The Elder Scrolls VI: Tamriel
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Developer(s) Dark Light Studios 1
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Platform(s) PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo NX, Visus Sphere
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Genre(s) Fantasy, RPG, Action-Adventure, Open World
Series The Elder Scrolls
Predecessor The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
The Elder Scrolls VI: Tamriel is the sixth installment in the Elder Scrolls Franchise and is a sequel to The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. As with its predecessors it is an Open-World Fantasy RPG where the player explores the fictional lands of Tamriel.

The game takes place starting at the year 4E 967 at the near end of the Fourth Era and beginning of the Fifth Era. It is during this time that Tamriel sees its greatest change and where the two shortest Eras are to follow. The game takes places across all of Tamriel like the original Arena although is not randomly generated with set Dungeons and Towns. Like Morrowind, Oblivion & Skyrim it uses Real-Time Combat with options for First and Third Person.

The game returns a lot of the older enemies from previous Elder Scrolls games as well as introducing several new ones. In addition numerous Quest-Only Enemies appear.


Many hundreds of years have passed since the return of Dragons and Tamriel has seen relative peace, it has been revealed that the Imperials were successful in their defeat of Ulfric Stormcloak however have secretly permitted the worship of Talos to continue across the northern 5 countries of Tamriel (Skyrim, High Rock, Hammerfell, Morrowind & Cyrodiil). It has been during this time that the Mede line has become the recognized royal line in Tamriel with even the Thalmor and Aldmeri Dominion allowing the lineage to reign.

However it is on these closing decades of the 10th Century of the Fourth Era that a new child of Mede has risen to the throne, Hun-Jun Mede a child raised in the relentless deserts of Hammerfell begins a tactical plan to rid the world of the factions and permanently unite all nations under one governing body, destroying the monarchy that exists. However it is during this time that Tamriel is weak from a lack of war and conflict that a Daedric Prince of Madness seeks to make his claim on Tamriel by twisting its very core.


The story begins with the player being woken by a knocking, it is revealed they are in a prisoner carriage and are being taken to the imperial prison in the Imperial City. The player overhears a conversation between a Wood Elf and a Breton who tell each other what they are in for, an Orc silences both of hem telling them that they'll have all the time in Nirn to talk and he wants some piece and quiet, he then mutters under his voice that he's got the longest sentence out of everyone for killing half a village. The carriage soon draws to a halt outside the prison entrance and the back door to the carriage opens and the player along with the other prisoners walk out to get checked off. The guard questions the player allowing them to customise the appearance of their character, after which the guard exclaims that the player has been put in for crimes he dare not utter and tells the player that they better enjoy rotting in their cell.

The player and the rest of the group are about to head into the main courtyard when an Avatar of Sheogorath appears proclaiming his desire for complete and utter chaos just to piss off Jyggalag. He turns most of the prisoners into skeevers who attack he guards and warps the ground. The player, one of the few prisoners not to turn into a skeeter is ordered by the head guard to quickly head back into the carriage while the guards handle the situation. He player does so and is joined by a couple of guards and the remaining human prisoners. They watch as the other imperial guards fight off the skeevers, however the carriage is lifted into the air by Sheogorath and teleported to the Shivering Isles, the player is knocked unconscious during the teleportation. During their unconscious state the player has a vision showing the avatar of Sheogorath splitting in two, one a vibrant orange and the first other a dull grey. He Grey Avatar traps the Orange Avatar within a spectral cage and warns the player that Sheogorath will fall. The player then wakes up to find themselves out of the carriage on foreign terrain, the Shivering Isles. As they get up they are greeted by one of the guards who apologises for the prisoner getting caught up in the series of events that have unfolded.

The guard is suddenly attacked by a flesh atronach and swiftly takes the monstrosity down. The guard tells the player that he'll need the player's extra hand in getting out of the Shivering Isles, he unbinds the player and hands them a Shortsword explaining that after the Oblivion Crisis, Imperial guards had the image of an Oblivion gate burned into their minds and aside from reminding hem of the atrocities that happened all those years ago, it helps to identify any potential invasions by said Daedra as the entrance and exit are the same. The Player and the guard begin navigating their way through the complex network of paths of the Shivering Isles fighting their way through various creatures. Soon the player and the Guard get to Oblivion Gate the guard spoke of, surprised when he arrives, the guard exclaims how the gate they had been taught about was much larger than te barely 2 metre high gate in front of them and instead of spewing a red-fiery glow it seemed to smite a purple butterfly effect. Slightly confused the guard and the player walk through the gate and return to Tamriel landing in North-East Cyrodiil. The guard thanks the player for their loyalty in escaping the Shivering Isles and tells the player they are free to go. The guard then states that they are going to head to Cheydinhal explaining that he will submit a report to the Countess of Chetdinhal who will likely want to talk to the player.

(From the point onward the player is permitted to completely ignore the main quest, the storyline follows the main quest)

The player along with the guard head to Cheydinhal where along the way the guard reveals that his name is Ardvot, he explains how when they arrive he can provide the player with some travelling supplies to help them on their adventures. The two soon. Arrive at Cheydinhal Castle in Cheydinhal where the player finally meets the Countess of Cheydinhal, Countess Casid. She greets the player explaining that she understands the players crimes however will excuse them as the player has helped Ardvot retrieve invaluable information regarding the threat of Sheogorath, she asks the player if they experienced anything unusual while in the Shivering Isles, the player brings up the vision they had to which Casid's advisor, Sir Rhohn exclaims that he has heard of said visions and tells of an old prophecy that has only been told in whispers. He explains that visions as the player has described them are an indication for the impending Greymarch and explains that Sheogorath, the Daedric Prince of Madness is in fact a curse put on the Daedric Prince of Order, Jyggalag. Casid asks Rhohn what evidence he has of these claims. Rhohn pauses and tells the player that if the visions are true then they must seek out an ancient tablet in High Rock that is stated to be able to enhance the visions as well as visualise them. Casid asks Rhohn how the player is expected to find the Tablet. Rhohn replies explaining that the player should seek the Great Breton Library in Daggerfall for information on the Tablet. The player heads out of Cheydinhal to begin their trek to Daggerfall.

The player quests across Cyrodiil to the Great Sandstone Wall, the guards protecting the wall demand to know the player's intentions. The player explains their desire to get to High Rock to which the Guards merely laugh stating that due to huge storms sweeping North Hammerfell and West Skyrim there is no way to get into High Rock unless via boat. One of the guards then points out there is a small passage through Orsinium, the other guards shush him explaining to the player that Orsinium is very dangerous as it's filled with Odcs who are reluctant to trust anyone who isn't Orc. The player tells the guards they will go through Orsinium to get to High Rock to whic the guards acknowledge the player's bravery and direct them over to the entrance to the passage, explaining that they'll need to cross through the Dragontail Mountains to get to Orsinium and that tey'll need to protect their eyes from the Sandstorm, the guard gives the player a pair of Alik'r Goggles and wishes the player the best of luck on their quest into High Rock.

The player navigates through the treacherous Wasteland/Desert Province fending off against the twisted creatures that roam inside the relentless Dragontail Mountains. The player soon reaches the City of Dragonstar on their travels however are prevented from exiting through the gates heading towards Orsinium as the Lord of Dragonstar was notified of the player's approach and needed to urgently seek their attendance. The player holds off on their travels to Daggerfall to see the Lord, upon arriving at the Dragonstar Castle the player is greeted by Lord Jontis who explains his dire urgency and had heard from the guards of Cyrodiil that the player was seeking to stop Sheogorath. The player explains their situation to which Lord Jontis quickly tells the player that one of his squads was lost searching for an tailsman said to guard cities against Daedric Princes in the ancient times and wishes the player to seek it out, stating that aside from letting the player continue into Orsinium they'll also handsomely reward the player.

Without any other choice the player agrees and follows the instructions left by Lord Jontis and heads to an ancient keep called Redwing Keep. Inside the keep the player encounters many creatures including several undead, reaching the bottom however they come face to face with the avatar of Sheogorath yet again, the Avatar commends the player on their attempts to try and stop him and explains that he will bring the joy and sadness of madness to Tamriel whether the player thinks they can stop Sheogorath or not. Sheogorath then leaves teleporting in a pair of Dremora to fight off the player, the player however swiftly defeats the player and walks over to the pedestal where the Tailsman was being held. Upon touching the Tailsman however the player has another vision this time of the Oblivion Crisis in which they witness Mehrunes Dagon being defeated by the Avatar of Akatosh. Unsure of what the vision means the player returns to Dragonstar and gives the Tailsman to Lord Jontis who thanks the player telling the player that they've done Dragonstar a great service. The player explains the vision they had of the Oblivion Crisis to which Lord Jontis' advisor, Elonmeer interrupts explaining that the player's visions likely indicates that they are what is known as a Seer, an incredibly rare individual who's perception of the world mirrors that of an Aedra, Elonmeer explains that she had studied a great deal about Seers as the last Seer was a Redguard from the First Era and they were believed to just be a myth. She asks the player to come with her to her Enchanting Tower in the East Wing of the Castle to investigate the player.

