The Fan Cometh is the first game in the Fantendo Origins series and takes place in the present timeline. Can be edited by the following users:

  • JesseRoo (new Fantendo Origins owner)
  • 1337doom(original creator)
  • YoshiEgg(part of The Fan's creation)
  • Mick13
  • Metal Locked(part of The Fan's creation)
  • Indi555



NEW NEW NEW! The Fan Commeth/Guide


The story is long and has many parts.

The Fan Appears

It was a normal day in Fantendo. When suddenly, out of nowhere, there was a burst of light. It was The Fan. YoshiEgg stepped forward. “What are you doing here?” he said. McQueenMario and Cokeman11 stepped up as well. “Who are you?” they demanded. The Fan stared for a long time. Then he said, “I don't believe we've met, McQueenMario and Cokeman11.” “How do you know our names?” “I just do. I am all. I am one. I am Fan.” he then disapeered. A note was left on the ground. Shroobario suddenly walked in. “OK, PPL, OK! What's happening?” Everybody was silent. “Shrooby, a mysterious creature just walked in here and gave us a note!” shouted McQueenMario. KP Blue stared at him and said “I was gonna keep that a secret.....” Shrooby walked into the center of the room. He picked up the note. It said the following

Fire Ice Water Combine the three on the rock Victory is yours.

“What is this?” shouted Shrooby. “I believe it is a haiku.” perked up 1337doom. Everybody stared at him. He said, “What, don't you know what a haiku is?” “yes” said Shrooby “but you usually say XD at the end of your sentances.” 1337doom suddenly turned around. The door Shrooby had walked through banged shut. “What just happened” said 1337doom, and then Metal Locked said “I believe we've been visited by The Assistant.”

Found Him

All the users searched for the Assistant. They finally found something-it was a portal! "Does the portal lead to cake?" said 1337doom. Everyone stared at him. "Um, I mean, Does the portal lead to cake? XD" Everyone stopped looking at him. "Look," said Shrooby, "We're going to go find Plumber and he will-" suddenly, KP Blue fell into the portal. "Oh, great." said Shrooby. "Actually, I pushed him in" said JesseRoo. "Well, we better get him back" said McQueenMario. So they jumped in. Inside the portal was a tall, tall creature. "I am The Enemy." he said. KP Blue was lying on the ground. "Is he... d-d--dea-" said Cokeman11, but then KP woke up from his nap. "Uh, hello?" said The Enemy. "Are you the Fan?" said Metal Locked. "No, I'm THE ENEMY!" said The Enemy. "I'm here to destroy the Fantendoverse!" "Why?" said YoshiEgg. "BECAUSE! I'M THE FANS EVIL BROTHER!" "oh. AAAAAAAAAAAA" All the users tried to escape. They almost made it, too.

Welcome to the Dumbtendoverse

The users were all shoved in a weird portal where they found a jail cell. They were trapped in it. "Sigh..." said Shrooby. A dark shape was huddled at the corner. 1337doom walked over to it. It was a quivering blanket. "H-hello?" said 1337doom. The blanket disintegrated. Charmer, Oshtyo, Wheelzen and Nightwolf were all hiding under it. "What are you doing here?" said 1337doom. "Who the pie are they?" said KP Blue. JesseRoo stared at him. "What?" "You said What the pie. That's something 1337doom says. So end it with XD like 1337doom does." "What?" said KP. "I WANT MY MOMMMMMYYYYYYYYY!" screamed Charmer. "Quiet you stupid kid!" whispered Nightwolf. A small wizard with his hat covering his whole body walked up to the cell. "Now you've done it", said Wheelzen, who was relaxing. "Let me out, you creep!" said Oshtyo. The small wizard was the Apprentice. "No." he said, as a bolt of lightning struck everything in the cage. "We're getting out of here." said Metal Locked (Oshtyo, Charmer, Nightwolf and Wheelzen have joined your party.)

Welcome to Evil Meer Hue Village

"Woah", said Mick13. "This place looks evil!" The village they escaped to was shadowy, and evil. "Of course it's evil, YOU FOOL!" said Oshtyo. "Well, I'm sorry..." said Mick. A figure that looked like a part-cat, part-human, and part-demon creature walked up. It was the Super Evil Meer Hue. BOSS BATTLE! After the battle, the rest of the Evil Meer Hue's ran away. "Why did The Enemy call this place Dumbtendo? Why not Darktendo?" asked YoshiEgg. Suddenly, they heard a voice. "Are you a 12-year old boy?" it said. Metal Locked ran up behind a house. It was CLEVERBOT! (Cleverbot has joined your party) "Poyo!" said 1337doom. "Kirby!" said Cleverbot.

Diver Shores

It was wet and watery. "I do not like water" said Cleverbot. Nightwolf stared at the water as well. "Who knew this place was so wet?" he said. "Well", said Shrooby, "I'm guessing that the Evil Meer Hues liked swimming. It was only about 2 miles away from the village." A small, brown, mushroom-shaped creature rose up from the depths. "Woah!" said 1337doom. "It's a genuine goomba corpse!" About 20 more floated up. "What made this happen?" asked YoshiEgg. "I'm guessing there's something down there." said Metal Locked. "Wait, where'd Wheelzen go?" Wheelzen was having fun being a wheel. "WHEEEEEEEEE-Aaaaaa" Wheelzen fell in the water. 1337doom jumped down. JesseRoo said "Kay, we're staying here, amirite?" Cleverbot fell in. "Owch!" he said. "Sigh..." everyone jumped in the lake.

