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Welcome, everybody to The Fantendo Critic. Today's review is about SMW, created by my friend MarioGameChampion. Does it jump over the rest, or fail to excite? Read my review to find out!


"The gameplay is extremely similar to Super Mario World, as this is a direct sequel."

What if I haven't played SMW before?(I HAVE) This is a thing that bothers me to no extent. People are being simply lazy when they just put stuff like this down. Also, MGC can be really vague here. I have no idea what Dragon Coins are. He posts a link, but a thoughtful explanation would be nice.  Other then that, it's proffesionally written and interesting.



All good here, but I feel that Yoshter Bro. is out of place and is used just for advertising purposes. Also, Waluigi? In a regular Mario game? NAH.



Boring and generic.



Interesting. Liek the new power-ups and the combos are a nice idea!


The Other Stuff

IT'S NOT EVEN COMPLETE! Make a complete game befpore you ask someone to review it!



This game is good, but is not complete. MGC still has a lot of work to do! All in all, it earns a 3/5 from me.

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