Enigma Contract-Chapter

"I'm telling you I have no idea what you mean." Umbra says, hands up in defence as Ella and Hama stand their ground angrily.

"We found this piece of paper in Jake's pocket." Hama snaps, showing him the paper that clearly says Umbra, written by a bloody finger. "A dying message."

Umbra's face turns red with anger. "I'm telling you: I. Did. Not. Kill. Anyone."

Hama gives him the middle finger, shoving it directly in his face. Ella, however, takes a more democratic approach: "prove it".

Umbra gestures to his hand, and drags his fingernail along the skin. A small amount of blood dribbles out and his face pales with fear, and he quickly wipes it away. "Hemophobia. I can't stand the sight of blood."

Ella nods. "Okay, sure." But deep down, she thinks faker.

"FUCK!" the three stand in the large room where they had been using as a base for the past day. Everyone else was upstairs, where the loud swear echoes from. The three quickly rush upstairs, thinking something has happened.

Mika stands in an empty doorway, her entire body frozen with fear. "Do-don't look." she mutters, before fainting, collapsing like she doesn't have any bones in her body.

Hama ignores the red haired girl and quickly looks through the doorway, only to turn away and vomit. Ella gasps as she sees the room behind Hama, and Umbra, like Mika, faints.

Blood covers every wall and the floor. The once yellow wallpaper stained a deep crimson. January's body is nowhere to be seen, though her head, forever frozen with fear, rests on her bed, blood pooling underneath. "Oh dear god!" Ella cries out after a few seconds, and the others quickly rush out of their rooms after a second commotion. Ethan is the first to look through the doorway and he unleashes a spew of vomit, much more than Hama had moments earlier.

Jon, forever calm, wanders over to January's head and slowly pokes it. He tilts his head in confusion before picking it up. "How could you pick it up!?" Ella shouts in confusion, though Jon just studies the head. He turns it upside down and looks down up through the stem that was once her neck. He quickly walks over to Ella and hands her the head. At first she refuses, though once he insists, she gingerly takes it and stops breathing for a moment.

"It's Styrofoam."

Hama looks up confused and takes the fake head. Just like she said, a spongey texture appears under her fingers, and she lifts it up and down as if as light as a feather. "Wait, then?" Hama bends down and pokes the pool of blood that covers the floor, before smelling her finger. "Corn syrup?" she says, before licking her finger clean to confirm it.

"Does this mean...?" Hama looks at the paper in her hand. Umbra is written by a bloody finger, though upon further analysis: "Damn this is fake too. It smells like corn syrup." she crumples up the paper and throws it into the puddle, before stepping on it, the fake blood splattering up onto her face.

"So does this mean?" Ella asks Hama and they both come to a sudden realization. They look around at the faces that aren't with them: January's fake head lies on the ground, though her real one is nowhere to be seen. Along with her, Guap and Ethan remain unaccounted for. "Split up. Look for Ethan, Guaptain and January. One has to be the murderer!" Ella says, as she and Hama angrily rush down the stairs once more.

January sits in a dark room. "What?" she sits up quickly and calls into the darkness. Her last memory was falling asleep in her bed, just after fear consumed her.

A grey-haired man looks at her through the darkness, and soon comes into her vision. She instantly recognizes him as the one who gave her the Enigma Contract. "You?" she asks him, standing up slowly. She puts her hand out and feels a wall, despite nothing but darkness appearing before her.

"I need your help." he croaks out, and a bright light flashes on around her. She finds herself sitting at the wooden desk once more, just as she had two days ago. On the desk sits a second contract.

She looks down at it. "The....."

"The Mystic Contract. Someone has been interfering with our contract."

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