Enigma Contract-Chapter

Jake sits against the wall, his head crooked at an angle no neck should bend at. Koloro sits beside him, her face twisted into a smile that will remain on her face forever. Both are to be covered by white blankets obtained from the bedrooms above them, once their bodies have been fully examined.

Mika yawns loudly as she looks at the two corpses. "Man, it's late." she mutters to herself as she ponders the sight of death. In the past day she has witnessed two more deaths than she had ever before, and fear gnaws at her knowing that she could be the next one underneath a white sheet. Yet, she's calm. Maybe it's fatigue, maybe it's insanity. Either way, she doesn't like it.

Leah, who crouches over Koloro's body begins to whistle. "Her throat is slit." she mutters as she examines the girl's throat. "No blade was found at the crime scene, right?" She looks up to see Ethan, who shakes his head in confirmation. "So the only cause of death would be murder, since she wouldn't have been able to throw the knife anywhere, considering the door was closed..."

Leah stands up and cracks her back. Behind her a chorus of yawns rings out. Taylor speaks up for all of them. "Let's go to sleep for the day." he shakes his head, trying to stay awake. "We can't think like this." he adds with another yawn.

Ella shrugs. "Yeah." she looks at Jake's body and hugs her arms close to her body. "Come on, I'll show you guys the bedrooms."

Three hours later...

Most of the living captives remain sound asleep while wrapped in the blankets of their beds. Three people remain awake, however: Ella stands downstairs, overlooking Hama and the two corpses; and January sits underneath her blankets, hugging her knees to her chest.

The little girl hears something from outside her door, and she quickly lays down in fear. The lights in her room are on, so she can see any intruder that may enter, though the blanket over her head blocks her view.

The handle on her door shakes and rattles, and she can hear the wood splitting as someone puts pressure on the door. Good thing it's locked. she thinks half-heartedly, as she slowly removes the covers from her body. She looks at the room around her - identical to the others sans the wallpaper. While the others have wooden planks on the walls or simple stone ones, she has yellow wallpaper decorated with white flowers, hence why she chose this room.

She tugs her eyelids down over her eyes as the door finally stops moving and rattling. Thinking she's finally safe, she lays down silently on her back. But she doesn't fall asleep.

Downstairs, Hama and Ella look over Jake's body once more. "Aha." Hama says, as she removes a small piece of paper from the pocket of his pants. A pure white piece of paper folded in half with two bloody fingerprints marking its outside. Hama tosses the piece of paper onto the ground, and Ella picks it up and opens it slowly. "Umbra?" she exclaims loudly, and quickly covers her mouth.

Koloro's body is then thoroughly checked by Hama, though unlike with Jake, no clues are found. "I bet we'll find something at the crime scene." Ella points out, and Hama nods enthusiastically.

"Finally some fun!" Hama exclaims as the two quickly rush to the room where two murders had taken place.

As the two pass by the spiral staircase, Ella stops and looks up at it. "Something wrong?" Hama asks, gliding to a stop beside her. Ella slowly shakes her head, and the two continue towards their destination.

Sitting up on the top stair, watching the two run past, is a man dressed in a long coat, with hair spiking down to his eyes. He follows them with his gaze until they disappear from his sight, and he smiles. He slowly stands back up, and walks back to the hallway where the bedrooms are, though stops at one of the doors. A light peers out from below the door, though now a sickly red colour. He frowns, confused, as the light was yellow when he left, though does not pursue it any further, retreating back into his room for the rest of the night.

Should the man had opened the door with the red light peering underneath it, he would have seen a murderer. The one who brutally murdered the sweet young January.

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