The Elemental World is a fan fiction about a researcher who comes across a passage to a magical land.

Day 1: I, David E. Umbra, have discovered a strange hole in the ground that led to this odd area. The place was filled with weird animal looking things. I observed them, and it seems they have sentience. They play games we play, like golf and basketball, and can even speak our language. I need more observations to fully find their secrets.

Day 3: I finally found the courage to talk with them. I interacted with this thing which was an orange bee with wings that looked like flames. It was a strangely normal conversation. I discovered that they have powers and elements, like a living Pokémon. Their subspecies name was Pyrobee, and they had the elements 'Insect' and 'Flame'. They are extraordinary. The last thing I remember that they said was "There are more than 9000 elementals." I do believe that their species name is 'Elementals'. It's like an imaginative kid created this place.

Trivia When David says "It's like an imaginative kid created this place." he breaks the fourth wall. The amount of elementals is a reference to the famous meme "It's over 9000!".

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