The player follows Elonmeer as she directs the player to a peculiar device that examines the player's eyes. Elonmeer states that it is true that the player is a Seer and possesses the gift to see the Past and Future. She continues stating that the player will likely play a pivotal role in whatever is going to happen at the upcoming Greymarch, she explains that the player can protect all of Tamriel through acquiring the Tailsman's stating that the Tailsman's can be used to protect entire regions of a province, and brings over the Tailsman the player found and has the player place their hand on the gem in the middle, the gem glows shooting out a beam of light that creates an force field around the Dragontail Mountains that disappears shortly after use. Elonmeer explains that the Dragontail Mountains are now protected from whatever Sheogorath has planned. She tells the player that each region of each province contains a dungeon that houses that region's Tailsman and is vital to protecting Tamriel from the wrath of Sheogorath. Lord Jontis intrudes explaining that he has acquired his gift to the player as thanks for acquiring the Tailsman and tells the player that he's opened  the gate that allows access to the border between Hammerfell & Orsinium.

(It should be noted that to avoid Sheogorath's Dremora appearing in regions Post-Game the player should activate all 80 Tailsmans (including the Dragontail Mountain Tailsman) then all of Sheogorath's forces will stop spawning after the main questline)

The player crosses the border and finds themselves in the rugged mountain range of Orsinium, a small province held by the brutal and semi-tribal elven species of Orsimur. The player soon happens to come across several Orc Guards who question the player's appearance in Orsinium claiming that they had been watching the player curious of his actions. The player tries to explain themselves however the Orc Guards don't believe the player and bring him to the Great Orc King, King Ghoron Boghham. King Ghoron Boghham questions the player's presence in Orsinium to which the player tries to explain their situation again. King Ghoron Boghham considers the player's explanation and tells the player than in Orsinium if they are doubtful of someone's proposition there is a test they must pass to be permitted acceptance. The player questions what this test is to which King Ghoron Boghham explains that there is a mighty mountain filled with Trolls to the North of Orsinuur called the Yellow-Eye Cave, if the player wishes to prove themselves and allowed to freely roam Orsinium and head into High Rock they must clear the cave out and retrieve the Orcish Sword from within. The player accepts and begins their quest to retrieve the Sword.

The player heads out and is greeted by an Orc soldier by the name of Dulub Galrn, she explains that she's been assigned to the player to ensure that they don't try to flee Orsinium and to bring back their corpse should they fail. The duo head to the Yellow-Eye Cave that King Ghoron Boghham explained, inside Dulub Galrn mentions how when she was younger she along with most other Orc younglings would go into the cave and tear out the eyes of the trolls and watch them frantically try and run away, usually knocking out other trolls in the process. When the two reach the cave they head inside and find it to be truly infested with Trolls, Dulub Galrn shows the player what she means and sneaks up on a lone Troll and pushes the trolls eyes until they pop, she then sneaks back and the player and her watch as the Troll runs into two other trolls and knocks them over before dying from the pain. Dulub Galrn says that if the player can pull off the trick three times then she'll put a good word in for the player when they get back. The player and Dulub Galrn navigate through the Cave defeating the numerous Trolls that have made it their home. The two soon reach an alter where the Orcish Sword rests, the player goes to approach it however is halted by a sudden vision, this vision shows the Grey Avatar striking a large astral symbol that appears in the shape of a dagger. The player gets out of their trance-like state and are asked by Dulub Galrn what happened, the player explains the vision they had to which Dulbu Galrn dismisses the visions as an excuse for slacking off, the player gets back up and retreives the sword. The two then head back to Orsinuur to prove their success in dealing with the Cave Trolls.

King Ghoron Boghham asks Dulub Galrn if they were successful in retrieving the Orcish Sword, Dulub Galrn presents King Ghoron Boghham with the sword and he expresses his acceptance of the player's intentions stating that the Orcs are a race who determine their trust based on fighting. King Ghoron Boghham accepts the player's intentions to visit Orsinium are not to spy on the Orcs and allows the player passage through to High Rock. On the way out the player is met up again by Dulub Galrn who tells the player that she expected the player to fall after the first troll and was impressed by the player's fighting skill and offers to help the player in their quest. The player can choose to accept or reject Dulub Galrn's proposition and continues on their journey. The player crosses the rugged mountains of Orsinium seeing the conflict of the Orc-Breton War for Orsinium in the Mid-Fourth Era. Along the way the player hears many mentions of the war and how both sides still have grudges against each other. The player however through much traversing soon arrives in Daggerfall where they find a mighty city built nestled among Mountainous formations and water on both sides. The colossal buildings reaching for the sky above. The player heads inside and through navigation of the complex array of streets, roads and alleyways soon finds themselves at the entrance to the Great Breton Library of Daggerfall, known in the Breton-tongue as Impalaer Boued Penn.

The player heads to the entrance to hte Impalaer Boued Penn however is stopped by one of the guards who demands to know why the player wishes to enter the Impalaer Boued Penn, the player explains their situation and a scholar from nearby overhears the conversation and invites the player in giving them clearance past the guard. The two head in and the Scholar introduces himself as Rodetch Caesotepelus a descendant of the last Blades a secret organization that protected the the Septimus Lineage of the Third Era. Rodetch explains that his colleagues had heard of an individual that was searching for the tablet, he explains that he recognized what the player was searching for and explains how the tablet is a magical tome from the Merethic Era created by the Ayleids that would turn itself into a prophecy upon coming into contact with a Seer like the player. Rodetch tells the player that there is an ancient Ayleid Ruin near Northpoint that supposedly houses one. However to reach it the player must safeguard Northpoint by activating its Tailsman, Rodetch tells the player he'll wait for the player in Northpoint when they've successfully activated the Tailsman and heads out of the Library leaving the player with the Book of Daedra to read.

The player after reading through the book learns about Jyggalag and the Shivering Isles as well as the curse put on Jyggalag that turned him into Sheogorath as well as the second Sheogorath and how the two became one. The player then heads to Northpoint and after asking around soon finds the ruins where the Northpoint Tailsman is located, descending into the ruins the player encounters many undead and a small vampiric bloodline, eventually however the player reaches the lowest level of the ruins where the Tailsman awaits the player. Activating the Tailsman the player has another vision this time of a mysterious golden glow with no indication of what it is. The player then exits the ruins and watches the beam of light shoot into the sky above and safeguard Northpoint and the Rivenspire Region. The player then heads to Northpoint to seek out Rodetch for more information about the Ayleid Tablet.

Meeting up with Rodetch inside the local tavern, Rodetch explains how he wishes to help the player as he believes they are going to play a very important role in the upcoming Greymarch, he explains how ever since the Hero of Kvatch became the new Sheogorath people were able to more easily study Sheogorath and Jyggalag and learn so much about them. He then mentions how they can talk more about it when they retrieve the tablet and suggests they head to an old Nordic Barrow hidden in the mountainous terrain in the east of Rivenspire. The duo head into the Barrow and find it to be infested with the reanimated corpses of those buried inside, Draugrs. Fighting their way through the multitudes of reawakening bodies, the player and Rodetch come across a pedestal where a metal claw rests. Rodetch approaches the claw and instructs the player over explaining how it is tradition with the Ancient Nords that they be buried behind a peculiar mechanism that can only be unlocked by the claws. Rodetch gives the player the claw and instructs them to solve the puzzle once they find it, the two then trek further into the Barrow encountering more Draugr and some spiders and skeevers, soon reaching a peculiar circular door with three symbols on it. Rodetch explains that the symbols line up with symbols found on the claw if the player can find them. The player searches the claw and soon finds the symbols, changes the locks on the door and uses the claw, causing the door to open. The two head inside and find the crypt of the lord who was buried in the Barrow and approaches the crypt carefully, they see the tablet on a pedestal against a circular wall, Rodetch explains how in the past an individual known as the Dragonborn would be abel to use the wall to channel the power of Dragons into a shout, however the power the player possesses does not grant them this ability it will let them activate the tablet. The player grabs the tablet however in doing so the Draugr Lord hidden in the crypt awakens and attacks in an attempt to stop the player. The player and Rodetch successfully slay the Draugr and the player presses their palm against the tablet as the stone begins to move and form shaped creases. The tablet shows a multitude of strange letters forming some sort of message, however Rodetch notes that the symbols are not Nordic, Ayleidic or Daedric and could indicate an even more ancient language. Rodetch tells the player that they should seek out help from the Summerset Isles specifically from the Crystal Tower explaining that the High Elves for all the prejudice they have against human species and even half-human species like the Bretons will likely look into the Tablet as it's of Ayleid origin, Rodetch then continues to make sure that the High Elves do not keep the tablet however as by holding onto the tablet it would prove to the descendants of the Blades that they are still needed. Rodetch then heads off stating that he is returning to the Imperial City and the player heads off to begin their next objective, to find a way to the Summerset Isles.

The player asks around the many ports of Cyrodiil and finds out that tensions between the Imperial Army and Thalmor has been at an all time high and folks fear another war will break out and is unsure if either side will truly recover. The player does find out however that in the deserts of Elsweyr there is an Island City that provides access to the Summerset Isles. The player makes it their goal to find a way to the Island City in Elsweyr, Mistral. Eventually the player finds that several cities along the Southern Coast of mainland Tamriel offer ferries to Mistral and the player boards one to the island city, upon arriving however Mistral is struck with torrential storm and the player finds out the boat can't leave port until the storm dies down. The player is informed that supposedly atop the main mountain on the island is a wizard who specializes in dealing with the fury of the elements and that if the player wishes for the storm to die down more quickly they should perhaps consult the wizard. The player then begins their trek through the tropical jungles of the island towards the powerful mountain at the center.

