Enigma Contract-Chapter

"First, the death of Jake. Hours later, Koloro. January's death was faked next, though she remains missing." Mika slams her hands on the long wooden table. "We still have no idea who killed any of them."

Sitting around her were Jon and Umbra. The others were still missing; looking for the missing Ethan, Guap and January. Jon remains ever silent, and stares at the girl who stands as a lawyer. "Who do you think did it?" Umbra asks after a long silence.

Before anyone can answer, however, the door slams open and Ella and Hama stomp in, dragging along Ethan, whose hands are bound behind his back. "Look what we found." Hama says mockingly. She drops the black haired boy down onto the ground and he groans in anger and defeat. "He murdered Guap." Ella sighs.

"Yeah yeah." he groans once more. In his mind, he recalls the sight of stabbing a scared Guap. "Dude was asking for it though."

Umbra stands up and walks to Ethan's side. "What the fuck do they mean?"

"Well, first I should say that I killed him, yes." he lowers his gaze. "Guap was scared and meek, I just acted in self-defence."

"Self-defence?" Umbra asks sternly, pursing his lips.

"He came at me with a knife. Said something about wanting to get out of here."

"And what about the others?" Mika asks.

"Yeah, I killed the other four."

That shuts Mika and Umbra up for good. Hama catches him: "Four?"

Ella looks at the ceiling. "Jake and Koloro are dead, and January's suspected to be dead. Now, Guap's dead. If what he says is true, he murdered a total of five people."

Hama kicks Ethan's ribs, and he cries out in pain. "Fuck you." he moans in pain as Hama looks down on him. "Jake, Koloro, Guap..." Ethan starts, before looking up at Ella. "You mean you don't know the other two?"

"Oh fuck." Mika yells, the second she puts the pieces of the puzzle together. "Leah and Taylor!"

Jon acts faster than the others, and rushes out of the room. They went looking upstairs for the three missing. he says, rushing towards the spiral staircase. Maybe... he reaches the top of the stairs and turns left, down a corridor where he had been earlier. A corridor leading to an observatory.

He stops dead in his tracks when he sees the open door. He peers around the corner into the room, and stands in the doorway.

Blood drips from the walls, creating large crimson puddles on the tiled floor. Filling the cracks, two shades of crimson mix together to create a brown. On the wall, pinned with two compasses. The compasses used to draw circles on papers within the observatory. Stabbed through the pale wrists of Leah Needlenam.

Beneath her, laying on the ground in a heap, Taylor rests with a slit in his throat. Blood crusting his skin and soaking his clothes, he takes the appearance of a mutilated victim.

Dear god. Jon thinks, wide-eyed as he stares at the addition of two more corpses. Behind him, he hears the sounds of muffled gasps and footsteps. "Fuck!" Hama yells from behind him. "People have got to stop dying!"

Three more corpses sit against the wall: Jake, Koloro, Guap, Leah and Taylor. Guap was found in the washroom with a knife stuck in his stomach. The five have covers draped across their limp bodies, and their names carved into their chairs. January's, too, is carved into her chair, with MIA replacing rest in peace.

Ethan sits next to them, his hands bound behind his back. "So why did you do this?" Mika asks, lowering his gaze to his. He turns away, pouting.

"It's all part of our game, is it not?" Hama walks up to him and kicks him in the stomach. He vomits a clod of blood as she reels back from the kick.

"He has a point." Umbra mutters. "But still. Four of the five you murdered were innocent."

"Three." Ethan replies, blood trickling down his chin and dripping onto his clothes. "Jake doesn't count as innocent."

Ella reels back, and Hama glares at him. "Can I kill him yet?" Ella whispers to Hama, who shakes her head.

"What the hell do you mean?" Mika asks.

"Allow me to explain." says a new voice. Seconds later, Mika is pierced through the heart with a sword obtained from one of the suits of armour located in the lobby. Umbra jumps away from Mika, who crumples to the ground, dead within seconds.

Mika lays face-down on the ground, no longer a human but an object; a corpse. Sticking from her back, stands a sword, and standing atop her corpse, hands on the sword's hilt, is a short figure.

January, blood covering her dress, wipes hair from her eyes.

"Mika!?" Umbra calls, reeling from shock. Hama and Ella stand confused, and angry, at the sight of the young girl murdering Mika. Ethan sits with a smile on his face.

January squeezes her eyes shut in anger. What did I do? she thinks, though her face shows calm and unnerve. January then pulls the sword out and thrusts it towards Umbra, just barely poking his stomach.

"Mika tried to kill me." she says angered. "Umbra was her accomplice." she squeezes her eyes shut once more. "And Ethan...."

"Tried to kill them." he finishes weakly.

"I am so confused." Ella mutters, to which Hama nods.

January points the sword at Ethan, and he freezes. "It's time for all of you liars to die!" she screams, stabbing him in the chest, before swivelling to stab Umbra. He jumps back just in time to dodge and stands shoulder-to-shoulder with Hama.

"January!?" Hama screams. "What the fuck!?"

"Allow me to explain." she says, her voice small as tears stream down her cheeks.

"Everything." Hama screams in anger, to which January nods.

"Mika never signed the contact." she starts, before rising her sword once more to attack Umbra. She doesn't move, her breathing heavy and shallow.

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