The Evil Brotherhood is a fan-fic in the Fantendo Silence: Beyond series. It is by Indi555. The story explains the back story behind the Brotherhood of Gagmier.

Prologue: The Story of the Demon

  • Location: Athens, Ancient Greece
  • Time: Sometime B.C.
Thousands of years ago, in Ancient Greece, a mortal man by the name of Gagmier was born into a poor family. He detested that part of everything they owned was sacrificed to Mount Olympus when the gods had so much and they had so little. One day, as he was walking along the streets of Athens, he heard a voice. He turned to see an old lady beckoning him into her home. He knew the lady was very rich and respected among the people of the great city. His wicked mind was at work, thinking how he could rob the old woman of some of her treasure. "Come," she said. "Read me one of the old writings. My eyes are to old and weary for such a task". He obliged, taking a golden sandal buckle with him as he left. So it continued day after day, Gagmier's prizes getting progressively larger. One day, the old woman asked him to stay late. "I know you have been stealing from me," she says. "I have known since the very first day that you were the one I was waiting for." She raises up her hand to silence him. Her appearance starts changing from old to young. "I am a sorceress," she states proudly. "I could teach you to be a great sorcerer as well! Together we will revive Kronos, the Titan Lord, and no longer will we have to serve these foolish gods! Would you like that, Gagmier?" she asks. Lost for words, he nodded. Day after day she trained him. He studied from the ancient spell books, learning magic that even his teacher didn't know. One night while he was studying, his teacher came in. He took her by surprise, and cast a spell turning her into a Fire Flower. He scooped up her pot and placed it in a cabinet. He than gathered several magic items together, including the Fire Flower that was his teacher. He dumped out the seeds and placed them in a glass vial. He tore up the rest of the plant and dropped the leaves in a cauldron of boiling water. He added the other ingredients, and the water started to billow acrid blood red smoke which he inhaled. He muttered some words in a foul, ancient tongue and he started to change. His skin became blood red and metallic. His nails elongated into claws as his cloths fell from his body. Twin horns sprout from this now bald head. Bat wings grow from his back. His teeth become pearl white fangs. All hair disappears from his body save a pointed goatee jutting from his chin. He now stands 7 and a half feet tall. The remaining smoke forms into a black iron pitchfork in his hand. He was now a full fledged Demon, dressed only in a loincloth made of black leather.
"Forget resurrecting Kronos," he said scornfully. "The reign of Gagmier has begun!"

A Dark Army Attacks

  • Location: Mount Olympus
  • Time: 50 years later
Gagmier has gathered together a great army. He has decided to conduct a full scale attack on Mt. Olympus. The forces of good, mortals and gods alike, join forces to fight. As a great battle ensues, Gagmier's forces are winning. The daughter of Zeus and Athena, the Lady Annabeth, took up Pandora's Box in her hands and said to Zeus, "Father! Let me sacrifice myself for your survival." Reluctantly, he agrees, for he loves her dearly. She flew over the battlefield and right up to Gagmier's camp, carrying the beautiful box. She gets there, yells a few powerful words, and she and Gagmier are sucked into the box.
The rest of the evil forces dissolve into black smoke. Good has won for now.

