Enigma Contract-Chapter

The silver-haired man lounges on a long, brown couch in a darkened room. He coughs twice; dry coughs that sounds as if they cause pain to him. The sole light in the room is blocked by a silhouette as another person moves in front of it. "Sir?"

The silver-haired man puts up a hand, a silent gesture for silence, as he coughs once more. "Yes, Zander?" he says after a moment, his throat raw and paining him as he speaks.

"Preparations have been made. We've found the other subjects and written up the second contract once more." he hands a clipboard to the man, and looks sadly at his superior. "Sir, you should really have a checkup done on you."

Cough. Cough. "No Zander. I've been on this planet for many a year. I believe it may soon be time for me to pass on."

"But Mario!" Zander shouts, before correcting himself with "Sir!" However the other man just waves his hand. "No, no. Mario will do from now on. Zander, our research is set to conclude soon." He sighs, though it soon merges into another coughing fit. "You and Britt may need to complete our studies, should they not be done."

Dr. "Metal" Mario, one of the smartest men in the world, closes his eyes and falls into a deep sleep. He had been encased in a metallic casing up until a year ago, when his six favourite test subjects freed him from his prison and saved the future, moving far in the past in order to start "normal" lives. He still remains a scientist, and has won a large number of prizes for his work.

Zander and Britt are Mario's assistants, and have worked alongside him for many a year. They have been doing research on various subjects dubbed "supernatural" by experts, especially the thought of manipulating reality using only a person's willpower: the point of the Enigma Contract experiment. Zander is set to become Mario's successor after the genius' passing, though he deeply wishes for that day never to come. As he watches his father-figure sleep, currently in pain though acting quite calm as he does so, he thinks of how long it may take before he becomes the man he envies.

He looks down at the clipboard in his arms, the final experiment the three of them have planned to commit to: The Mystic Contract.

He slowly dims the sole light in the room, and the doctor visibly relaxes as he is engulfed in darkness. Zander sighs, before exiting the room, and turns to his friend, and his "sister", Britt. "He's not doing so well." he says quietly, and the woman looks down sadly. "He wants to go on with the experiment though."

Britt places her hands on her face, and sighs heavily. "Let's hold off for now, okay?" Zander nods, and the two embrace in a hug.

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