The Factor: Devestation
Developer(s) GearworksLogo
Publisher(s) FantendoHalf
Platform(s) PC
Release Date(s)
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) First-Person Shooter

The Factor: Devastation is a First-Person Shooter game produced by Gearworks Gaming for the PC. The game is the sequel of The Factor and follows the events of the previous game. The game revolves around the aftermath of the Raven-Industries Crisis and shows the growing tension within the state, of which is now a wasteland.



The City after the Raven-Industries Crisis, circa. 2022

The game takes place directly after the death of Malcolm Leychester, prior CEO of Raven Industries. Subsequently following such, the city the Raven-Headquarters is set in has become a desolate wasteland. The fight for hunger and resources has caused conflict within the city and has seperated the city into four major factions, of which now rule areas of the city. Most of these factions are unorganized groups of people whom share similar ideals and intentions, or are from a similar origin. The factions have all become locked in conflict and are in a fight for supremacy within this now anarchic city.


Rp apocalypse0006

The Player about to consume a Bill Cosby

The gameplay of The Factor: Devastation seems to revolve more around survival rather than conflict. The game introduces the Hunger/Thirst system, which is a measure of how far you are from starvation/dehydration. To decrease the amount of Hunger/Thirst you have, you must collect items such as water or food to reduce thirst or hunger respectively. Weaponry or tools are also scattered around the map, and the player is required to collect them in order to defend themselves or set up buildings. As the game progresses, you may develop relations between factions through the Respect system. Depending on what actions you do, or if you complete missions assigned from the factions, your level of respect increases or decreases accordingly. Once you reach a certain level of Respect, you may join that specific faction, which will help in gathering resources and while combating enemy factions.


This section lists the factions within the city and details about them.

Image Faction Name Description Territory
Rp apocalypse0002 Loyalists Dedicated Ex-Raven employees whom had lost their jobs following the Raven-Industries Crisis, they are known to be armed with old Raven Weaponry and are notorious for eating children.

Areas around the Raven Headquarters.

Rp apocalypse0003 Patriots American Soldiers whom have been sent to the area in an attempt to ease the conflict and regain the state during The Surge. Currently, the faction is the only of the five which organizes attacks consistently and uses a formal hierarchy.

North-East Territories

SeeS SeeS Renowned activists, spokespeople and political theorists whom opposed the Raven-Industries Crisis, most of which work under the Government. The SeeS have a large pool of support alongside them and hold the most territory within the city.

Western and Central Territories

Rp apocalypse0004 Brotherhood A Faction consisting of criminal gangs which roamed the city prior to The Surge and the Raven Industries Crisis. The Gangs have reformed after the crisis in order to seize the opportunity of ruling the city.

South-East Territories