Chapter 1: Enter Hades

  • Location: Classified
  • Time: Present
Johnathon Hades was not happy. The man stood before his desk, cowering, shaking. "So, Franklin. Would you like to tell me what this bad news is?" he asked in a casual tone.
"Y-y-y-yes, sir. We received a report from our agents in China. The radioactive material was recaptured by an individual known as 'Solid Snake'. He knocked the semi off the road into the sea. He also destroyed our base in-" Franklin was interrupted by the burst of electricity shot directly into his cerebral cortex, instantly frying his brain. As his body fell to the ground, Johnathon got up from his seat and pocketed his G-Series Shocker.
"Those imbeciles in the Tech Department have outdone themselves. Thank you for the update, Franklin," he said with a diabolical smirk. He pulled out his cell phone and dialed a number. "Is Operation Revival going as planned?" he asked.
"Affirmative," a gruff voice on the other end answered.
"Good," he told the gruff-voiced man. "I will be in New York in a few hours." He hung up and left the office. Johnathon strolled through the underground facility nonchalantly, watching the workers with vague interest. While his global operation was far from legal, his world-wide terrorist organization looked like a toy store compared with what he had planned for Earth. As he boarded his private jet, he started to think about his life...
As a boy, Johnathon Hades was always a subject of ridicule and disgrace at his school, even though he was exceptionally bright. He had a knack for history and science and was especially interested in Greek mythology. He was born into a poor family that could barely provide enough food. One day, his 13th birthday to be exact, he was looking through an old book on Greek Mythology he found in his attic when he found a hand written note that read: "Mo, you know that when I gave birth to John I vowed never to let him know his true heritage. I don't want him to grow up to be a monstrosity. -Love, Linda Hades"
As he finished reading the note from his mother to his uncle, Mo Hades came up behind him at that moment. He saw the note and quickly snatched the note away. " What was that about?" He asked his uncle.
"Nothing," Mo said gruffly.
"I said what is that?", he asked again, his anger rising. When his uncle repeated his previous answer, Johnathon yelled and punched him. Mo flew through the wall and landed in the yard. John stared at his hands, amazed. He heard a scream from downstairs. John knew his parents would kill him, so he jumped through the hole in the wall. He grabbed his uncle, slung him across his back, and took off from the ground. He had been flying for over 5 minutes before he realized what he was doing. I could go anywhere!, he thought excitedly. He continued flying, across the ocean until he reached his destination. it had taken hm less than 30 seconds. He landed outside Athens, Greece. He then carried his uncle to a nearby forest. He then found a nice cave and set Mo down on the ground. When Mo awoke, Johnathon explained their situation.
"Johnathon," he said sadly. "Their is no point in hiding it from you any longer. You are part Demon." He went on to explain that centuries ago, one of his ancient relations fell in love with a man named Gagmier. Together, they had a son. After she gave birth, Gagmier reviled he was really a powerful Demon. Horrified by what she had done, she threw her self off a cliff, leaving the child to be cared for by Gagmier. He named him Garamon and raised him as a General in his army. After Gagmier was defeated, Garamon disappeared along with the rest of the Demons. "You are his descendant," he concluded.
They traveled back to the United States. Johnathon grew up, secretly practicing his powers. Over time, he lost the ability to fly but gained the power to manipulate heat and fire, among numerous other small things. He started a worldwide terrorist organization, the Bearers of Evil, bent on world domination. But, underneath this already sinister group, he searched the world, looking for descendants of Gagmier's great army. He found every single one and formed a group called the Brotherhood of Gagmier. Those who refused to join him were "taken care of". Now, Johnathon had been contacted by an unknown entity, not of this world. It promised him a soul, pure at heart, a hero, to be delivered as a sacrifice. Just what Johnathon needed to resurrect Gagmier. That was why he was flying from Athens to New York at this very moment. Soon, very soon, the world will be back under Gagmier's command, he thought evilly. And I will be honored above all others for putting Operation Revival into action."

Chapter 2: Snake's Dilemma

  • Location: China
  • Time: The Previous Day
"I'm hungry," were the last words the guard thought before Solid Snake knocked the guard out. He dragged the body into a broom closet and switched outfits. He gave his gear to the other man minus the weapons and left the closet. The guard's partner entered the hall. "Hey, buddy, come on, we gotta get that radioactive crap over to the jet," the man said.
"Uh... Yeah, let's go," Snake answered.
"Uhhh... what happened?" the man awoke staring down the barrel of a G-Series Laser Machine Gun.
"Come on, 'Solid Snake'. Yeah, we know who you are. We received reports that you were coming from one of our operatives," said the man holding the weapon.

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