a brand-new plot element that goes all the way back to when Fantendo was created.


Early History

Let's start with the beginning (like I didn't need to tell you that).

Originally, Fantendo was just nothin' but a boiling rock in the Wikian universe, at least until the energies of creation successfully brought life to it (after creating multitudes of other planets). After that, the energies leftover collected themselves into 12 individual objects: the Creation Keystones. Each stone represented a different element in its own aspect: Fire, Time, Water, Space, Earth, Mind, Air, Power, Light, Spirit, Shadow and Life. Using a special pair of gauntlets, a mysterious being channeled the power of these Keystones to spread a multitude of living species (including some humans). Knowing that nobody was perfect and the power would be dangerous in the hands of another, the being scattered the Keystones across the universe and sealed the gaunlets away in the now-mythical Sky Temple, a floating fortress so high-up in Fantendo's broad atmosphere, that it would probably never be found again. Hopeful, the being hoped his reincarnation would claim the gauntlets before anyone else (especially those of low character) did.

Flash forward about a few thousand years, and we see that Fantendo haas become a diverse planet of many civilizations:

  • The high-tech metropolis Lapis City, home to the Fighters of Lapis, shows the various technological advances that Fantendo is capable of: monorails, holograms and various other futuristic tech can be seen throughout.
  • Fandraxonia, a forest of essentially gigantic roses, is a community that practially thrives off the roses that make up their land, learning to harvest rainwater and special parts from the plant, and even building their homes in them.
  •  Marinia, a somewhat medeval yet steampunk country, relies on its titular monarch Marina for guidance, and has progressed very farly in history despite its somewhat-backwards appearance. A couple of officials don't tend to follow rules, though, so it's not all sunshine and rainbows.

(More Coming Soon)

Arc 1: The Being from Chaturn

Arc 2: The Armies of Pests

Arc 3: Fracture

Arc 4: Fantendo Divided

Arc 5: The World Warped

Arc 6: A New Crusade

Arc 7: Devil from Below

Arc 8: The War of Twilight

Arc 9: Beyond the Earthly Realm

Arc 10 (Final Arc): The War of Stones


Keyblade Warriors


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