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Enigma Contract-Chapter

Mika Sho beats against the large wooden door that keeps her locked within the cobblestone room. "Anyone!?" she yells angrily before collapsing against the door, laying her back against it as she sits on the ground sighing.

"I sign a contract then all of a sudden I'm in a dungeon." she mutters, fixing her orange hair so it stays out of her eyes. With another sigh, she looks around the dreary room. Aside from the door, the room contains a pile of golden hay and silver buckets filled with various degrees of rust. Angry, she beats the back of her head against the door.

A click rings out through the room and Mika's head shoots up in worry. "What the...?" she looks around before standing up curiously. Slowly, she tries the handle once more and the rusty door slowly opens. "Okay...?"

She looks into the hallway that the door opens to. Stone walls and a floor, with a red carpet illuminated solely by candles placed against the wall. She looks left, and sees another wooden door of the same size and shape. Turning around yields yet another door.

"Which way?" Mika asks herself, quickly looking back-and-forth between the two doors, before shrugging and choosing one at random.

As she walks across the ground towards the door, her footsteps echo off the thin carpet and the cold ground beneath it.

Behind the wall that made up the back wall of Mika's cell, lay a sleeping Jon. Dressed in a ninja outfit, the pale boy slowly staggers to his feet, disorienting. 'What?' he thinks, looking around slowly, before walking to the door. The handle bends slightly as he puts pressure upon it, before it snaps in two. With a shrug, Jon kicks the door and it opens quickly, breaking off the top hinge.

Jon quickly finds himself in a hallway not unlike the one Mika found herself in: stone walls lined with torches, with a thin blue carpet pressed against the ground.

He looks to the left as his foot lands on the blue carpet, thinking 'Where am I?'. He slowly recalls the grey-haired man and the contract he signed before being dropped into darkness as he steps towards the wooden barrier between his hallway and the next room.

He pulls one of the torches off the wall beside him as he approaches the door. Expecting a trap, he tosses the torch at the wooden door and backs away. The door quickly catches flame, which spreads to the carpet Jon stands on. Angry at himself, he stomps out the fire on the soot-covered carpet as he watches the door fall away.

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