This is an upcoming game, started by UniversalGaming Inc., that eventually gained the support of other companies.



Each character has 'stats,' which refer to how much health they have, or how much damage they do.

  • Base Health: Your Base Health is the amount of Health you would have in a 100% Health match.
  • Attack: This is how much damage you do to an opponent with 0 Defence.
  • Defence: This is how much the opponent's damage is lowered by.
  • Finisher Power: This is how much your Finisher does to an opponent with 0 Defence.
  • Finisher Bar: It fills with each successful attack, and it allows you to use your Finisher once full.


Either Analog Stick or Directional Pad: Move

A or B: Basic Attack

←A→ or ←B→: Side Attack

A↑ or B↑: Up Attack

A↓ or B↓: Finisher

X or Y: Jump

+ or -: Menu



Play through special battles and events.

Free Battle

Set up 2 Characters, a Stage, Time Limit, and Health Percentage, the bqttle it out!

Constant Battle

Battle through a constant stream of random characters.



A huge explosion catches various characters' attentions; the 30 Default Characters, each in their respective area, look towards the explosion, and run to find out what it is. On the way, each and every character is sucked into the ground by a hole that forms, that disappears right behind them. Various characters are shown hitting the ground in dark rooms, and the screen fades to black. The screen shows a dark stage. The camera rotates around it, as four spotlights in the corners of the room turn on, and center onto the stage. The camera continues rotating, and four pillars raise out of the ground, trapping 2 randomly picked Unlocked Characters in the arena. The spotlights center on the characters, and a huge machine spirals out of the ground next to the stage. All of the parts on the machine begin to move and rotate, generating blue electricity at the top. The electricity eventually makes everything begin to shake, and a huge flash travels across the camera (bottom-to-top), as the background changes to a random Unlocked Arena. The 2 Unlocked Characters wake up, and an announcer shouts:

"Welcome to Round 1 of the Fantendo Pit! This match pitches <Character 1> against <Character 2>! Ready? Aim... FIGHT!"

The screen fades to the background of the title screen, and the title appears at the top.

Chapter 1



Name Picture Moveset


Name Picture Moveset How to Unlock


Name Picture Moveset Where/When Fought

Other Information


Name Picture Description
Summoner Orb
Summoner Orbs do exactly what you would think; upon picking one up, they summon an ally to fight with you. See below for the list of Summons. When you summon a character, you temporarily take control of the summoned character.
Racing Rubber

Racing Rubber will erase the character's feet, preventing the from controlling their movement. They will randomly dart around, unable to attack.


Name Picture Moveset


In The Fantendo Pit, the central arena has a special mechanism under it that simulates different environments.

Name Picture Description
Fantendo Pit N/A This is the basic arena for this game. It has a mechanism in the background that can change its appearance to simulate different environments. There is a blue fighting ring in the middle.
Forest of Mew N/A The Forest of Mew, from Pokemon Legends of Mew makes an appearance! Nothing much to describe on this stage; mostly a bunch of trees and a grassy floor
Shadow Castle N/A The Shadow Castle, also from Legends of Mew, is a dangerous place, run by Zexam. Nothing dangerous happens here, but Genesect will occasionally walk by in the background.
Icy Palace N/A

This cold arena has yet to appear in a game, but it will be Bowsaur's castle in the game Mario & Luigi: Amari & Guila. Icicles will rarely fall from the cieling.

Story Mode Arenas

Name Picture Description
Toadstool Kingdom The Toadstool Kingdom is the first area in Story Mode.
Paper Dimension The Paper Dimension is an area that turns any character into the Paper form of themself.


Anyone made add non-repeat images of their characters here, as long as they actually appear in the game. You may also add images if you added an arena.


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