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The Emperor's Fan Games Incorporated, or EFG Inc, is a fan game company that was founded by Holyromanemperortatan (tbc) on December 7, 2010. The only games that the company has made are Super Mario Island and Super Mario Galaxy: The Ultimate Collection.


NOTE: If you want to work on Super Mario Island, then ask holyromanemperortatan on his talk page.

Member Status Status Icon
Holyromanemperortatan (tbc) Founder/President N/A

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The Emperor's Fan Games Incorporated/Sign Up


Please do not start these games with out holyromanemperortatan's permission.


These are games that are being made now. The release dates are in the parentheses.


Main Article: The Emperor's Fan Games Incorporated/Cancelled Games


These games may have been confirmed, but they do not have an official title. They may be made, scraped/cancelled, or have their titles chaneged depending on what Nintendo does in the future.

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