Crossing through the Jungle and Swamp like terrain the player soon reaches the foot of the mountain where they quickly sees the treeline fade into the distance as the rocky and bushy mountainside takes over. The player notices a tower near the peak of the Mountain and finds signs pointing towards the tower. The player climbs up the mountain trail heading in and out of the mountain's caves defending themselves from the monsters that lurk within. Soon the player reaches the entrance to the tower and sees it is much higher than it appears from a distance. Entering within the player finds the place is a mess and that several Atronachs guard the various passages leading further into the Tower. Soon the player overcomes the Atronach and reaches the peak of the tower where they find the wizard dead and Sheogorath awaiting the player. Sheogorath explains how he'd been waiting for the player and wanted to congratulate them on defeating the pesky Atronachs that were stopping Sheogorath from summoning an Oblivion Gate to the area. The player demands Sheogorath stop the storm to which he merely laughs and asks the player if they really know who they're dealing with, regardless of the player's reply, Sheogorath, jumps off the balcony and punches the mountain's peak causing an Oblivion Gate to appear as the storm gets sucked into it. Suddenly Dremora begin storming out of the gate, the player is then confronted by the spirit of the Wizard who states that the player needs to quickly destroy the core inside the Oblivion Gate and that he'll create an Aedric field around the Oblivion Gate to stop the Dremora getting out, but the player must hurry.

The player heads into the Oblivion Gate and finds themselves back in the Shivering Isles this time in a rather depressing looking castle area where the player quickly runs into the spirit of the wizard again, he explains that at the top floor of the central tower is the core and the player needs to destroy it to not only leave but remove the Oblivion Gate. The player heads towards the imposing tower ,seemingly growing exponentially larger as they approach it, along the way encontering Dremora and numerous other Daedric creatures. The player soon heads inside and finds the core is guarded by a magical barrier, however quickly finds the creator of the barrier to be a Daedric Titan a giant Daedra that is more beast than human-shaped. The player battles the powerful Daedric Titan and eventually overcomes the evil creatures massive stature and power, destroying the magical barrier around the core, allowing the player to destroy it and to leave the Shivering Isles. On the way back however the player has another vision, this time the golden glowing light is far in the distance and seemingly extremely high up, then another Golden Glow shows up deep underground and to the South-West of the first one. The player suddenly wakes up on the Balcony of the Wizard's Tower and sees the Oblivion Gate destroyed.

The wizard's spirit appears in front of the player, thanking them for destroying the Oblivion Gate explaining that he had been trying to stabilize the weather on the island and had accidentally attracted Sheogorath's interest and the Daedric Prince quickly slew him and took over the spell. He apologizes to the player for having them go through that event and says that he can now pass onto the afterlife and bids the player farewell. The player descends back down the Mountain and through the jungle terrain, returning to Mistral to be congratulated by the townsfolk, the Lady of Mistral approaches the player and explains how he had his Astronomers observing the Wizard's Tower and saw the player jump into the Oblivion Gate at the Mountain Peak and were unsure if the player had made it out safely. She formally introduces herself as Lady Aravya, she gives the player a Moonstone Amulet of Health as thanks to the player and tells them that they're free to use the ferries to and from Mistral as they wish explaining that the consequences of the Oblivion Gate staying open for much longer would've been disastrous to Mistral and the other settlements on the island. The player heads over to the ferry for the Summerset Isles as Lady Aravya and several citizens and guards wave farewell.

The player rests while on the ferry however along the way the player is abruptly awoken by the ship hitting something. The player goes out to the deck to investigate only to find about half a dozen adventurers fighting a Sea Serpent, the creature blasts one of them overboard with its water jet and the player joins in the battle to kill the creature. Soon the serpent is killed and the Captain arrives on deck apologizing for the Sea Serpent since usually they're not encountered this far south. The ship resumes course and soon arrives in Skywatch and begins travelling around the beautiful landscape towards the Crystal Tower that stands high above the rest of the Summerset Isles.

The player heads towards the Crystal Tower navigating through the bizarre and almost inconceivable terrain. The player however is being watched and is swiftly captured by the Thalmor and taken to Skyhold for questioning. The Thalmor interrogate the player demanding they tell them why the player came to the Summerset Isles. The player explains that they need to decode a tablet that has an ancient language. The Thalmor hesitate, confused by the player's request. They then tell the player to hand them the tablet and the player does so, upon looking over the tablet, the High Elves are stunned by the scripture and ask the player to head to the Crystal Tower as they've gathered Tablets similar to the one the player was carrying, they explain that by giving the High Elves the tablet this will help them decipher the other tablets more easily. The player hesitantly agrees with the Thalmor as they persuade the player to let the Scholars at the Crystal Tower inspect the Tablet. The player continues their journey towards the Crystal Tower soon reaching the mighty Tower's entrance.

Upon entering the Crystal Tower the player is greeted by the huge reconstruction of the tower since its destruction long ago. Throughout the Tower the player can see hundreds of High Elves wandering around reading the numerous books stacked on the many floors of the building. One of the Thalmor, decorated in a different coloured armour introduces himself to the player as Hidan Chamore, the Thalmor Head of the Crystal Tower. He explains that his scholars are working hard to decrypt the tablets they had found as well as the one the player was to give to them, Hidan promises the player that they will not damage the tablet in anyway as they believe it is incredibly important to find what all the tablets together say. He tells the player that they had discovered each tablet they had so far included a symbol on the back, each one seemingly representing each of the Daedra. Hidan continues explaining that Daedra have long since been banished in all forms from the Summerset Isles and even carrying an item related to a Daedra is punishable by death, he then pauses and tells the player that he needs to speak to them in his office he then dismisses his guards and heads towards a large room with ornate doors connecting it to the Tower's main area. The player heads into the office and Hidan asks them to be seated, he then brings out a few parchments and tells the player of an ancient race known as the Sload that live on the Summerset Isles before the High Elves. He explains that these revolting, sluggish creatures were a menace to the elves although had fortunately disappeared many eras ago. Habin continues explaining that the Sloads were known for their Daedric worshipping and had set up numerous shrines that could summon the power of one of the Daedra each. Habin explains that ever since the Sloads were driven out of the Summerset Isles the High Elves have made it their duty to locate and destroy these Daedric Shrines, he pauses however and explains that there is however one last shrine that is said to have belonged to the Daedric Prince, Hermaeus Mora, the Daedric Prince of Fate, Knowledge and Memory. The High Elves could never find such a shrine though and have been gradually eliminating locations across Summerset Isles as to where this shrine could be. Habin stands up and grabs an extremely old map off one of his shelves and lays it out on the table pointing out several islands on the map to the south of Summerset Isles. Habin explains that the map had originated from when the Sloads were around and was supposedly taken from one of the Sload Holds in the Summerset Isles, Habin explains that the islands shown on the map don't exist and that their location has been a mystery, plaguing Habin's mind for years. Habin explains that should he have gone to the location himself he would've undoubtedly have been noticed missing and he furthers that no High Elf of the current Era would dare go near a Daedric Shrine, that's why he's explained all this information to the player insisting that Hermaeus Mora's Shrine must have some clues as to what the Daedric symbols on the back of the tablets mean. The player agrees to help Habin by going to search for the lost islands although Habin also asks the player to hand him the tablet the player was carrying as he feared the player may damage it and that it could also help in deciphering the ancient language, the player reluctantly hands Habin the tablet and begins their trek to the South edge of the Summerset Isles.

The player traverses through the mainland of the Summerset Isles encounter the numerous odd creatures along the way. The player also overhears from numerous High Elves in the area that there have been accounts of mysterious noises coming from the Southern Coast, possibly indicating Sea Monsters are becoming restless. Eventually the player reaches the edge of the Summerset Isles in a small town called Glenview, from here the player is greeted by three individuals, a High Elf called Sonre Faean, a Khajiit called J'ara and a Breton called Birane Penyne. Sonre introduces all three of them to the player explaining that they had received word from Habin who had requested they assist the player in finding the ancient language. J'ara expresses how this ancient language must be quite a find for the High Elves based on how much he was paid, although is quickly hushed by Birane who expresses his and Sonre's interest in this ancient language stating that J'ara might actually learn something from this expidition. J'ara dismisses Birane's statement and tells the player that time is of the essence and to notify them once the player is ready. The player readies themselves for the journey ahead and the four set sail to investigate the lost islands.

The ship the player and the four adventurers are on soon reach the location and J'ara announces a repulsive smell coming from beyond the ship, Birane quickly agrees with him and suspects that they might be able to find the cause underwater. J'ara quickly refuses to swim in the water due to his fear of the water, causing Birane to taunt him saying that it'll only be a little swim, however is silenced by Sonre who tells J'ara to keep watch on the ship, Sonre then directs the player and Birane to follow her overboard. The trio swim over to where the smell is strongest and notice underwater a small underwater cavern entrance. Sonre suggests the trio go down and casts Waterbreathing to help all 3 of them swim down. The trio eventually reach a small pocket of air underneath the seafloor. Sonre tells Birane and the player to hold their position as she can hear footsteps above, she believes they may not be alone and suggest they investigate, Birane reluctantly agrees and the player agrees as well as the trio continue through the bending cavern soon reaching an exit hole where they climb into a bizarre storage room, Birane expresses his confusion as Sonre hears voices coming from a nearby corridor and casts invisibility on the three of them to keep them hidden.

