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Rick walked along the seaside. He was on his way to the boat. He was running late, so he began to run. While running, he heard a strange sound. He stopped and looked around, when he noticed a dark haze. He realized he had no time for this, and continued running to the boat. He ran, but he kept hearing low sounds, and he decided to run faster. When he eventually saw the boat farther away, he felt good and then noticed that his friend Joe was also running late on the street aside of the beach.

‘Hey! Joe!’ Rick shouted. Joe noticed his name being said and looked around to eventually notice a running Rick on the beach.

‘Hey Rick, how are you doing? Also running late, huh?’ Joe said. ‘If we keep running like this we’ll make it, I think…’ Rick said.

When they finally reached the boat, they saw the others waiting for the two of them.

‘Anyone else noticed the dark haze?’ Yumi directly mentioned. ‘Yup, well at least I did,’ Rocky said. ‘I wonder what it is…’ Sam said. ‘because it looks really strange,’ ‘Well, we go on a cruise anyways, so I think it doesn’t matter that much, since we won’t be here then,’ Locky said.

After some hours on the ship, a thunderstorm appeared. ‘I just knew something like this was gonna happen!’ Peira shouted. She was looking to the clouds and then noticed the ship was wobbling back and forth.

‘Watch out, you might fall with this heavy wobbling,’ Mapman said. ‘It might be very dangerous.’ While the ship was sailing, everyone walked to the center and looked around. Water. All they saw was water. Suddenly, a large wave hit the boat. ‘AAAAHHHHHHHHH!’ Jake was almost washed away with the wave, but he luckily could just grab on to the stairs from the pool.

‘Hold on, Jake!’ Tom shouted. He ran towards Jake and made him hold his hand. ‘Help me, please! Jake’s about to fall off of the ship!’ Everyone rushed towards the edge of the cruise ship, and helped Tom to get Jake aboard. The rain became harder, and the waves did the same. Multiple waves swallowed away the ship from the water, making it go partially underwater. Everyone screamed, and the ship almost sank.

When he opened his eyes, Sam noticed he was lying uncomfortably on a rock. He stood up, looking around, seeing the cruise he and his friends went on. He walked for a bit, and then noticed all of his friends lying on the beach on the other side of the rocks. He took his time to wake them all up, and when he managed to do so, everyone started asking questions.

‘Where are we?’ ‘What happened?’ ‘Is everyone alright?’ After some sort of quick catch-up with each other, the group decided to walk around a little, in order to find a giant building made of ancient bricks, deep in the forest.

‘Wow…’ everyone said at once. ‘That’s really cool!’ Soma said. He walked to it, very slowly, being afraid for some kind of trap that is in front of it. ‘It looks like a very large temple of something like that.’ Soma jumped away, seeing as two spears were shot in a cross right in front of him.

‘WHO IS THERE?’ an unknown voice said.

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