Developer(s) GearworksLogo
Publisher(s) FantendoHalf
Platform(s) PC
Release Date(s)
Single Player, Multiplayer
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) First Person Shooter

The Factor: One Mind is a First-Person Shooter for the PC created by Gearworks Gaming and published by Fantendo. The game is set within an alternate future where the events of The Factor never occured and subsequently this has resulted in the robotics industry thriving due to the success of Raven Industries, leading to the eventual slavery of humanity under a supercomputer-controlled regime.



The Factor: One Mind is set in an alternate future wherein the Raven Industries Crisis and The Surge never occured as the Raven-Drones which instigated the events were never hacked by terrorists. As a result of this, the robotics industry thrived as various other nations adopted the Raven Drone defense systems to replace police and security forces, eventually leading to androids being adopted into military operation much more widely and eventually resulting in the construction of a supercomputer, dubbed the "hypercomputer", to replace the United States government and its various officials.

The Hypercomputer handled all operations over the country, including technological operations, healthcare and general well-being and all military decisions. The Hypercomputer also had the unique ability to percive information and "learn", eventually being able to construct the thermonuclear weapon which was then launched against the People's Republic of China. Upon doing so, the Hypercomputer proceeded to issue a nuclear threat which stated that it would use more thermonuclear weapons against countries which did not comply with the Hypercomputer-based Government Reform, which was essentially to give the Hypercomputer permissions to control the general amount of their operations. As a result, entire populations which did not comply were killed, notably North Korea and various other totaltarian states. As the Hypercomputer produced more advanced weaponry and androids, a law was insituted which stated that all humans under the said regime must be implanted with a device known as a "SRU" or Speech Regulation Unit. The SRU would triggered should the site-supervisor utter anything against what the Hypercomputer Government's ideals and goals were, and would explode and kill the target.

Eventually, by 2800 humanity was under a slave-government in various planets due to the invention of faster-than-light travel by the Hypercomputers. Entire planets within the empire were dedicated to slave-labour in order to harvest more resources for the production of Androids and IPTDs or (Inter-Planetary Thermonuclear Devices). Humans which worked as slaves would be implanted with an NSMC - the Neural Signal Manipulation Conduit. The NSMC is a device which enables the Hypercomputer to take control of the human mind through a single transmitter which connects to multiple NSMCs. The NSMCs may be programmed to manipulate the sight of a human, the human's nervous system, and whatever other senses are available. This was done in order to give a false sense of pleasure while at work. Other planets are dedicated "brood-planets", which generally house non-augmented humans with SRUs in order to produce more eventual slaves. These planets are generally designed to cater to the "brood human's" needs through false luxury and a lack of contact with other planets. By the age of 21, various men and women who are deemed unfit for the production of viable children are transferred on ships to the "mineral-planets" to work. During the trip they are all implanted with NSMCs which are programmed to their liking and are forced into work. Those who are fit-enough stay on the planet in order to produce more children suitable for slave-labor.

Security-wise, the general amount of Empire-controlled planets are patrolled by Androids or heavily-augmented NSMC-controlled humans. The Androids are generally programmed to respond to any civil unrest and/or invasions from various rogue-planets. The Androids are generally equipped with mass-produced weaponry as there are generally a lack of threats present within the Empire due to NSMC and SRU control.

There do however exist "Rogue-Planets" which are undetected by Empire-scanners and planetary maps. These Rogue-Planets are generally abandoned mineral-planets which have been depraved of their resources housed by humans with malfunctioning SRUs or those who have had their device extracted. These ethos and vision of these Rogue-Planets is generally to overthrow the regime controlled by the supercomputer and reinstate human-control. Rogue-Planets may also execute raids on Brood-Planets or recruit under the guise of Mineral-Ships.


Note: This is essentially an extended synopsis/overview of the game and will most likely lack detail The player plays the role of a twenty-one year old brood-planet inhabitant who is awaiting ascension to the Mineral-Planets. The player does not know of what is in the mineral planets and is contempt to board the ascension ship. During the process of his ascension, an onslaught of missiles appears which decimates the ascension ships awaiting "processed" subjects. The attacking ship lands near the site of which the ascension ships were attacked and near the player. The bay of the ship then opens and a man instructs the player to enter the ship. Upon entering the ship the player is instructed to strap into the ship and is told to "try not to scream too much". The man then pulls out a knife and stabs the player's right arm and runs the knife down the arm. The anonymous man then places his hand into the hole and pulls out a device, which he claims is the SRU. The man then tells the player why he has taken him onto the ship, highlighting the Mineral and Brood planets and how their lives are being abused by the Hypercomputer for its own benefit.

The ship then flies to an unknown, distant planet. The man explains about the concept of Rogue-Planets and the ethics of the people whom live on the said planets, saying that they served as the inauguration of an uprising which would oust the Hypercomputer and reinstate power to a human government. Upon arriving the Rogue-Planet E-291, the player is introduced to Xavier Harrison, who is the alleged leader of the E-291 and is also the commander of various "Liberation Squad" operations performed by various other Rogue-Planets. Deeming the player as somebody who may be fit for such task, he orders for the player to be augmented and prepared for operations.

Eventually, throughout the course of the game and the completion of missions the player is able to get further into Xavier's inner-circle and his various acolytes, which reveals information about Xavier's behavior, his possible intentions and various other rumors surrounding him. By liberating various Brood-Planets, many Rogue-Planets are attracted to Xavier's work forming a conglomerate of Liberation Squadrons around the said Rogue Planets.

Eventually when Xavier's Liberation Squad reaches the capital, Xavier executes various high-ranking officers within his inner circle and orders thermonuclear weapons to be launched at the other Rogue Planets. It turns out that Xavier was a transhuman under the influence of an NSMC in order to infiltrate and gain the trust of other Liberation Squads in order to eliminate them from the inside. The Player manages to escape from Xavier's Rogue Planet and infiltrates the Capitol planet, managing to destroy the Hypercomputer.




The player plays from the first-person perspective and like many first-person shooters the player is provided with a HUD which shows the current equipment, the ammuntion of the selected gun with the gun's name and a radar. The player can strafe using the WASD Keys and can fire the current gun using the left-mouse button. The gun can be reloaded with the R button and the player can look down the sights when holding down/clicking the right mouse button. To switch weaponry the player can scroll with the middle-mouse button and can use the currently-equipped equipment by pressing the middle-mouse button. Using the Q button the player can open the inventory interface which can be used to swap out equipment and weaponry.


The Multiplayer gameplay is nearly identical to the Single-player gameplay other than the addition of chat that is available with the use of the "Y" key for regular chat and "U" key for team chat.


  • An advertising campaign for the game was held in various countries which involved the use of propaganda-style posters pasted around areas with significant amounts of people. This lead to several unintentional arrests for the advertisement of a "non-standard occult party" in the Middle East.

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