The one you thought you could trust with everything was the one who ended your life...

The End (game) is a game in the Fantendo Origins series, and it is the last game (besides The End II) taking place at the end of the Tendo Multiverse.


The End of The Enemy

The Enemy resided in his fort. He had lost. (see Balance Oblivion for that story) He wouldn't live. Unless he got someone to carry on the evil. So he searched for a soul whose heart was filled with evil. And he found no one. "What the... NemoLuigi, what just happened?" NemoLuigi was the only one left after the fight. "Um, see, all the evil people died fighting for you. Except me." "Oh" said The Enemy. "Are you sure there's not one person left who has any evil at all?" The Enemy asked. "Um, there's one, but you won't be happy." said NemoLuigi. "Who?" said The Enemy. So NemoLuigi told him. "Fine, it will have to do." said The Enemy. "What? But, but, he can't" "Yes. He can." And so The Enemy brought the one person with evil in his heart to his castle. And The Enemy told to the last evil one the situation. "So I will put my evil inside you, and I will die. You must continue the evil." said The Enemy. And so it happened. The last evil one became the new master of NemoLuigi, and got ultimate evil power. And thus, Lord Doom was created.

The End of Unten's Castle

YoshiEgg and Metal Locked were standing outside silently. Below them was a grave. It said, "In Memory of 1337doom, the 1337iest 1337doom Ever." 5 minutes later, YE and ML walked away. YoshiEgg was an old and wizened tanooki now, and Metal Locked had rusted, and was using one battery to power himself. They would not last long. And then it started. The shadow bombs, the shadow missles, the shadows enveloped the castle, which was already beat up. Cleverbot tried to use it's last bit of power to distract the shadows for a minute, but all he could manage was "Mood Teal, Mood Teal..." and he dissapeared. Cleverbot was dead. Metal Locked and YoshiEgg attempted to save many users. Most of them made it outside, but ran away, never to be seen. Mick13, JesseRoo, Indi555 and McQueenMario were the only ones with ML and YE. The rest had escaped elsewhere. Unten's castle was destroyed to the darkness. The 6 users walked away, knowing they may never be back.

The End of 7331Hope

YE, ML, Jesse, Mick, McQueen, and Indi were all standing far away from the castle, walking, searching for something. When they found something. It was... a young girl wearing a hood, lying on the ground in pain. "Who are you?" asked YoshiEgg. "Please, help... he's gone, everything's gone..... please...." and she fell silent. YoshiEgg examined the nametag she had on. "Name: 7331Hope. Position: Death Row." YoshiEgg read aloud. "Isn't that 1337doom's sister?" asked Jesse. "If only Bloop was still here." said YoshiEgg. "We could try to heal her...." (Back in Balance Oblivion Bloop had found a book of healing magic but it was destroyed in the war as Bloop ran away.) There was nothing left of 7331Hope. Impossibly to heal. The users walked on.


Playable Characters

  • YoshiEgg
  • Metal Locked
  • JesseRoo
  • Mick13
  • McQueenMario


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