Enigma Contract-Chapter

Guaptain crouches down to look in a drawer. "The knives aren't here." he says, standing up slowly. He turns around to find Jon shrugging as he searches through another closet. January, the brown haired girl, sits against the wall, staring at her shoes in disgust. Guap stares at her for a moment before turning back to Jon. "Where else?"

Umbra and Mika stand in the centre of the nursery. "Come on lovebirds, we have to look." Mika sighs and turns to the blonde Taylor, who searches through medicine cabinets. "You're right." the red haired pyrokinetic says before walking towards more cabinets. Umbra is left standing alone as he ponders the death.

Hama drags Ella by the arm as she rushes up the spiral staircase. "Come on, we need to get to the end of this." she says to the girl with bloodshot eyes and tears streaming down her cheeks.

Leah stands over Jake's body examining the knife that was stuck in his abdomen. Pieces of flesh stick to the blood that coats the once-silver blade. "Something's wrong with this." she mutters, as she chews on her tongue in silence.

Ethan and Koloro walk towards the washroom. Sitting over the sink lies a large cabinet. The black haired male walks slowly to it and opens it, peering inside to look at the capsules and containers lining the glass shelves. He picks one up. "Cyanide pills." Koloro, however, doesn't like what she hears and turns away, walking silently down the hall.

Ethan sees her leave and calls out to her, but she just ignores him and continues to walk away.

"So, what did you all find?" Leah asks as she sits down in the remaining chair. Jake's bloodied sweater rests over the back of the other empty one acting as his grave. She begins to speak once more but stops herself. "Where's Afro Circus?"

Ethan shrugs. "Koloro walked away. I tried calling after her but she just ignored me." He rests his head on the table. "I'll go find her."

Leah eyes him. "I'll come with you." Umbra looks at her. "Same. We need to stay in groups, or else someone could just go around killing willy nilly."

Koloro looks up at the rope that held Jake from the ceiling. A pool of his blood, now dry and a brown colour, sits at her feet. In her hands is the tube labelled as B12 vitamins.

A single candle rests at her feet, now a melted puddle of boiling wax. And she kicks it angrily. "Why!?" she screams at the top of her lungs.

Leah crashes in through the doorway of the room where Jake's corpse was located. "Fuck!" she yells as she surveys the scene. A toppled candle base sits dented at the base of the wall, with its melted wax splattered against the wall.

Sitting where Jake's blood puddled was the rainbow haired girl cross-legged. She was smiling happily. Almost... "Insane." Umbra and Ethan crash in behind her, and Leah takes a step forward. Koloro's mouth, Leah remarks, sits in a crooked smile, her teeth almost fangs in the light.

Leah puts a hand on Koloro's shoulder, and the rainbow girl falls back, her legs finally uncurling. Her pants were torn in various areas, as was her shirt, hidden by the cross of her legs.

Jutting out of the insides of both of her legs were twenty small, silver needles. Each rusted in various places. Leah quickly turns to her hands, and finds similar nails protruding from her flesh. She examines more of the body. "Dead"

Umbra sighs as he turns to Ethan, whose face pales. "Y-y-you don't think I did this, do you?"

Umbra frowns. "You did go with her."

Leah stands up, carrying Koloro's body in her arms. "That's enough evidence right there. Now, how could you prove your innocence?"

Ethan sighs, before holding up his hands in defeat as he lowers his head. "I wouldn't be able to."

Leah and Umbra exchange a glance. "You either admitted that you killed her, or you're guilty." Leah says sarcastically. "Let's go tell the others."

Twenty minutes later, a second chair is marked as a grave.

Rest in peace - Koloro.

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