The Fandrone Zone
Game icon
Developer(s) Kings Legion
Publisher(s) Kings Legion
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS
Release Date(s)
1 Player
Age Rating(s)
E for Everyone
Media Included Nintendo 3DS cartridge

The Fandrone Zone is a game based upon managing a pizza shop starring the main Fantendo characters of The King's Legion.  It is the beginning of winter, and people get extra hungry, so Fandro and the Knights of the Legion begin a pizza business to feed those during the following harsh winter.



The manager has a math styled game.  He pays his employees, but must give the right amount of money.  He also has to make sure his employees are working well and must balance out the jobs that they're given.  The manager has the easiest gameplay in the game.

Button Function in Paying Employees Function in Balancing Jobs
Analog Stick Move mouse -
Control Pad - Pick employee
A Add a coin/dollar to the employee's payment Pressure employee to work hard
B Remove a coin/dollar from the employee's payment Soothe employee to work softly


Cooks have a memory-based gameplay style, as they must read the order and then prepare it, and must remember both the order and to watch the ovens cooking such orders. Cooks are not able to fail at making an order, as points are gained depending on how satisfied the customer is. That saying, one could fail an order and yet still gain points should that customer like it enough.



King's Legion members feel free to add one or two character(s) of yours here :)

Daylight Shift

Characters that work in daylight go here. (6:00 AM to 6:00 PM)

Picture Name Description Position in Shop
Fandro FJR
Fandro A green, flying blob that manages the shop in the daytime.  He is bossy but very good at managing things, especially good at managing people. Manager
Jake The son of a chef, Jake pokes fun with his employees, and constantly jokes that he'll add chicken into anything he makes. Cook
White by Doh
White While he may not look like it, White is actually a pretty good cook. He tries to go without interruption, and is actually a pretty steady hand when it comes to making pizzas. Cook

Nighttime Shift

Characters that are willing to work at night go here.  (6:00 PM to 6:00 AM)

Picture Name Description Position in Shop
100px Scotch Scotch is a general, so how did he get into cooking?  Errm...I guess he just did.  Maybe he was cooking for the acadamy longer ago.  Specialty in making cheese and crust (and is clumsy with sauce). Cook
No image yet... D: Libra The charming and cheerful waitress. Libra is skilled at getting to know even total strangers very well in a few minutes. Nobody can tell whether this is from her looks, from her likable personality, or from her supernatural ability to essentially read minds. Waiter/Server



Recipe Name Description Profit Earned
Cheese Pizza A simple pizza that only has the ingredients of bread, sauce, and cheese.  The cheese is usually american but there are many options to choose from such as parmesan.  Great for beginners. $3 small, $6 medium, $9 large


Recipe Name Description Profit Earned


Recipe Name Description Profit Earned


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