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The Endurance is a smart device designed by Lone Planet Productions. It is not an average smartphone, because its signals can connect to other electronic devices, providing extra experiences.

Its primary capability is that it serves as an expansion device for The V². When the two devices connect, players can use the Endurance to unlock more Virtual Console games and badges on the V2. They can transfer songs from the Endurance to the V2 as well.

Other Capabilities

  • When hooked up to a DVD/Blu-Ray player via Bluetooth, the Endurance will grant rewards based on what you watch.
  • Hooking it up to a TV adds the Lone Planet Television Network to your list of channels. This allows you to receive the latest news regarding Lone Planet's projects, not to mention watch exclusive shows.
  • If you connect the Endurance to a compatible radio, you can download songs onto it.

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