The Enda-Mites are a group of creations by Enda, who first appeared in Beta-Mites 3. The team consists of Alpa, Bet, Gammy, Del, Eeps, and Zeto. There is also a rumored 7th Enda-Mite named Etio, who is said to be controlling Klownly-Three in the window (if zoomed in a character can be seen piloting it.


"..." - Alpa

Alpa is the first Enda-Mite and easiest, he has mismatching eyes and a short body with no arms. Under it where his legs are, instead is a fan that propels him in the air.

His fighting style is quite easy to match, as he will charge at you 3 times, before going up in the air and striking down, rinse and repeat.

Alpa's personality is quite strange, as he seems to be the only one who doesn't talk - he is either crazy or cannot talk at all, and it seems he's the runt of the Enda-Mites.


"It's not like i'm going easy on you or's just that fighting creeps me out." - Bet

Bet is the second Enda-Mite and boss you face, Bet appears to have no visible eyes - only a gaping mouth with a large hat with a yellow eye on his head - covering his eyes, if he has them that is. The hat's official name is Peepers - it isn't known if it has a mind of it's own, or if Bet sees through him.

Bet's fighting style revolves around Peepers, he will charge at you similar to Alpa, but only does this twice before shooting a large beam with Peepers. After that he will throw Peepers three more times, you can knock Bet during this which will cause him to lose vision, and become stunned for a little amount of time.

Bet seems to be the shyest of the bunch, and also nicest - saying that, like the other Enda-Mites, he dislikes good...but doesn't necessarily insult anyone in particular.


"Teehee~ you got through Alpa and Betty, eh? Well this is where your adventure ends, heroes!" - Gammy

Gammy is the third Enda-Mite, and is the one where the difficulty of the Enda-Mites intensifies. Gammy has a large pink bow and dress, appearing to be the only girl of the group. She has yellow spots all around the dress and usually shut eyes and a happy grin, but her eyes will open when she becomes angry.

Gammy throw her bow like a boomerang 3 times, and after this will get angry, her eyes flaring open and mouth frowning. After this her battle gets trickier, in which she will ground pound a couple times sending of shock waves, and after will disappear and reappear at random. And finally after that she will start charging around the room at random, before going back to her bow-throwing technique.

Gammy's personality is nice at first, but has a very very short temper...from her dialog it suggests she is nicest to Bet, and may even have a crush on him.


"Hmmph. You cereal mascots have gone far enough, this is the end of the line!" - Del

Del is the fourth Enda-Mite. Del has spidery-like animatronic legs, with a similar like hairstyle matching these metal legs. He usually has serious look with pointed eyes and a scowl.

Del is one of the tougher fights, where he floats above you at the beginning of the fight - swooping down periodically. Later in the fight he will start to drop cannon-ball like things on top of the player, these can be dodged or blocked. He will also do a grabbing technique in which his spidery like arms will grab Karda and hurt the player numerous times before letting go - this attack can be dodged but not blocked. He will also try and cut the player with the spidery appendages on his head if he reaches the ground.

Del's personality is cruel and un-inviting. He's not snotty or rude, but seems to hate Karda and his friends - and hates taking a loss...especially by someone fighting against him.


"Yikes! You don't look the least bit threatening, this'll be a joyful pummeling!" - Eeps

Eeps is the fifth Enda-Mite - one of the toughest. Eeps has nothing on his head, but has a large claw-like hand from the bottom of his circular like head. His mouth stretches from the edges of his face, with pointed down eyes.

Eeps has tricky measures - in which he will do a combination of swooping down or grabbing, but if the player manages to escape this - will quickly counter fight with the swooping of his claw. After this segment he'll drill the player with his claw or use a fan like segment with his claw. Rarely in the battle will he charge down with his body - this does considerable damage, more than his other attacks.

Eeps is cruel and hating of good - like Del - but takes it too far, and is a prankster type. He's seen making fun of Alpa and Gammy the most in his dialogue, but will also call Del "emo" and Bet a "scaredy cat". He doesn't like losing, but instead of resenting the player will question his own strength before blaming it on a malfunction or something.


"You heroes are just the same...I have better things to do in life, y'know?" - Zeto

Zeto is the sixth and second to last Enda-Mite, he's the second hardest of all of them. Zeto wears a sleeping hat with droopy eyes and a large gaping mouth like Bet, and has a worm like body.

Zeto fights at first by crawling across the floor faster than any of the other Enda-Mites, and will occasionally spit out white pellets that will either instantley damage the player or wait and explode like a bomb. After this short segment, he will stand up-right and shoot beams at the player, before covering the room in dusts that will make the player fall asleep for a bit if touching the dust clouds. He can also go underground and rise up, hurting the player. This move can be blocked, but it only reduces the damage taken - not blocking it entirely. He will also break apart his body parts and have them bounce around the room and give damage to the player.

Zeto is usually depressing or sad, but wishes Karda and his friends would "go bother someone else." and seems annoyed with the constant interruptions, it's also hinted he is lonely from the rest of the Enda-Mites.


"YEEEHOO! You took so long to get here, I was starting to beat up myself! Prepare for smashing!!" - Etio


Etio is the seventh and final Enda-Mite, he did not appear (directly) next to the Enda-Mites in their debut - instead debuting in Beta-Mites: Dimensional Drift. He has a large mechanical arm on his head with a long pipe-like body connected to a wheel, he is the most difficult of all the Enda-Mites.

Etio is fast and strong, zooming across the stage in his first form - ramming into you with much speed. His attacks are not set most of the time, and he will usually do a barrage of attacks out of order - these include smashing the player with his large arm and gripping the player simalar to Eeps. He can bite the player with his large fangs and detach himself from his wheel: in this his wheel will start going around damaging the player, while his head will float above and strike down with his large mechanical hand. He can also shoot beams out of his mouth and eyes, as well as detaching his arm to speed aorund the room (even faster than Etio himself) and attempt to grab the player or simply smash into him. He can also summon small white orbs from his arm and throw it at you, if they hit, the player will be stunned for a bit of time.

Etio is a psychotic fighter, only knowing how to destroy. He seems very dim on the concept of "good" and "evil", only attacking anything in sight. Most of the other Enda-Mites, even Eeps, steer clear of him - most stopping themselves to even mention his name (in Beta-Mites DD).


  • The Enda-Mite names come from the first six letters of the greek alphabet: Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, Epsilon, Zeta and Eta.
  • Another Enda-Mite is rumored to exist, as a creature can be seen piloting Klownly-Three - the 7th boss of the game, after the 6th Beta-Mite. His sprite file also reads "Etio", which keeps with the theme of the greek letters (Eta being the 7th).
  • Klownly-Three has a large glove and arm on his head, this is most likely a reference to Etio's large mechanical arm, due to him now confirmed to be piloting it in Beta-Mites 3.

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