The Elementals is the first game in the The Elementals series. It is a platformer game released for the SNES in 1994.


An asteroid hit a planet far away,that has alien life. The asteroid blasted six of the aliens (who are the main characters of the game) into space. Later,they landed on Earth in an underwater cave that humans never discovered. They found 6 crystals,which are the Elemental Crystals. When the aliens touched the crystals,they got the power of a certain element. Their appearance also changed,too. The aliens decided to go on a quest to find a way to get back to their planet. After going through all of the worlds in the game, one of the aliens,Darkus, reveals that he is evil and wants the other 5 aliens to never go home. He then absorbs the power of the crystals and gets into his ultimate form. All 5 aliens have to battle him,but each battle him in different phases. The aliens find their way into a factory,and find a rocketship. They then blast off to their home planet.

This is a photo of the main characters. They are (in row order) Leafy,Ember,Flibi,Zapper,Geyzor,and Darkus.


World 1 is Wonder Cave. This world is just a tutorial on how to use all 6 of the playable characters.

1-1:Grass Tutorial

This level is a tutorial on how to use the grass alien,Leafy.

1-2:Fire Tutorial

This level is a tutorial on how to use the fire alien,Ember.

1-3:Water Tutorial

This level is a tutorial on how to use the water alien,Geyzor.

1-4:Electric Tutorial

This is a tutorial on how to use the electric alien,Zapper.

1-5:Wind Tutorial

This is a tutorial on how to use the wind alien,Flibi.

1-6:Darkness Tutorial

This is a tutorial on how to use the dark alien,Darkus. (he is playable until the final boss)

More are coming soon.

World 2 is Peaceful Plains. There are windy sections for Flibi to fly in,grassy objects for Ember to burn down,and plants for Leafy to make grow.

2-1:Grassy Meadow

This is the first main level in the game,and there are several different things that each of the characters can use. Leafy can make plants grow,there are some shortcuts that only Darkus can get through,things for Ember to burn down,wind,to speed Flibi up,water for Geyzor to surf on,and even electrical devices for Zapper to power up.

2-2:Flat Plains

In this level,there arent very many hills. The best way to find hidden shortcuts is to use Flibi and Leafy.

2-3:High Hills

This level is the opposite of the level before it. There are many hills,and there arent many shortcuts.

2-4:Mysterious Forest

This area is huge and has a lot of trees.Some of the smaller characters can go inside the trees to find shortcuts.

2-5:Fire Forest

Some evil being set the forest on fire! Ember and Geyzor are the best aliens for this level.

2-6:Fire Cave

After getting through the forest the aliens find a .....cave?

2-7:Fire Cave Chasm

The six aliens find a chasm. It is too big to jump over,and they fall in. Here they encounter the villian behind the fire,Flame Bear.

World 3 is Rushing River. There is a lot of water in this world,so Geyzor can do some pretty good surfing here. There are also some land areas too,so Ember doesnt do horrible.

3-1:Rapid River

In this level,the alien being played as keeps moving forward because of the rapid water.

3-2: Raging River

In this level,the river is faster,but there are platforms the alien can jump on to avoid being pushed away.

3-3:Rainy River

Here,the alien that is being played as has to run as fast as possible to avoid lightning.

3-4:Flooded Lake

There was so much rain that the river started flooding. The flood made certain objects float,so whatever alien is being played as must jump on the objects and avoid drowning.


An entire town has been hit by the flood. Like in Flooded Lake,the alien must jump from object to object to survive.

3-6:Winding Lake

The flood died down,and the aliens find themselves at a lake with a lot of twists and turns.

3-7:Crocodile River

In this level,the aliens must try to avoid going into the water,because of crocodiles.

3-8:King Croco's Lair

The aliens find themselves in the king crocodile's lair (King Croco) At the end of the level,the alien being played as must battle him.

World 4:Giant Jungle

This world has a lot of trees and plants for Leafy to make grow. There are also some water areas,too.

4-1:Tree Scalers

Here,the aliens must climb up a bunch of trees to constantly get higher up into the level.

4-2:Pirahna Panic

The aliens make their way to a river. But there are several pirahnas. The six aliens must be careful.

4-3:Canopy Caper

Here,the aliens find themselves on top of trees. They must find their way down so they can keep progressing.

4-4:Running Race

The aliens encounter Speedster the Jaguar. He challenges the aliens to a race. The alien being played as has to beat Speedster in a race or you must restart the level.


In this level,there are a lot of vines. The aliens must swing on them to progress through the level.

4-6:Rushing River

The alien being controlled must ride on logs in a river in order to complete the level.

4-7:Pirahna's Place

In this level, the aliens must explore underwater to find and defeat Poison Pirahna.

World 5:Dusty Desert

In this world, there arent many things that the aliens can interact with. There are some electrical devices for Zapper to power up.

5-1:Dusty Dunes

Here, the aliens need to find their way around dunes to get up.

5-2:Sandstorm Scare

In this level, the aliens must avoid sandstorms.

5-3:Windy Way

The aliens must avoid getting blown away by winds.

5-4:Desert Temple

In this level, the aliens explore an old temple.

5-5:Mummy Base

In this level, the aliens must defeat Mad Mummy.

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