Enigma Contract-Chapter

Leah Needlenam, tall and slender, stands over the cold corpse of Jake. She looks at his body with her hands on her hips. "Okay, let's see." she says, as she kneels down to examine the wounds that cover his body. Behind her, the others speak.

"Well fuck." Hama raps her hand against the wooden table angrily. "How the fuck did he die!?" She leans back in her chair, and the front two legs rise slightly off the ground. "If anything, I thought the schizophrenic would be the first to kill."

"You take that back!" Ella screams, leaning in quickly towards the orange haired demon girl thing.

Hama smirks. "You know him better than I do. Plus, you saw how he acted before..." she says with a wave of her hand. A conversation between Hama and Ella; the others confused as to what they mean. Ella remembers, and slowly slumps down in her chair, defeated.

Ethan stands up and wanders slowly to the nurse who looks over Jake's stone cold body and kneels beside her. January, the brown haired girl, looks sadly at him before returning her gaze to the others. "Who.... killed him?" she squeaks, but gains the attention of all that sit around her.

Hama chews on her tongue for a moment, before "well, it's gotta be one of us. I don't think he committed suicide." Jon nods his head at that, and turns to Taylor and Ella. Their eyes grow large as they remember the crime scene. "Yeah", Taylor starts, "there wasn't anything for him to stand on to hang himself."

"Think again." Ethan says, as he slams something down onto the table. A small container, labelled 'cyanide'. Leah, still over by Jake's body, fills in her thoughts: "Cyanide pills are given to members of military units in case they are captured. They're more commonly known as suicide pills."

Ethan nods. "Which means..."

Hama stands up. "Either he took them himself, or they were planted on his body."

Tears stream from Ella's face, but she slowly shakes her head. "N-no. He wouldn't have been able to hang himself, like we found him."

Ethan points out however, "what if he was already dead when he was hanged?"

Leah once again voices her opinion, this time using facts from the autopsy she is performing. "His cause of death was from suffocation, not poison." she shakes her head. "Of course, without the proper tools, I can't be a hundred percent sure of that."

Umbra speaks up, for the first time since the discovery of the corpse. "A red herring."

Leah laughs maniacally. "Most definitely!"

Koloro picks the small cyanide capsule off the table and examines it. "It's empty." she adds. "Something happened to them."

Umbra: "Crushed under a foot, thrown onto the ground, shoved down Jake's throat after he was dead...." Ella gasps at the last thought, and Umbra apologizes. "Sorry, too far."

Koloro looks at the label, before peeling it off. "Or they switched the labels."

Mika turns to the rainbow-haired girl and cocks her head. "Where would they get an empty capsule?"

Leah, cleaning her hands off with a tattered rag, slumps down in an empty chair beside Mika. "There is a nursery. They could also have searched the kitchen or washrooms. Despite the old look, this place has a lot of modern tools."

Hama pumps her fist in the air as she stands up, triumphant. "Well then! Let's split up and look in all those areas. Groups of two or more people." She turns to Ella, who sits beside her. "You're with me, Crybaby. But first...."

Hama swiftly retreats to the kitchen and grabs a knife. Quickly, she carves a message into the empty seat in which Jake sat in prior to his death. Rest in peace - Jake.

"Now then." Hama says, stabbing the knife into the table; blade down. "Let's split."

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