The footsteps near and the trio see large sluggish creatures walking around carrying low-technology weapons and wearing basic armour. The two creatures slowly move across the room and eventually exit the room locking the door they exited through behind them. Sonre decloaks the trio and the player asks her what those creatures were, Sonre explains that they are Sloads, a monstrous race that nearly wiped out High-Elves several eras ago, she continues explaining that they use powerful dark magic that is unrivaled by many species, she explains that their going to have to be careful when moving around as to not alert too many Sloads. The trio continue onwards, navigating past several Sload patrols, eventually reaching a large open room filled with ancient scriptures written on the walls. Birane examines the scriptures and announces to Sonre and the player that the scriptures detail words by Hermaeus Mora to the Sloads and Birane believes that they should be able to find the altar of Hermaeus Mora through the main chamber door. The trio continue onwards into the depths of the Sload Fortress and soon come upon a mysterious room, emanating a repulsive green glow with books flung across the room and mysterious writing creeping along the walls. Birane explains that this must be the altar of Hermaeus Mora.

The group approach the Altar of Hermaeus Mora and discover a mysterious book emanating floating letters, Birane examines the book and concludes it's likely a Black Book, the player looks around and sees another book, mysteriously covered in what appears to be the skin of Elves. The player picks up the book and Sonre notices what the player has grabbed and exclaims it to be the Oghma Infinium a book of vast knowledge, Sonre believes that this may be what Habin was seeking, Birane then exclaims that they should probably leave while they can, Sonre exclaims that she needs to do something first and pulls out a ritual dagger and drives it into the altar causing it to erupt with a mysterious green gas. This alerts the Sload patrols who quickly surround the trio, outnumbered severely the trio surrender to the Sloads who blindfold the trio and take them into the depths of the Sload Cavern.

The player finds them on their knees, still blindfolded hearing the the various voices of the Sloads, suddenly a booming Sload silences all of them and orders them to remove the blindfolds. Sonre asks if the Sload before them is the head Sload, to which it replies that it is revealing its name to be Merasus. Merasus then scorns Sonre for questioning him as he considers High Elves filth. He looks over to the Birane who apologizes to Merasus for infiltrating his domain, Merasus tells the three that he knew they were coming, as he says this, J'ara is brought from another room and Merasus explains that they had been watching their boat since they arrived. He then demands to know what they came to the domain for, Birane speaks up and tells Merasus that they had come to destroy the filthy altar of Hermaeus Mora, to which Merasus scoffs stating that he doesn't know what he's doing, stating that the Sloads have read of a prophecy of the Daedra returning, and only those who remained loyal to the Daedra would be spared. He then tells the player to hand over the Oghma Infinium and without any other choice, forcibly hands over the book. Merasus takes the Oghma Infinium and states that they know the real reason why they came and tears out 3 pages of the book giving them to the player. He states that the pages contain the deciphering codes needed for the tablets stating that they had secretly planted one of the tablets on Summerset Isles long ago, knowing that it would torment the High Elves, Merasus then tells the four that if they reveal the location of the Sloads to any other elves they can guarantee absolute destruction, J'ara promises on behalf of all of them stating that a Khajiit's word is more valuable than the other races, Merasus reluctantly accepts J'ara's promise and uses his dark magic to teleport the four to a beach off the shore of Summerset Isles.

Birane pulls the player up from the ground as J'ara tries to scope out their location while Sonre is sitting on a nearby rock. The player goes over to Sonre and asks what they should do, Sonre tells the three that they cannot reveal the Sloads existence at any costs as it will ignite a war on the Summerset Isles which will inevitabely pull in Valenwood & Elsweyr and then once they get involved the rest of Tamriel will as well. J'ara quickly agrees not to speak a word as his people are sick of wars. Birane, pauses and agrees as well stating that they need to understand what the tablets say before even thinking about the Sloads again, Sonre then looks to the player and asks them if they will also keep this a secret, the player either agrees or reluctantly agrees and the trio announce to the player that they'll meet up with the player once they all get back to the Crystal Tower. The trio bid the player farewell and go their seperate ways, the player picks up the pages and begins their trek back to the Crystal Tower.

However just as the player and the other three adventurers set their seperate ways the player is knocked out by a mysterious force, only hearing a Nordic voice tell others to bring the player to headquarters. The player soon wakes up to find themselves bound to a chair in some sort of old fort prison. Two Imperials walk over to the player and one laughs telling the other that the player's about to enter a world of fun, the player confused by this turn of events asks whats happening to which the other Imperial silences them telling the player that they'll find out soon enough. The player's chair is then knocked over and the player is lifted up by the Imperials, unable to move the player only watches as they pass many cages with Sabre Cats, Trolls and Spiders. The player is soon brought to a blood-stained arena with blood and the torn bodies of several people littered about including a few creatures. Scratches and punches cover the walls, suddenly the player hears an announcer in a booming voice welcome the player to the Blood Arena, the Imperials unbind the player throw the player some equipment and use fire magic to release the player from their bonds. The arena is then lit up by fires surrounding the Arena having the player see many masked individuals sitting in the stands above, protected by steel bars nearly as thick as an arm, suddenly the player's attention is caught by a roaring sound heard from behind a heavily barred gate.

The Barred gate is lifted up by a huge arm, a monstrous giant elf-like creature steps out letting out another roar, the player hears an announcer tell the audience that the willing competitor desires to fight the mighty Behemoth Ogre. Without much choice the player fights the Behemoth Ogre who proves to a difficult opponent due to its sheer amount of health although its slow movements make it easy to attack and dodge, eventually the player wittles down the Ogre's health enough that the monster falls. The announcer congratulates the player as the audience cheers on stating that hopefully they will see more of the player, in later rounds. The barred gate from where the Behemoth Ogre came from opens and the player exits from it. Entering a large hall area, the player is quickly ambushed by several indviduals wearing Cultist Robes who bind the player's arms together making it impossible to them to fight back, the cultists then slowly walk the player down the hall where one of them tells the player that they did a fine job entertaining the audience, the player attempts to question the cultists however is merely hushed as they tell the player that if the player behaves themselves well enough they will get to watch the end of the world in the safety of their inner sanctum. The player is then taken to a jail area where other prisoners have been locked up for fighting in the arena, the cultists throw the player into an open cell and tell the player that they'll be back in the arena in no time.


Character Creation

Like all Elder Scrolls Game the player starts off as a lowly prisoner captured by the Imperial Legion and sentenced to life in jail for crimes unknown. The player upon entry to their cell is questioned by a guard who notices the player failed to fill out several pieces of documentation causing an outcry from a Redguard Prisoner of the player's incompetence.

The player during this time is able to customize their look, race, gender, physical features and colouration of skin, hair, eyes and war paint if they desire. In addition to this the player will need to check off which of the 13 Star Signs they fall under which determines their first spell and a small buff.


In The Elder Scrolls VI: Tamriel just like other Elder Scrolls games the player can level up by increasing their competency in the many skills that appear in the game. Like previous games, this one has three groups of skills; Warrior, Thief and Mage, this time however each is comprised of 6 skills with an additional seventh skill that is shared between each group.

Warrior Skills

  • Smithing - Smithing is the ability to convert Metal and other materials into usable armour and weapons. Increasing Smithing is done through using metals, leather, bone and other materials and converting them into Armour and Weapons. It should be noted that the skill does not increase from mining ore or turning said ore into the metal itself, the same applies for converting fur into leather and leather into leather straps.
  • Heavy Armour - Heavy Armour is armour that provides a greater overall defence against Melee and Ranged weapons in comparison to Light Armour. Increasing the Heavy Armour skill is as simple as taking a hit while wearing a piece of Heavy Armour. The more Heavy Armour worn the faster the skill increases. By increasing Heavy Armour the player becomes more resistant to two-handed weapons and destruction spells as well as a few other perks.
  • Block - The player's ability to use the blunt face of their two-handed weapon or simply by deflecting an attack with their shield increases their competency in Block. Block not only reduces the amount of damage when blocking but also increases the stagnation of an enemy from a surprised block, it also can decrease the player's own stagnation from a surprise block. At Higher Levels, Block can do more than simply stop an attack with some returning the attack to a lesser power, reflecting a magical attack or permitting the Shield Charge.
  • Two-Handed - Utilizing Two-Handed Weapons is a personal option for players as Two-Handed weapons are slower and heavier than One-Handed Weapons and don't block as well as shields, however in contrast they deal more damage, can cause stagnation much earlier and are able to be equipped with two effects unlike One-Handed Weapons. Using a Two-Handed Weapon in combat is the only way to increase the skill, the player's Two-Handed skill increases with the attacks, blocked and dealt with the Two-Handed weapon.
  • One-Handed - Like Two-Handed, One-Handed is gained through the usage of One-Handed weapons. One-Handed Weapons are less powerful than Two-Handed Weapons, take more damage to impact stagnation naturally and can only equip one effect. In contrast however the player is able to use the combination of a One-Handed Weapon and; A Shield, A Spell or Another One-Handed Weapon. To increase the skill, players must simply block and deal damage with the One-Handed Weapon. It should be noted that simply having the One-Handed weapon equipped will not yield experience if the player uses an alternate method as experience for One-Handed is calculated on damage blocked and damage dealt by the One-Handed Weapon.
  • Unarmed - The Final of the Warrior Skills in TES 6, Unarmed is the player's strength and and brute force. Unarmed while seemingly the weakest of all types of combat not only can have special effects such as the Wave Clap or Elemental Punches (with high enough Destruction), but can also be used in out-of-combat situations where such feats of strength are an option for progression. Unarmed is increased through these Out-of-Combat situations as well as being used in battle.

