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Developer(s) GacLogo2
Publisher(s) FantendoHalf
Platform(s) Hybrid Δ
Genre(s) First Person Shooter
Release Date(s)
Age Rating(s)

The Factor: Deathward (Fakutā:-Shi ni mukatte in Japan) is a First Person Shooter for the Hybrid Δ and PC by GamerAvenue Co. The game is a prequel to the original game The Factor and takes place several years before it, the story revolving around a bacterial entity which landed on earth and started a Biological disaster.


Segment 1: Curiosity

In an unknown city, a meteorite containing a bacteria lands onto the surface of the town. The bacteria is unknown, unique and isn't like what the scientists in the city have ever seen before, they decide to test what the bacteria's effects are on a human due to the belief that it could be a potential steroid for the human body, they injected the bacteria into his body and let the bacteria develop. As the days passed, the subjects skin started to boil, there was an increased growth in the muscles, the subject's skin began to rip and change their texture and color and the subject's behavior started to change. Eventually after 3 weeks, the subject had developed into something inhuman, it behaved and looked nothing like a human, so the scientists decided to euthanize the subject for safety reasons. However, the scientist who was meant to euthanize the subject was mauled at and killed, the subject then escaped, attacking and killing some of the scientists in the lab. Those who were injured or killed by the infected person were subject to the infection and the infection could not be healed by regular antibiotics. The virus then began continuous spreading from human to human, eventually infecting 2/3rds of the whole population in the town. One of the survivors is a 31 year old man known as Alec, a retired policeman who manages to avoid infection because of his experience as a policeman and was armed with a basic M1211 to kill off any of the Hosts. He then attempts to fend off and find a cure somewhere in the city while thinning down the numbers of the hosts by looking within the Laboratory that they had studied the bacteria in.

He goes into the lab, nothing. The walls were stained with the blood of scientists and there is no signs of anyone being alive. He creeps deeper into the lab and he begins to see Hosts which have been infected and attempts to fight them off while he attempts to find the cure. There is a Vault inside the Laboratory and it requires a code which is written on a card the head scientist keeps, so he attempts to find the Main Office in which the Head Scientist stays. When he reaches the room however, he finds the Head Scientist has been the worst infected and has become what is called a "Highly-Infected Host", The Scientist is now a Sprinter with 4 legs grown on his back and large tumors around his body, with the primary target being the 4 legs. Once the 4 legs are destroyed the infected scientist sprints around the room attempting to grapple and maul you while you fight. When shot enough times, you kick the Head Scientist down and shoot him in the head. Alec then finds the dead Scientist's trousers, torn apart and ripped, and finds the card needed to open the vault. He finds out the code is "481265" and goes to the vault to open it, however when he finally opens the vault there is nothing, only several chemicals in Test Tubes, some kit for the scientists and the main testing room. With nothing else there he attempts to find a skilled person to help him find the cure for the bacteria.

Segment 2: Arrogance

Alec gives up on trying to find a skilled person to cure the disease, for now he had to find somebody who could repel the Hosts safely. And one of the survivors fit the criteria, however the survivor only had some experience with combat, though he had something which did. This one particular person was located in a property northwest of the lab, in an urban compound with several houses designed for businesses in the area. Alec has no choice but to go by foot because Hosts can hijack his car and kill him if he does. The level is mainly based around stealth and speed at the same time, given that there are scavenging Hosts patrolling the streets in the area.

The journey is fairly long, stretching across several miles of area making the trek excruciating for Alec. Eventually, he reaches the compound and the address of the combat expert, that one combat expert is Malcolm Leychester, a man creating drones to reduce Police Fatalities by replacing local authorities with robots. Eventually, Alec manages to convince Malcolm to help in stopping the Host population and the two begin to fight against the hosts.


The Gameplay is that of a traditional FPS, the player controls Alec with the WASD keys or any other selected controls and can aim with the mouse or touch screen. The player can switch between their weapons with their assigned keys and your hud displays your Minimap, objectives and the current selected weapon. You can also open your menu with the Escape button or another selected button.

Single Player

The Single Player mode involves the Player doing certain set tasks for each segment and must complete them to progress to the next one. Like in the previous game, you can enlist surviving humans from the HUB, which is now the town centre, and let them help you complete the mission. You can also upgrade the weapon's attributes in 4 Different areas of upgrades:

  • Power - Increases the damage caused by the weapon
  • Fire-Rate - Increases the Firing Rate of the selected weapon
  • Accuracy - Increases the Weapon's accuracy
  • Reload-Rate - Increases the rate in which you reload the weapon.


In Multiplayer, you can select certain maps based off areas from the game itself and can fight against other players on it as either a Surviving Human or a more powerful Host. There are different modes which you can select such as Capture the Flag or Team Deathmatch when creating a Server. When editing a server, you can edit the Player Count, time to finish the game, the map and more. The Gameplay uses a ranking system and when you unlock an achievement or kill enough people you will advance to the next rank. You can also upgrade your guns or features as you level up to increase your character's strength.


Image Enemy Name Description Abilities
N/A Basic Hosts Basic Hosts are the First Stage for infected humans and are the most common type of human infected by the disease. They only have slight mutations such as Boils, a basic human appearance and only slightly developed muscles for Infected. Basic Hosts are the first encountered Hosts in the game and are easy to defeat
  • Clawing at the Target
  • Basic Speed
  • Low Health
N/A Sprinter Hosts More advance Hosts who have adapted to running at high speeds. They are much more agile than Basic Hosts and yield mutations such as deformed legs which mimic those of a dog's hind legs, sharper claws and are thinner than usual hosts. Sprinter Hosts can be a nuisance when facing them because of their agility
  • Clawing at the Target
  • High Speed
  • Low Health
N/A Hiveminds Evolved versions of Hosts which spit high pressure bile at their targets. They are identical to worms, are fairly muscular and have large mouthes at the front of their bodies. Hiveminds cannot move while on the ceiling and can only rotate to face their targets. When they take enough damage, the Hivemind will collapse to the ground and crawl to it's prey, trying to lash at it and still spits bile at it. They are normally not considered threatening due to the fact you can run past them though there are some hiveminds which are on the ground which are more dangerous.
  • Spitting Bile at the target
  • Lashing at the Target
  • Pivotal Movement/Slow Movement (Only when detatched)
  • High Health

Glitches and Easter Eggs

  • Scrambler Mode - If you revisit the Laboratory after Segment 5 you will find that some of the area has changed, with some walls broken down and rooms you may never have accessed before. The Scrambler activation terminal is in the bottom floor in one of the opened rooms, once turned on it randomizes character dialogue, turning the game into a badly made translation. The Scrambler also heavily modifies some dialogue directly, such as the dialogue from Malcolm being turned into incomprehensable gibberish.

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