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The Enigma Contract
Enigma Contract
Author Jake
Genre(s) Murder-Mystery
Young Adult

The Enigma Contract is a fan fiction written by Jake, starring various Fantendo characters in a murder-mystery setting. It can be compared to Shattered Pieces: Memory's Requiem, another fan fiction by Jake. Enigma Contract consists of a total of ten chapters and an epilogue.

When given a chance to have their wish come true, twelve people are thrown into a medieval castle with the task of either kill or be killed, with the survivor being the one to get their wish.

As revealed by Jake, and hinted to within the second chapter, the story takes place in the same universe as Shattered Pieces. Jake, Hama and Ella, all of whom appeared in said story, act similarly and often reference the events of Shattered Pieces.

The story will have a sequel, entitled The Mystic Contract.


The one who gathered twelve people from around the globe is a grey-haired man. He claims to be able to grant any wish, though his contractors must kill before their wish is granted. His contractors are forced to sign the Enigma Contract, which locks them into the killing game.

Jake is originally introduced as a smart, and curious individual. He is cold on the inside, and pushes away most people to get to the truth, which ultimately leads to his death at the hands of Mika.

Ella is a kind participant. Despite having a supposed iron will, she breaks down when she finds Jake dead, causing her to become paranoid and fearful. She eventually teams up with Hama to solve the truth behind the murders.

Ethan is a quiet and, for the most part, reserved participant. However, he is later revealed to be an angry and uncaring fellow, who eventually murders Guap and, presumably Leah and Taylor.

Leah is a doctor, who performs autopsies on those deceased. She is somewhat laid-back, though at the same time has a crazy look in her eye.


Jon is quiet and calculating. He never speaks throughout the story, which angers Hama greatly (as revealed in Chapter 10). Jon communicates solely through actions, though the others seem to understand him perfectly.





Koloro, like Jake, is curious, though Koloro much more so. She's usually up-beat and cheerful, though at the same time can be stern when need be. Her curiosity killed the cat, as she was murdered by Mika Sho.

January is initially introduced as shy and quiet, but is later revealed to be a smart and mature individual who acts much older for her age. She eventually ends up becoming an assistant to the contractor, and aids in finding the one who infiltrated the Enigma Contract's killing game.


The man slides an envelope across the table. It is brown, with a fold on the top. A hand, pale and shivering, slowly collapses onto it before picking it up. "So, do you accept?" the mysterious grey-haired man says to the young boy sitting across from him, reading the letter that had once been held by a brown envelope.

"Anything?" the boy asks, and is greeted with a curt nod. His eyes narrow as he slowly picks up the blue pen. "Fine. You've got yourself a deal."

He slides the pen across the page, leaving behind four letters that rest atop a dotted line. He slides the paper into the envelope and carefully reseals it. The man picks it up and looks over the signature with a smile. He places it down on the table and leans backwards. "Let the game of life begin!"

He snaps his fingers, and the brown-haired boy falls backwards through a trap door. He screams in horror as darkness consumes him.


Twelve people are trapped within a castle and forced to murder. These murders are what drive the captives to their goal of getting their wish granted, as well as escape. Every few chapters, there is a death, and below is a list of the deaths and each chapter the character dies in.

Jake is killed in Chapter 4. He is found hanged by Jon, Taylor and Ella, with a knife stuck through his stomach. Upon further investigation, a cyanide pill ("suicide pill") capsule was found in his pocket. Leah's autopsy revealed that he died through suffocation.

Koloro is killed in Chapter 6. She is found with small rusted nails piercing multiple areas of her skin, including her legs and hands. She was found in the same room as Jake's corpse was.

January is revealed to be killed in Chapter 7. However, it was later revealed to be a fake death, to hide the fact that the one who created the Enigma Contract summoned her.

Guaptain, Leah Needlenam and Taylor are all murdered by conventional means in Chapter 9. Guap is revealed to have lashed out against Ethan, who murdered him in self-defence. Leah and Taylor were murdered in an observatory at roughly the same time, presumably by Ethan.

Mika is murdered in cold blood by January in Chapter 9, once she learns about Mika's past.

January, Jon, Umbra and Ella are all murdered by Hama at the end of Chapter 10 in order to revive the others via the winner's one wish.

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