Thief Skills

  • Light Armour - In contrast to Heavy Armour, Light Armour is very resistant to Magic attacks and equally resistant to Ranged Attacks. Light Armour is also as its name suggests, lighter than Heavy Armour and also is quieter allowing for sneaking. By wearing Light Armour and taking damage while wearing it, the player increases its skill, the amount of Light Armour like Heavy Armour impacts the amount of damage received.
  • Sneak - The player's natural ability to evade detection is at time a crucial aspect to gameplay, whether it is sneaking into enemy territory, trying to steal something or simply hunting. The player's Sneaking skill will increase as long as they are within a set distance of an entity and not being detected but also moving. Increased levels of Sneak permit such abilities and the Crouch Roll and Camouflage.
  • Lockpicking - The player throughout TES 6 will come across locked doors that may or may not have a key. These locked doors may present the option of lockpicking them to access what is inside. Lockpicking retains the same mechanics from TES 5 and requires the player to have with them, Lockpicks. By either breaking a lockpick or successfully opening the door the player will gain experience in this skill. Watch out however because sometimes doors are guarded.
  • Pickpocket - A skill that works hand in hand with Sneak, the Pickpocket Skill allows the player to steal items from other characters and give them items that may cause a negative impact on their survival. The Pickpocket skill increases if the player is able to successfully pickpocket an individual and not be caught. It should be noted that Pickpocket means to take an item from the individuals inventory, not simply browse or give an item.
  • Acrobatics - Returning from TES 4 after its absence in TES 5, Acrobatics has changed since its departure. The player will find that they may come across cliff faces that require the player to use up their stamina to ascend the cliff faces or perhaps the player needs to cross a river of lava on stepping stones and avoid falling in. If the situation presents itself, Acrobatics may be needed. Acrobatics allows the player to conserve their Stamina as well as increase their ability to move around their terrain such as climbing fences and buildings. Acrobatics can be increased by crossing any of Tamriel's numerous Acrobatic obstacles, it should be noted that while attempting the Acrobatic feat multiple times on the same location will not yield additional experience, alternate methods acquired through higher level Acrobatics will increase the skill.
  • Hunting - The final skill under the Thief, Hunting is the player's instinctive ability to hunt, not only the natural prey of the wilds but also the prey that is their enemies. Hunting can initially only be increased through killing and harvesting from animals in the wild such as deer, skeevers and goats. As the player gains skills in Hunting they will be able to smell the scents of animals/individuals that are in the vicinity, track pawprints/footsteps of their prey as well as create intricate traps that allow the player to capture their victims dead or alive. It is through this trap creation and usage the player can gain experience in Hunting more quickly.

Mage Skills

  • Illusion - The ability to cast spells that confuse enemies and can turn them against their own kind. Illusion is a bizarre school of Magic, not relying on direct contact to impact your enemies Illusion relies on subduing individuals or having them turn on each other. Like all schools of Magic, experience is gained through successful use of spells.
  • Conjuration - The dark arts of magic, Conjuration is often associated with Daedra and the Undead and often frowned on by most including the magical elves. Conjuration allows the player to summon creatures from the realms of Oblivion or resurrect the dead to do their bidding. In addition the caster can also create weapons out of nothing for a brief period of time.
  • Destruction - The most famous and well-known school of magic across all of Tamriel, Destruction spells as their name suggests inflict destruction, through elemental attacks of Fire, Ice, Electricity, Poison & Force. Spells that are more powerful are only known to those who truly master the skill.
  • Restoration - Where most schools of magic are known for the negative impacts they cause, Restoration is considered the Aedric School of Magic as it has the ability to heal oneself or others. In addition it can send the evils of Conjuration back to the planes of Oblivion where they originated.
  • Alteration - The school of magic, known as Alteration as its name suggests alters the caster and targets abilities. In addition to altering individuals it can also alter the caster's surrounding by raising powerful magic shields. The player can also make their skin as hard as mythical creatures, levitate, walk on water, make their armour impenetrable or create light.
  • Absorption - A recently discovered school of magic, its abilities are derived from vampirism and uses the ability to absorb foes magicka, stamina and health as well convert one form to another, steal status effects and transfer weapons and armour from one individual to the caster.

Mixed Skills

  • Archery - A hybrid of Warrior & Thief, Archery is the ability to use bows, dart shooters, crossbows, hand cannons & throwing knives. The ability influences the accuracy of each hit and the damage dealt. Upgrading the skill can decrease reloading time as well as grant various perks such as silent shots. The skill is increased based on the player's ability to hit their opponents using one of these methods.
  • Enchanting - A hybrid of Warrior & Mage, Enchanting allows the player to increase the capabilities of their weapons allowing them to deal elemental damage, increase their steadiness, drain life, stamina or magicka and various other impacts. Enchanting unlike previous Elder Scrolls games depends on what Enchantments the player knows thus not requiring the player to carry multiple copies of an enchantment, in addition on Two-Handed Weapons the player can double enchant creating more powerful versions of enchantments or fusions of two enchantments. The skill increases as the player enchants new weapons.
  • Alchemy - A hybrid of Thief & Mage, Alchemy allows the player to create Potions and Poisons as well as increase their success in acquiring ingredients from their surroundings. Higher Alchemy allows the combination of up to 4 ingredients creating some of the most powerful Poisons and Potions. The skill increases through the creation of Potions and Poisons as well as the ingestion of Potions that are not Health Potions, Stamina Potions or Magicka Potions.


In combat the player has several options for how to fight their enemies. The player may decide to take a melee approach favouring close quarters and quick combat where stagnation can impact one's ability to fight. Alternatively they may decide to use Magic or Ranged Weapons to keep the Melee Enemies away and combat other ranged or Magic enemies on an equal playing field.

Using Enchantments to deal extra damage or having smithed one's weapons further to make them more powerful as well as utilizing potions for the user's benefit and poisons for the target's hindrance are all aspects of battle. While some skills are not very effective in combat such as Sneaking, Smithing, Lockpicking or Pickpocket it is beneficial to consider the best mode of attack when dealing with enemies.


