The Elementalists

The Elementalists, known in Japan as エレメンタリストズ (Erementarisutozu), is a fantasy role-playing game developed by UniversalGaming Inc. for the Nintendo Wii U. It's release date is currently set, globally, as TBA 2014.

The game revolves around Devan and Andromeda, two incredibly powerful magic-users, in their attempts to master their powers and save the world from an unknown disaster that has been foretold. Set in the fictional world of Aridenya, it has a rather advanced civilization despite its fantasy roots.



On a moonlit night, sky full of stars, a lone male is seen walking along the cobbelstone path of a park, head hung low. He passes by a park bench as thoughts are heard echoing.

A male voice begins, "So many things in this world..."

A girl standing on the edge of an observation platform leans against the railing, looking out onto a large lake. Her face is intentionally avoided as the thoughts continue.

A female voice continues, "Despite all of our efforts..."

Back to the guy, he begins to climb some stairs, the male voice continues, "Remain a mystery to everyone."

Showing the girl once more, the female voice continues, "Not everything is meant to be known..."

The guy is approaching the top of the stairs. "And yet..." He reaches the top.

"We keep on trying." The guy's eyes widen and he lifts his head to see the girl. A slight wind blows through, toying with their hair, as she turns to face him before smiling. The guy begins to speak, but is cut off when the girl disappears.

The screen fades to black, and shows: "The next morning..."

The guy wakes up in his bed, to the sounds of a commotion outside. He examines his clock to see that it is only 4:30 in the morning. He sits up and rubs his forehead, and mutters, "I gues it was just a dream..." He turns to look out the window before swinging out of bed. Hastily putting on his shoes and jackets, he runs through his door.

Once outside, he finds a large crowd as gathered, examining something in the sky. He looks up, but is forced to shade his eyes from something incredibly bright. His sight comes back into focus as he realizes it is a large, white streak across the sky, likely a meteor. He thinks to himself and mutters, "That meteor..."

Suddenly, a scene flashes before his eyes; he sees himself meeting the girl from his dream, but she is blacked out on the ground.

Shaking his head, the guy shrugs it off as simple nonsense before noticing the meteor flash and strike down into the nearby park's forest. He looks around at the mesmorized people, but decides he is the only one interested in what happened and runs to the park.


The gameplay of The Elementalists is similar to that of many other role-playing games. Players take control of Devan, followed by Andromeda, in order to explore and fight. A variety of different skills and abilities are available for use, unlocked based on either th progression in the plot or the relationship between Devan and Andromeda.

The characters share a single Health Bar, which depletes regardless of who is struck by an attack. When it reaches zero, Critical Mode is activated. In Critical Mode, Devan faints and Andromeda lifts him up, over her shoulders; she activates her hover boots, gaining an immense speed boost to escape from combat. If given enough time, Andromeda can use her magic to revive Devan, but even a single strike taken will lead to a game over.

With each hit the two characters take, the Tension Meter is increased. When it reaches 100%, Berserk Mode is activated in which power and speed are boosted but defense is lowered. Their 'Elemental Matrices' leak during this mode, giving Devan a black-and-purple aura and Andromeda a white-and-yellow aura. The meter drains over time, and Berserk Mode ends when it reaches 0% or a Tension Overlimit, which requires 90% or above, is activated.


The Wii U Gamepad functions as the GUI for this game, allowing the game to be viewed to its fullest on the television screen. The Health Bar and Tension Meter are located along the top of the screen, while the bottom-right has a list of recently-used skills and/or abilities, with their cooldowns.

A menu is located on the bottom -left and -center:

  • Inventory- Access any Items that Devan and Andromeda have obtained
    • An item list, organized in various ways (Alphabetical, Type, Cost, etc.)
  • Elemental Matrices- Used to view and alter the Elemental Matrix of either Devan or Andromeda
    • Shadow Matrix (Devan)- Functions as the 'Skill Tree' for Devan
    • Prism Matrix (Andromeda)- Functions as the 'Skill Tree' for Andromeda
  • Settings- Alter various options that change the way the game is played
    • Difficulty- The game can be set to Easy (75%), Normal (100%), or Hard (150%) to alter enemy health and power
    • Volume- Background Music, Sound Effect, and Character Voice levels can be set individually
    • Control Scheme- Freely change the controls of the game



Devan- A level-headed, almost condescending 18-year-old. Aware of the limits to his power, he has control over dark magic. He is approximately 5'10" (1.8m), with unkempt black hair and charcoal-gray eyes. He wears a plain white T-shirt, black-and-red jacket, dark gray pants, and brown shoes at the beginning of the game. Later on, he switches his shirt to one of green and cyan patterns as well as gaining black, combat-like boots with a ring of 'energy' around the ankles; the bottoms are plated in silver. He also wears wrist-length fingerless black gloves as well as rimless red goggles.

Andromeda- A rather quiet intllectual, she is 19 years old. She is tall, at 6'1" (1.85m), with her long back hair tied back in a hip-length ponytail. Her eyes are silver in color, but ard hidden behind a blue visor. Her outfit consists of a white shirt that cuts off just above her stomach region and a black jacket that goes just a little beyond it. She wears black pants with an angled white stripe intersecting another gray stripe that fall all the way to the top of her knee-length boots, most of which are invisible. The bottom part of her boots contains a gap filled with white 'energy' which is then covered on the bottom by metal plating. She also wears elbow-length fingerless black gloves.


Professor Phodori- A rater weird scientist in a white lab coat who wears simple, black boots and has wave brown hair. He wears square, rimless glasses and is aged at around 28. Rather knowledgable about magic and its properties, he teaches the duo how to utilize their skills to the best of their ability before sending them out on their quest.

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