It's a me, WARIO!

All the users had blacked out. The first one to wake up was Cleverbot. "All.... mice...... are...... in.... cones...." he muttered. This woke up 1337doom. "DIDJA KNOW THERE WERE ONCE MICE IN CONES?" he yelled. "LOOK CLOSER, LOOK CLOSER, LOOK CLOSER DONT YOU SEE!" said Cleverbot. Everyone else was awake now. "Where are we?" asked KP Blue. "It's a me, a Wario!" A figure that looked like Wario in a diver costume walked up. "Aaaa not this guy!" Charmer ran behind a couch. "wait-a, wait-a, I'm-a-not your-a wario! I'm a good a-wario!" "I thought this place was evil?" asked Oshtyo. "Yeah, but I'm supposed to be evil in your universe, so I have to be good in your universe." explained Diver Wario. "But you have to be careful, my house under the sea isn't safe, not safe at all! We have a giant monster fish-car." "A fish-car?" asked McQueenMario. "Never heard of that" said Cokeman11. The entire house crumbled. There was a giant fish-car. McQueenMario's evil twin, NemoLuigi! (BOSS BATTLE WITH NEMOLUIGI) Another portal appeared. "Bye!" said Diver Wario. Nightwolf lead the way in.

Welcome to Lava Land

Nightwolf bitterly wandered the caves. "This way" he said. "I'm cold and I want my mommy" said Charmer. "Dude, you annoy me" said Wheelzen. They all stopped. A small man was standing there. "Kay, so I'm the Assistant, and, uh, follow me." The Assistant lead them to a small lab. "Do you know where this is?" "No?" said 1337doom. "Well, if you don't, then too bad. This is where a small Beorn named Unten created The Balance and Internet by messing with a bunch of buttons." "Wait, who's the Balance?" asked KP Blue. " And the internets alive?" asked Mick13. "I'm dancing?" asked Cleverbot. The Assistant explained that they were The Fan and The Enemy's parents, and that they are neutral to the battle between the two sides. "OK, then." said JesseRoo. "But how do we get out of here?" "Well" said The Assistant, "Follow the lava-hot road."

This Village

"Wait a second, this place looks familiar..... THATS IT! This is the Dumbtendoverse version of MY village." said Nightwolf. "And that means...." But then The Enemy appeared. "Hmph, you just don't understand! You think I'm resorting to using evil twins. Well, I took charge to hire your worst enemy, Nightwolf. Your very worst enemy." said The Enemy. "You don't mean...." but it was too late. Master Avenger was already here. (BOSS BATTLE WITH MASTER AVENGER) "Phew" said Cokeman11. "That was a very long battle. We've got to get out of here." said Metal Locked.


The next portal they went through led to an airship. "This looks familiar too" said Wheelzen. "Oh yeah, it's my airship." The top of the airship blew open. It was Evilzen. (BOSS FIGHT WITH EVILZEN) "Ok" said Charmer "I'm scared of these people." "Don't be." said YoshiEgg. "We're here to help you. Don't be scared." "Right" said Charmer. "I won't be scared." YoshiEgg smiled.

Metal City

The heroes entered yet ANOTHER portal. This portal led to a town full of empty buildings. Charmer looked up at the skyscrapers. "Hey, look, a light!" he pointed up at the only lit window. "No, wait-" said Oshtyo. "NO!" said Charmer. "But it might be a tra-" "NO! I WONT BE SCARED!" said Charmer. He rushed up into the building's stairs and almost opened the only door with a light. Wheelzen sped up to him blocking the door. "Don't open that, Charmer! It's a trap!" he said. But Charmer wouldn't listen, and he opened the door. Inside was a large metal cube-ish thing and a very nice mysterious computer-type thing. "My name is The Internet, and this is The Balance" said The Internet. "We are your friend The Fans parents" said The Balance. "Oh, and The Enemys. He's your friend too, right?" "NO WAY!" shouted KP Blue. "We hate him!" grumbled YoshiEgg. "The Fan and I are destroying him." said Metal Locked. "WHAT!" said The Balance. "I told that Enemy to stop whacking his brother, but no....... they can't just live in peace." The Internet said nothing. "Anyway" she finally said, "There is an evil robot in this city here to destroy you." she said, pointing at Metal Locked. "M-me?" he asked. "Yes" said The Internet. "Watch out and come visit us sometimes." They walked out, wondering exactly how The Fan had parents if he was a god, the almighty creature..... "Maybe it's a demi-god." said 1337doom. "Huh?" said Cokeman11. "Yes, a demi-god. The demi-gods are sons and daughters of gods that aren't gods themselves." 1337doom said. "So let me get this straight, The Balance is the god of peace, Internet is the god, of, well, 1337ness and the Internet of course, and The Fan and The Enemy are demi-gods of their respective universes." said YoshiEgg. "Yup" said 1337doom.

Metal Alley

Metal Locked was a little frightened, at least as frightened as robots can get. "A robot wants to destroy me???" he said. When suddenly, Nega Locked jumped out of an alley. (BOSS FIGHT WITH NEGA LOCKED)

under construction story


More characters are being added all the time.

Playable Users

  • YoshiEgg
  • McQueenMario
  • Cokeman11
  • Shroobario
  • KP Blue
  • 1337doom
  • Metal Locked
  • JesseRoo
  • Mick13
  • Cleverbot (not a user but he still lives in the fantendo house. He comes in later)

Playable Fan Characters

(all playable fan characters come in later)


Other Important Characters


Companion Games

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