Enemy Types
Skeever Youngling Skeever Old Skeever Big Skeever Diseased Skeever
Wolf Ice Wolf Jungle Wolf Desert Wolf MotherWolf
Bear Mountain Bear Tundra Bear Cave Bear Jungle Bear
Black Beetle Assassin Beetle Frost Beetle Giant Beetle Burrowing Beetle
Ghost Ghoul Wraithling Wraith Wraith Summoner
Wisp Wispmother Red Wispmother Undead Wispmother Wisp Queen
Vampire Thrall Vampire Fledgling Vampire Vampire Master Vampire Lord
Bloodborn Bloodfiend Blood Seeker Blood Hunter Blood Master
Undying Zombie Armoured Zombie Undying Werewolf Undying Vampire
Werewolf Initiate Werewolf Blood Werewolf Alpha Werewolf Mother Werewolf
Draugr Armoured Draugr Restless Draugr Draugr Scourge Draugr Wight
Draugr Mage Draugr Mage Lord Draugr Summoner Draugr Sorcerer Dark Draugr Sorcerer
Draugr Lord Draugr Deathlord Draugr Overlord Ancient Draugr Deathlord Ancient Draugr Overlord
Draugr Wizard Ancient Draugr Conjurer Ancient Draugr Illusionist Ancient Draugr Destroyer Ancient Draugr Priest
Skeleton Skeleton Mage Skeletal Lord Bone Colossus Bone Demon
Lich Child Lich Frozen Lich Rotting Lich Lich Overlord
Alit Youngling Alit Adolescent Alit Albino Alit Alpha Alit
Crocodile Fledgling Crocodile Scarred Crocodile Giant Crocoldile Horned Crocodile
Dremora Dremora Lord Daedra Child Daedra Daedric Titan
Daedroth Spawn Small Daedroth Daedroth Mutated Daedroth Daedroth Behemoth
Duneripper Larvae Duneripper Big Duneripper Dunediver Golden Dunediver
Durzog Pup Durzog Albino Durzog Durzog Pack Leader Alpha Durzog
Dreugh Spawn Dreugh Larvae Dreugh Winged Dreugh Ocean Dreugh
Dwemer Sentry Dweme Centurion Dweme Centurion Guardian Dwemer Royal Guardian Dwemer Royal Colossus
Dwemer Sphere Dwemer Sphere Knight Dwemer Sphere Guardian Dwemer Plated Sphere Dwemer Cannon Sphere
Dwemer Spider Dwemer Spider Guard Dwemer Centurion Spider Dwemer Arcane Spider Dwemer Command Spider
Dwemer Shooter Dwemer Ballista Dwemer Bolt Ballista Dwemer Explosive Ballista Dwemer Cannon
Child of Fire Fire Spirit Fire Atronach Fire Atronach Lord Fire Colossus
Child of Frost Frost Spirit Frost Atronach Frost Atronach Lord Frost Colossus
Child of Lightning Lightning Spirit Lightning Atronach Lightning Atronach Lord Lightning Colossus
Child of Vulgarity Vile Spirit Vile Atronach Vile Atronach Lord Vile Colossus
Child of Magnetism Magnetic Spirit Magnetic Atronach Magnetic Atronach Lord Magnetic Colossus
Child of Storms Storm Spirit Storm Atronach Storm Atronach Lord Storm Colossus
Child of Energy Energy Spirit Energy Atronach Energy Atronach Lord Energy Colossus
Child of Smog Smog Spirit Smog Atronach Smog Atronach Lord Smog Colossus
Child of Curses Cursed Spirit Cursed Atronach Cursed Atronach Lord Cursed Colossus
Child of Frostbite Frostbite Spirit Frostbite Atronach Frostbite Atronach Lord Frostbite Colossus
Child of Chains Chain Spirit Chain Atronach Chain Atronach Lord Chain Colossus
Child of Explosions Burst Spirit Burst Atronach Burst Atronach Lord Burst Colossus
Child of Blizzards Blizzard Spirit Blizzard Atronach Blizzard Atronach Lord Blizzard Colossus
Child of Wind Wind Spirit Wind Atronach Wind Atronach Lord Wind Colossus
Child of the Flesh Spirit Flesh Atronach Flesh Atronach Lord Flesh Colossus
Troll Frost Troll Swamp Troll Dark Troll Daedric Troll
Gargoyle Stone Gargoyle Fiery Gargoyle Storm Gargoyle Daedric Gargoyle
Giant Blood Giant Frost Giant Fire Giant Colossal Giant
Mammoth Young Mammoth Elder Mammoth Alpha Mammoth Icefall Mammoth
Ogre Blood Ogre Club Ogre Armoured Ogre Giant Ogre
Bat Mother Bat Giant Bat Vampiric Bat Daedric Bat
Scorpion Black Stinger Giant Scorpion Red Desert Scorpion Jungle Scorpion
Snake Water Snake Giant Snake Mountain Dwelling Snake Basilisk
Wasp Red Wasp Giant Wasp Black Wasp Wasp Queen
Goblin Goblin Hunter Goblin Mage Goblin War Guard Goblin King
Guar Vicious Guar Giant Guar Mountain Guar Guar Hunter
Hagraven Youth Hagraven Hagraven Elder Hagraven Conjurer Hagraven Sorceress
Harpy Blue Feathered Harpy Harpy Witch Red Feathered Harpy Golden Feathered Harpy
Hoarver Larvae Hoarver Hoarver Bomber White Hoarver Hoarver Queen
Baby Imp Imp Imp Guard Imp Imperial Fighter Imp Diver
Kagouti Youngling Kagouti Adolescent Kagouti Red Kagouti Daedric Kagouti
Scrab Kwama Forager Kwama Worker Kwama Warrior Kwama Queen
Lamia Serpent Lamia Lamia Mother Blue Lamia Lamia Queen
Mudcrab Big Mudcrab Desert Mudcrab Swamp Mudcrab Frost Mudcrab
Netch Calf Betty Netch Bull Netch Alpha Betty Netch Alpha Bull Netch
Nix-Hound Rabid Nix-Hound Nix-Hound Rex Monster Nix-Hound Rampaging Nix-Hound
Mantikora Silver Mantikora Black Mantikora Mantikora Lord Mantikora Beast
Sabre Cat Snow Leopard Jungle Panther Mountain Lion Marsh Tiger
Sea Serpent Green Sea Serpent Blood Sea Serpent Grey Sea Serpent Great Sea Serpent
Senche Tiger Cub Senche Tiger Scavanger Senche Tiger Senche Tiger Mother Alpha Senche Tiger
Shalk Larvae Shalk Coccoon Shalk Giant Shalk Ruby Shalk
Slaughterfish Blood Slaughterfish Slaughtershark White Slaughtershark Slaughterorca
Spiderling Spider Giant Spider Spider Guardian Spider Queen
Desert Strangler Jungle Strangler Oceanic Strangler Mountainous Strangler Cavernous Strangler
Thunderbug Larvae Thunderbug Pupae Thunderbug Thunderbug Flyer Thunderbug Queen
Wamasu Yong Yellow Wamasu Wamasu Wamasu Howler Alpha Wamasu
Welwa Young Welwa Scavenger Welwa Welwa Hunter Welwa Den Mother
Piglet Wild Pig Boar Horned Boar Vicious Boar
Minotaur Youngling Minotaur Rage Minotaur Minotaur Lord Beserker Minotaur Lord
Mud Golem Stone Golem Iron Golem Ice Golem Diamond Golem
Hell Hound Pup Hell Hound Scavenger Hell Hound Blue Hell Hound Alpha Hell Hound
Centaur Centaur Warrior Centaur Guardian Centaur Behemoth Centaur Lord
Ash Slave Ash Atronach Ash Guardian Ash Lord Ash Guardian Lord
Bonewalker Bonewalker Warrior Cursed Bonewalker Rotting Bonewalker Bonewalker Guardian
Bonelord Bone Overlord Bone Guardian Bone Guardian Overlord Black Bone Guardian
Cliff Racer Youngling Cliff Racer Red Cliff Racer Cliff Racer Caller Behemoth Cliff Racer
Ash Hopper Larvae Ash Hopper Albino Ash Hopper Flying Ash Hopper Ash Hopper Queen
Chaurus Chaurus Reaper Chaurus Hunter Fledgling Chaurus Hunter Chaurus Queen
Horker Young Horker Tusked Horker Grey Horker Alpha Horker
Lurker Lurker Sentinel Lurker Guardian Lurker Vindicator Lurker Guardian Vindicator
Falmer Falmer Gloomlurker Falmer Shaman Falmer Shadowmaster Falmer Nightprowler
Corrupted Shade Vengeful Shade Sentry Shade Shadow Vale Shade Shade Overlord
Bandit Bandit Outlaw Bandit Thug Bandit Marauder Bandit Chief
Highwayman Expert Highwayman Illusion Highwayman Blinding Highwayman Master Highwayman
Orc Hunter Orc Barbarian Orc Warrior Orc Beserker Orc Hunter Chief
Forsworn Forsworn Looter Forsworn Ravager Forsworn Warlord Forsword Briarheart
Fire Mage Fire Apprentice Fire Wizard Fire Sorcerer Fire Avatar
Ice Mage Ice Apprentice Ice Wizard Ice Sorcerer Ice Avatar
Lightning Mage Lightning Apprentice Lightning Wizard Lightning Sorcerer Lightning Avatar
Toxin Mage Toxin Apprentice Toxin Wizard Toxin Sorcerer Toxin Avatar
Force Mage Force Apprentice Force Wizard Force Sorcerer Force Avatar
Alik'r Deserter Alik'r Marauder Alik'r Swordsman Alik'r Expert Alik'r Master
Conjurer Atronach Conjurer Weapon Conjurer Daedric Conjurer Master Conjurer
Necromancer Fire Necromancer Ice Necromancer Expert Necromancer Master Necromancer


In TES 6, there are numerous Melee and Ranged Weapons the player can use to aid them through their journey. Weapons come in either One-Handed or Two-Handed and vary with the type of weapon and its material quality.

Weapon Material

There are 33 Material Types for players to find and create weapons out of. All Melee and Ranged Weapons share these materials.

Weapon Material Types
Wood Leather Valen Wood
Iron Gold Steel
Hardened Steel Argonial Elven
Gold Steel Dwarven Chaurus
Desert Metal Nordic Forbear Steel
Orcish Heartstone Chaurus Steel
High Imperial Glass Silver Metal
Ash Metal Ebony Titanium
Bone Metal Titanium Steel Stalhrim
Dremoral Soul Steel Daedric
Soul Titanium Infinity Steel Aedric

Weapon Type

In addition to the material there are different types of weapons with the categories being; Axe, Sword, Blunt & Ranged. Each category contains 6 types of weapons, 3 for One-Handed and 3 for Two-Handed. Each Weapon falls under the Light, Medium or Heavy sub-category that determines how fast the user can attack with said weapon. The fastest Weapon is the Hatchet a Light, One-Handed Axe which has the lowest relative damage of all weapon types. In contrast the slowest Weapon, a Long Bow is a Heavy, Two-Handed Ranged Weapon which has the highest relative damage of all weapon types.

