Enigma Contract-Chapter

Umbra kicks down the locked wooden door leading from the stone hallway. Splinters fly as the door's hinges fly off the second locked door for the morning. What he sees when when he steps into the large room are twenty-two eyes staring at him. Behind them, what looks to be the remains of a door glows as if it was on fire. Umbra notices a smell of char perfuming the air, and turns his gaze back to the people in the room.

"I guess this is everyone, then?" the orange-haired Mika Sho says, raising her eyebrow when she recognizes Umbra. She glances back at the charring door behind her, before looking back at the others. She spins around, looking towards a large dining room that branches off from the large room they stand in. "Let's introduce ourselves over there."

Slowly, the group walks silently to the dining room, but Mika Sho stays behind. She grabs the collar of Umbra's jacket, causing him to jerk back angrily. He scowls at her for a moment before she leans in towards his ear. Whispering, "I don't know what you're doing here, but I'm keeping my eye on you."

With a spin, she turns back and marches behind the others towards the long wooden table.

The twelve participants sit around the table. Twelve chairs with a large empty throne at the head, which currently stands empty. The man with the yellow hair speaks up as everyone is settled. "I'm Guaptain." He gets stares from everyone in reply, and he quickly recoils, shaking his hands in shock. "I thought we were doing introductions!?"

Umbra speaks up when no one else does. "We are, but..." he trails off, not knowing how to ask the question in a polite way. Before he can, the man in the silver hoodie speaks up: "What kind of name is that!?"

Guaptain flinches. "Sorry? I find nothing wrong with it. If you want, you could just call me Guap."

Silver hoodie scoffs. "Not much better." he rolls his eyes and crosses his arms. "I'm Jake. 90% jerk, 10% sarcasm."

A lanky girl with purple hair points at him angrily. "No one said we have to break down our personalities!" she throws her arms up in disgust before pondering the new revelation over. "My name is Leah Needlenam. 40% fucking awesome, 40% fucking rad and 20% fucking...." she pauses before standing up, sending her chair toppling over. "AWESOME!"

A shorter kid speaks up next. The first thing memorable about her is her long, rainbow-coloured hair. "I'm Koloro!" Leah, now sitting back in her chair with her arms crossed and a smirk on her face, begins to sing: "da da dadadada da da CIRCUS! Da da dadadada da da AFRO!". When she notices everyone else's eyes on her, she rolls her eyes before muttering "tough crowd".

Next is a teenager with curly black hair and teal eyes. "I'm Ethan." That's all he says before he places a pair of red headphones over his ears, tuning everyone else out.

Beside him sits Jake, who rolls his eyes as Ethan's music starts. The black haired boy beats his head along to the beat, but Jake just covers his ears with a scowl. "Anyone want to switch seats?" He shoots his gaze towards another orange haired girl, this one dressed in purple, who just shakes her head. "You should know that I'm not a fan of most music." Jake shrugs. "Worth a shot, Ella."

Leah opens one of her eyes in a skeptical way. "You two know each other?" Ella and Jake look at each other quickly before back at Leah. "Long story." they say in unison, and Leah closes her eye once more, satisfied.

"Eh, save it lovebirds." another girl states angrily. "I'm fucking Hama. Don't bother me or I'll kill you." Leah nods happily, "I like your style." Hama scowls at her, a hint of approval in her eyes. "Who the fuck is next?"

Mika smiles, her orange hair bouncing as she nods. "I'm Mika Sho." she turns the purple-eyed boy beside her, introducing him as well. "He's Umbra." Umbra replies with a short "yo" before becoming quiet again.

Sitting across from Umbra, a blond-haired boy speaks. "Well, I'm Taylor." he smiles with a short wave. "Nice to meet 'cha."

Beside him sits a short girl. "Umm..." she squeaks. "My name is January. Pleased to meet you all." Silence. "Is that it?" Umbra asks slowly. Everyone nods slowly before. "Excuse me..." January speaks after a silence. "But... the ninja did not introduce himself."

"The fucking ninja." Hama scowls. "You can never trust them."

Jon holds up a sign: Jon. "Guess it's Jon, then." Leah says crankily.

"So what now?" Guap asks slowly. He shakes his head. "Do we just sit here, or...?"

"Well." Jake snaps his fingers. "We're here for a reason. We're here to get a wish granted." He stands up angrily, before walking away. Before he exits the room, he speaks without turning around. "We're here to kill."

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