The Fantendo Mighty Warriors
Developer(s) Previous: The Fan corporation

Current: Mystery Person Studios

The Fantendo Mighty Warriors is a Action-RPG crossover game from The Fan Corporation, they then abandoned this project in order for Mystery Person Studios to pick it up, Originally for the Nintendo Silver, the game is also made for the 3DS and the Wii U. The game consists of various characters from different series.




Character Series or game Element Mighty Attacks
Madnesscrazy Madnesscrazy's Adventure Dark

A1: Uppercut

A2: Slide Kick

A3: Body Slam

Taunt: Cheeky Face

Finisher: Dark Beam Blast

Hayden The Rise of Darkness Fire

A1: Fire Ball

A2: Sword Slash

A3: Fiery Sword Spin

Taunt: Throws Sword into the air, spins then catches sword.

Finisher: Omega Charge

Aiden The Rise of Darkness Electric

A1: Thunder Ball

A2: Staff Swing

A3: Staff Smash Hands

Taunt: Spins and point staff into the air

Finisher: Shield Smash




Name Series HP Attacks Stage
The Darkness The Rise of Darkness 350

Ball of Darkness


Dark Hands

Fantendo City

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