One-Handed Weapon Types

Weight Axe Sword Blunt Ranged
Light Hatchet Dagger Hammer Dart Shooter
Medium War Axe Shortsword Mace Throwing Knives
Heavy Great Axe Longsword Small Club Hand Cannon

Two-Handed Weapon Types

Weight Axe Sword Blunt Ranged
Light Split Axe Katana Club Short Bow
Medium Battle Axe Greatsword Warhammer Crossbow
Heavy Execution Axe Quad Sword Monster Club Long Bow


Throughout TES 6 the player may come across or create their own Armour. Armour defines 10 pieces of equipment that will decrease the damage received from enemy attacks and are;

  • Helmet
  • Vest
  • Chest Armour
  • Shoulder Armour
  • Arm Armour
  • Gauntlets
  • Leggings
  • Leg Armour
  • Boots
  • Cape/Heavy Plate Armour

When all pieces of armour are equipped the Vest and Leggings are partially obscured by the Chest Armour and Leg Armour. In addition the Cape is a Light Armour only addition while the Heavy Plate Armour is a Heavy Armour only addition. The two function the same however have a different appearance.

In addition to the equipment itself there are styles of Armour and Materials for Armour. The style is merely aesthetic and if the armour is made by the player can be decided upon while Smithing. There are 10 styles;

  • Classic
  • Rigid
  • Elegant
  • Bestial
  • Arcane
  • Simplistic
  • Heroic
  • Villainous
  • Aedrial
  • Daedrial
  • Ancient

The material an armour is made out of depends on the Armour Type. There are 19 Armour Types for Light and Heavy Armours with 5 shared between both.

Light Armour Heavy Armour
Fur Leather
Blessed Fur Iron
Silver Silver
Argonial Steel
Elven Hardened Steel
Gold Steel Dwarven
Moonstone Chaurus
Crown Steel Nordic
Heartstone Orcish
High Imperial High Imperial
Glass Chaurus Steel
Ash Stone Silver Steel
Ebony Ebony
Bone Metal Titanium
Stalhrim Titanium Steel
Dremoral Daedric
Soul Steel Soul Titanium
Infinity Steel Infinity Steel
Aedric Aedric


Across TES 6 are numerous spells from the 6 Schools of Magic. Each Spell comes under a School as well as a Level of Power. There are 8 levels of Power ranging from Novice to Master. In total there are 366 Spells in Total.

Level of Spell Illusion Conjuration Destruction Restoration Alteration Absorption
Novice Clairvoyance Bound Sword Flames Energy Fadelight Healthy Steal
Novice Confusion Conjure Familiar Frostbite One-Shot Ward Toughflesh Stamina Steal
Novice Flatter Raise Zombie Sparks Turn Petty Undead Equilibrium Magic Steal
Novice Throw Voice Summon Wolf Acid Cure Weak Disease Shadow Orb Petty Armour Transfer
Novice Hidden Vessel Bound Shield Force Push Lesser Friendly Resist Spiked Armour Petty Weapon Transfer
Apprentice Courage Bound Battleaxe Firebolt Healing Candelight Blood Pool
Apprentice Fear Bound Warhammer Ice Spike Lesser Ward Oakflesh Energy Pool
Apprentice Similar Small Soul Trap Lightning Bolt Turn Lesser Undead Light Weapons Spell Pool
Apprentice Greater Sight Reanimate Corpse Vile Blast Quick Ward Light Armour Lesser Armour Transfer
Apprentice Phantom Double Summon Warrior Force Charge Cure Lesser Injury Shadow Wall Less Weapon Transfer
Adept Fury Conjure Flame Atronach Flamethrower Fast Healing Trail Light Cardia Drain
Adept Muffle Conjure Frost Atronach Lightning Arc Energy Hands Magmaflesh Adrenaline Drain
Adept Calm Conjure Lightning Atronach Frost Stream Magicka Ward Glacierflesh Caster Drain
Adept Amnesia Bound Bow Venom Wave Turn Undead Beast Light Loot Life Drain
Adept Charm Reanimate Beast Repulsion Blast Cure Minor Affliction Power Shield Mental Drain
Adept Blind Summon Bear Weak Telekinesis Friendly Resist Spell Shield Spirit Drain
Adept Throw Yell Summon Spectre Disarm Skill Protect Drain Shield Armour Transfer
Caster Bravery Conjure Vile Atronach Fire Rune Healing Hands Magelight Lesser Healthy Steal Stamina
Caster Panic Conjure Magnetic Atronach Frost Rune Energy Orb Stoneflesh Lesser Healthy Steal Magic
Caster Shadowalker Soul Trap Lightning Rune Greater Ward Disable Lesser Stamina Steal Healthy
Caster Night Eye Summon Troll Poisonous Rune Turn Undead Feather Loot Lesser Stamina Steal Magic
Caster Phantom Substitute Summon Wraith Explosive Rune Speed Ward Emeber Shield Lesser Magic Steal Healthy
Caster Throw Run Summon Daedra Light Ray Cure Disease Snow Shield Lesser Magic Steal Stamina
Caster Hidden Stream Conjure Copy Shadow Ray Friendly Fortify Shock Shield Absorb Damage
Caster Lesser Tame Conjure Weapons Power Boost Lesser Magicka Reduce Water Walking Absorb Magic
Specialist Frenzy Conjure Steam Atronach Chain Lightning Life Great Light Healthy Stream
Specialist Pacify Conjure Storm Atronach Fireball Health Orb Ironflesh Stamina Stream
Specialist Rally Conjure Energy Atronach Ice Storm Spell Ward Detect Life Magic Stream
Specialist Mind Wipe Conjure Smog Atronach Poison Cloud Turn Vampire Rising Loot Greater Armour Transfer
Specialist Sense Voice Grand Soul Trap Magnetic Pull Cure Injury Power Guard Weapon Transfer
Specialist Conversion Control Undead Telekinesis Greater Friendly Resist Spell Guard Condition Transfer
Specialist Mass Blindness Summon Giant Steal Weapon Branch Protect Drain Guard Steal Effect
Expert Determination Conjure Cursed Atronach Flame Cloak Life Hands Blinding Light Blood Steal Energy
Expert Phobia Conjure Frostbite Frost Cloak Life Orb Ebonyflesh Blood Steal Spell
Expert Camouflage Conjure Chain Atronach Lightning Cloak Energy Wave Paralysis Energy Steal Blood
Expert Midnight Eye Conjure Burst Atronach Acid Cloak Bounce Ward Levitating Loot Energy Steal Spell
Expert Phantom Guardian Conjure Blizzard Atronach Repulsion Cloak Turn Greater Undead Raise Spell Steal Blood
Expert Throw Bellow Conjure Wind Atronach Greater Power Boost Instant Ward Shadow Encompass Spell Steal Energy
Elder Call to Arms Reanimate Daedra Icy Spear Healing Wave Absolute Light Life Stream
Elder Harmony Control Atronach Incinerate Grand Ward Diamondflesh Mental
Elder Hysteria Control Daedra Thunderbolt Sorcerer's Ward Water Breathing Spirit Stream
Elder Forgotten Summon Daedra Lord Vile Bomb Turn Greater Vampire Quick Feet Blood Drain
Elder Chameleon Flame Thrall Trauma Ball Firendly Ward Fire Shield Energy Drain
Elder Echolocation Frost Thrall Wall of Flames Cure Affliction Ice Shield Spell Drain
Elder Phantom Monster Lightning Thrall Wall of Frost Greatly Friendly Fortify Lightning Shield Regenerate Damage
Elder Throw Stomp Vile Thrall Wall of Storms Magicka Reduce Venom Shield Regenerate Magic
Elder Hidden Rune Magnetic Thrall Wall of Poison Stamina Fortify Force Shield Greater Weapon Transfer
Elder Tame Soul Ensnare Wall of Force Disease Synchronise Greater Water Walking Grand Condition Transfer
Elder Body Swap Summon Lich Light Weave Injury Synchronise Levitate Steal Boosts
Elder Lesser Puppeteer Conjure Mirro Shadow Weave Affliction Synchronise Shadow Engulf Group Effect Steal
Master War Cry Steam Thrall Blizzard Life Wave Emanating Glow Grand Cardia Steal Adrenaline
Master Mayhem Storm Thrall Fire Storm Grand Healing Dragonflesh Grand Cardia Steal Caster
Master Tranquility Energy Thrall Lightning Storm Reflect Ward Mass Paralysis Grand Adrenaline Steal Cardia
Master Invisibility Smog Thrall Acid Rain Turn Undead Monster Lightning Feet Grand Adrenaline Steal Caster
Master Siren's Song Cursed Thrall Gravity Turn Daedra Energy Shield Grand Caster Steal Cardia
Master Phantom Hero Frostbite Thrall Grand Telekinesis Group Ward Elemental Shield Grand Caster Steal Adrenaline
Master Throw Army Chain Thrall Light Eclipse Cure All Gliding Levitation Mass Cardia Steal
Master Hidden Army Burst Thrall Shadow Lunar Friendly Protect Soaring Levitation Mass Adrenaline Steal
Master Grand Tame Blizzard Thrall Grand Power Boost Skill Tree Protect Shell Armour Mass Caster Steal
Master Puppeteer Wind Thrall Steal Armour Greater Magicka Reduce Razor Armour Grand Transfer


Like in all TES games there are a multitude locations to visit from Cities to Dungeons, Natural Landmarks, Statues and all manner of man-made features. While Dungeons and Natural Landmarks will not be listed, Cities, Statues and other Man-Made Features will be. An Asterix indicates the Capital of that Province.



