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The Epic Adventure To End All Totally Epic Adventures, or TEATEATEA/TEA3, is a choose-your-own-adventure comic by ThePowerPlayer. The series follows the adventure of Sticky McStickerson and all the things that happen to him. It often breaks the fourth wall, and occasionally makes a reference. Begin your adventure here.


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Image Name Description Introduced in
StickyMcStickerson Sticky McStickerson A silent stick figure who gets into all kinds of crazy situations. He is usually influenced by The Reader's decisions. Page 1
TheNarratorShadow The Narrator The Narrator tells The Reader every word of the storyline in a funny way. He is generally nice, but watch out! In this story, he may have a dark side... Page 1
? The Reader You are The Reader. You listen to the Narrator describe what happens, and you decide what happens. You're able to influence The Narrator, but he's able to influence you. Page 1


  • This is ThePowerPlayer's first project since coming back to Fantendo.
  • The reason The Reader is a question mark is because The Reader can be anyone.
  • Can you find the actual location of the background on page 13? (Hint: Look closely at the text!)


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