We are back with 30% less Danny Glover but with 140% more Nazism.
Locky the Lock and Poorland's cousin.

The Emails at Bowser's Nazist Party is a full length movie based on the [un]succesful and [un]popular webcomic Project Email. This was meant to be the second movie of Project Email, but the first movie Emails Meet Danny Glover in Antartica was erased from Fantendork. In The Emails at Bowser's Nazist Party, the emails are invited to a party in Bowser's hideout at Munique, Germany but there they discover that Bowser is planning nazism.

The movie makes sense, what doesn't makes sense is you.



The Emails wake up after the events of Emails Meet Danny Glover In Antartica. "oh what the hell man i was just smokin some jamaica what happen" locky the lock asked, "you smoke what", bubbles replied, "jamaica", locky replied as he showed how he did that (by grabbing a jamaica flag and putting on fire) suddenly the phone rang

"7 days left", said the phone, "those gosh a dangsions sayin that i should pay the bills for this friggin hotel", locky kicked the phone of rage and then he heard someone saying something like "hey bro thanks for the phone", "ur welcome", locky replied.

suddenly the banana rang, lock picked the banana, it was his poorland cousin saying "dude a party, come here to munique bye", the call ended and lock ate the banana

oh man i dont know how to continue this story but ok, so the emails went to munique which is in central asia obvs where they meet mr. washington, president of cambodia, who came here to warn you about the current situation of cambodia

uh how the fuck i continue this

the end



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