Regional Capital/Region Towns/Villages
Imperial City*
  • Aleswell
  • Cropsford
  • Weye
  • Cadlew
  • Pell
  • Shaded Cove
  • Sabre Port
  • Fasil Hills
  • Umbranox Village
  • Gweden
  • Larsius Village
  • Nibenholm
  • Andragil Crater
  • Echo Keep
  • Applewatch
  • Cloud-Rule
  • Frostcrag
  • Reed Port
  • Arrius Village
  • Valusky
  • Tribunoch
  • Poppad Village
  • Drakelowe
  • Ash
  • Weynon
  • Cloud Top
  • Black Rock
  • Hackdirt
  • Odiil
  • Refrum
  • Jiub
  • Black Dog Town
  • Blueblood
  • Redwater
  • Teleman
  • Blankenmarch
  • Rosethorn
  • Summitmist
  • Nerastarel
  • Shardrock


  • Akatosh
  • Mehrunes Dagon
  • Sheogorath
  • Peryite



Regional Capital/Region Towns/Villages
Whiterun (Whiterun Hold)*
  • Riverwood
  • Embershard
  • Greymoor
  • Valtheim
  • Darkshade
  • Warriors' City
Solitude (Haafingar)
  • Dragon Bridge
  • Hraggstad
  • Pinefrost
Windhelm (Eastmarch)
  • Kynesgrove
  • Morvunskar
  • Mistwatch
  • Amol
  • Goldenrock
  • Mixwater
Riften (The Rift)
  • Shor's Stone
  • Ivarstead
  • Greenwall
  • Heartwood
Markarth (The Reach)
  • Karthwasten
  • Salvius
  • Sungard
Morthal (Hjaalmarch)
  • Stonehills
  • Snowhawk
  • Windstad
Winterhold (Winterhold Hold)
  • Fellhammer
  • Kastav
  • Signus
Falkreath (Falkreath Hold)
  • Rorikstead
  • Helgen
  • Neugard
  • Lakeview
Dawnstar (The Pale)
  • Vigalas
  • Dunstad
  • Heljarchen


  • Talos
  • Molag Bal
  • Boethiah

Summerset Isles


Regional Capital/Region Towns/Villages
  • Riverfield
  • Riverwatch
  • Wasten Coridale
  • Marnor Keep
  • White Guard
  • Mages' City
  • West Guard
  • Belport Run
  • Crystal Tower
  • King's Haven
  • Graddun Spring
  • Silsailen Point
  • Vulkhel Guard
  • Marbruk Brook
  • Karnwasten Moor
  • Sea Keep
  • Corgrad Wastes
  • Old Run
  • Ebon Stradmont
  • Karndar Watch
  • Rosefield
  • Silverwood
  • Holly Falls
  • Glenview
  • Thorheim Guard
  • Archen Gangrove


    • Arkay
    • Clavicus Vile
    • Meridia



Regional Capital/Region Towns/Villages
  • Cormar
  • Reipar
  • Silgrad
Vivec City (Ascadian Isles)
  • Ebonheart
  • Suran
  • Pelagiad
  • Arano
  • Arvel
  • Dren
  • Mournhold
  • Amber Forest
  • Darnim Watch
  • Silnim Dale
Balmora (West Gash)
  • Ald Velothi
  • Caldera
  • Gnisis
  • Khuul
Sadrith Mora (Azura's Coast)
  • Molag Mar
  • Tel Uvirith
  • Tel Aruhn
  • Tel Branora
  • Tel Fyr
  • Tel Mora
  • Tel Naga
Ald'Ruhn (Ashlands)
  • Buckmoth
  • Ghostgate
  • Indarys
  • Maar Gan
  • Urshilaku
  • Eagle Moor
  • Riverbridge
  • Stonefalls
  • Dragon Glade
  • Greenheights
  • Sailen Vulgate
  • Heimlyn
  • Olkeep
  • Corkarth Run
  • Glen Haven
  • Helnim
  • Karththor Heights
Vos (Grazelands)
  • Tel Vos
  • Elanius
  • Salit
  • Falensarano
  • Dissalpa
  • Massama
  • Karththor Dale
  • Oaktown
  • Verarchen


  • Azura
  • Mephala



Regional Capital/Region Towns/Villages
  • Bergama
  • Totambu
  • Chasetown
  • Lainlyn
  • Sunkeep
  • Dragontail
  • Dragon Gate
  • Fanglare
  • Corten
  • Karnver Falls
  • Riverpoint
  • Roseguard
  • Chaseguard
  • Norall
  • Stonekeep
  • Stonemoor
  • Belkarth
  • Nibel Moor
  • Stonedale
  • Vulkneu
  • Dragon Grove
  • Stros M'kai
  • Santaki
  • Cliffep
  • Heldorn
  • Thorstad
  • Verkarth
  • Lainebon
  • Riverview
  • Shadymarch
  • Vulnim


  • Stendarr
  • Sanguine



Regional Capital/Region Towns/Villages
Orsinuur (Wrothgar)*
  • Reytry
  • Midpath
  • Ripwold
  • Morukul
  • Fiendship
  • Marksman
  • Gavaudon
Wayrest (Menevia)
  • Hortown
  • Alcaire
  • Stormhaven
  • Dreughside
  • Wiip
  • Sincarp
  • Parbbey
Evermore (Bangkorai)
  • Hallin's Stand
  • Jackdaw
  • Maryss
  • Nilata Village
  • Lakewatch


  • Zenithar
  • Malacath

High Rock


Regional Capital/Region Towns/Villages
Daggerfall (Glenumbra)*
  • Glenpoint
  • Reich Gradkeep
  • Bretony
Camlorn (Camlorn Region)
  • Eagle Brook
  • Ebon Wastes
  • Kings Guard
  • Moonguard
  • Wessen Hills
Northpoint (Rivenspire)
  • Crestshade
  • Old Gate
  • Normar Heights
  • Hinault
  • Hoarfrost
Farrun (Rakma Coast)
  • Karthgran Vale
  • Dunkarn Haven
  • Black Wastes
  • West Umbington
Jehaana (Snow Wastes)
  • Dunlain Falls
  • Cloud Spring
  • Raven Spring
  • East Umbington
Shornhelm (Midreign)
  • Portdun Creek
  • Markwasten Moor
  • Meir Darguard
  • Meir Thorvale
  • Thorkan Park
  • White Haven


  • Julianos
  • Hermaeus Mora



Regional Capital/Region Towns/Villages
Falinesti (Green-Sap)*
  • Black Park
  • Emperors Run
  • Vulkwasten Wood
Silvenar (Malabal Tor)
  • Longvale
  • Meadow Run
  • Stone Fell
  • Broken Coast
  • Xylo River Settlement
Arenthia (Reaper's March)
  • Ebon Ro
  • Thormar Keep
  • Dawnmead
  • Jodewood
  • Northern Wood
Eldenroot (Grahtwood)
  • Archen Cormount
  • Karthdar Square
  • Lynpar March
  • Moonmont
  • Wasten Brukbrook
  • Long Coast
Greenheart (Sunder)
  • Marbruk Field
  • Tarlain Heights
Haven (Tor'al Coast)
  • Heimdar City
  • Cormeir Spring
Southpoint (South Coast)
  • Stonesquare
  • Greenhall
  • Eagle Vale
Woodhearth (Greenshade)
  • Glenpoint
  • Longhaven
  • Cori Silmoor
  • Vullain Haven
  • Drowned Coast
  • Green's Marrow


  • Kynareth
  • Hircine



Regional Capital/Region Towns/Villages
  • Tenmar Forest
  • Thieves' City
  • Kings Walk
  • Seaplace
  • Tardorn Wood
  • Chasemoor
  • Meir Lynmount
  • Valley Guard
  • Black Heights
  • Darkvulk Haven
  • South Guard
  • Ein Meirvale
  • Greenhall
  • Neumar Walk
  • Brukreich Bridge
  • Darkarn
  • Duncori
  • River Keep
  • Chasegrove
  • Heimthor Mount
  • Helkarn Land
  • Portneu View
  • Markgran Brook
  • Cori Darglade
  • Verkarth Hills
  • Rawl'kha
  • Cayeye
  • Eagland
  • Launss
  • Sheckle
  • Windcatcher


  • Mara
  • Namira
  • Vaermina

Black Marsh


Regional Capital/Region Towns/Villages
Stormhold (Shadowfen)*
  • Alten Corimont
  • Rockguard
  • Rockpoint
  • Tenmar Wall
  • Frohaket
  • Stillrise
  • Percomire
  • Murkwater
  • Whiterose
Thorn (Razorfang)
  • Branchmont
  • Chasecreek
  • Greenglade
  • Riverbridge
  • Riverwalk
Gideon (Murkmire)
  • Glenbridge
  • Rockgrove
  • Stonewastes
Blackrose (Lostrose)
  • Longmont
  • Moonmarsh
  • Rockspring
  • Seaspring
Soulrest (Bramman)
  • Chasepoint
Lilmoth (Helnnus)
  • Alten Merihall
  • Rockpark
Archon (Shadowriver)
  • Branchgrove
  • Portdun Mont
  • Seafalls
Helstorm (Sa'wlspring)
  • Alten Markmont
  • Greenspring


  • Dibella
  • Nocturnal


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