The Enemy Cometh is the companion game to The Fan Commeth. It is in the Fantendo Origins series.


The story is long and has many parts. They are being written slower then The Fan Commeth.

The Enemy Appears!

It was a normal day at the evil twin of the Fantendoverse, the Dumbtendoverse. "Why isn't it called the Darktendoverse?" asked Dietcokeman22. "Because!" yelled the very angry NemoLuigi. Suddenly, out of nowhere, The Enemy popped out. "WOW!" shouted everyone. "Now, then, I've heard that my brother has assmebled some users to come destroy me. Follow me, peasents!" They all followed The Enemy into his portal.......

Big War

The Enemy, The Fan, and a bunch of users were all fighting in the Dumbtendoverse arena. The Apprentice was teaching about how to fight things. "To fight a water thing, zap the water with electricity. To fight an electric thing, throw water on it. To stop a fire thing, same thing as electric. To stop a plant creature, like, a walking tree.... well, uh..." NemoLuigi raised his hand. "What should I do?" "Uh...." The Apprentice had no idea. "Well, go find a ditch to fall in for future reference." "Sir, yes sir!" NemoLuigi ran away. "Uh....... Dietcokeman22, file the paperwork. JessicaRoo....... go spy on the battle. Nick, go and examine the science project. Nega Locked, go fly around looking for food." said the Apprentice. "Because I'm very busy. Goodbye."

The First Battle

During the war, the evil twins finished their jobs and went out to the battle. (BOSS BATTLE WITH 1337DOOM HERE) Afterwards, Nega Locked said "Uh, we're gonna get out of here. Quickly." "Why?" asked Nick. "Because, we've got to get past the users if they come back!" "He's right." muttered The Apprentice.

under construction story


More characters are being added all the time.

Playable User Evil Twins

  • NemoLuigi
  • Dietcokeman22
  • JessicaRoo
  • Nick
  • Nega Locked
  • Bati
  • Jabberwacky (not a user but is Cleverbot's evil twin, comes in later)

Playable Fan Characters


Other Important Characters


Companion Games

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