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The Fan
The Almighty Fan, a ruler of the Fantendoverse.
(as in Fantendo Smash Bros. Shattered)
Full Name The Almighty Fan
Current Age Unknown (Infinite)
Gender Male (assumed, possibly genderless)
Location Fantendoverse, in his Sector (Niroe in Lethal Combat)
Current Status Alive?
Class God
Family and Relations
The Enemy
Main Weapon(s) God/creation powers, Superspeed (Lethal Combat), Magic (Lethal Combat)
Oh, we haven't met, have we? I'm the master of the known Fantendoverse. Pleased to meet you.
The Fan, The Fan Cometh

The Fan (Real name being Aktoz and occasionally referred to as Cobalt) is The Enemy's twin brother and co-creator of the Fantendoverse. Unlike his brother, who ultimately stands for Chaos, The Fan stands for Order, always siding with the "good guys". He is, tying with his malevolent brother, the most powerful being in all of the Fantendoverse.

In Fantendo Smash Bros. Shattered, he finally made amends with his brother. Although too late to do anything concerning the Shattering, The Fan and the Enemy create The New Fantendoverse over another one that that had previously believed to be empty, with the Forces of the Threat now involved in cosmic war.


The Fan's origin is unknown. The current story is that the two brothers had existed prior to the old Fantendoverse and after their old universe was destroyed, they became gods in the next. When that universe was destroyed, they could not afford to disintegrate with the dead universe, which would not come into existence for the next several thousand years in mortal time and seeked out empty universes to recreate the Fantendoverse.

One of the Fan's biggest enemies was his own brother, with the divide between them lasting until Fantendo Smash Bros. Shattered. Although The Fan has seeked to reconnect with his brother, it was until the universe fell apart that they came to peace with each other.


Fantendo Origins series

He is the main character in most of the Fantendo Origins games, though is almost never playable.

Fantendo Wasteland

The Fan is an important character.

Fantendo RPG series


Fantendo Origins X

Is a major character/protagonist in almost all installments.

The Aeo Composition

He creates an aspect of himself, Murtaa, who tethers himself to Aeo.

Powers and Abilities


The Enemy

The Threat


A full gallery of all artwork of The Fan.


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