The Echeno
Full Name The Echeno
Current Age Unknown
Gender Presumed male
Species Unknown
Align Evil
Current Status Alive
Vulnerable To Fire
Height 9'03" (2.8194 meters; Normal)
60'06" (18.44 meters; Complete)
First Appearance Pillow Fighters
 The Echeno is the embodiment of evil in the Zaxinian Lifts, and is perhaps the most evil creature to exist in the Lifts, being free of emotion, spirit, and care.  It is a terrifying creature that looks like it crossed between a bookshelf, a store directory, and a devil from Hell, lurking in the dark and seeking out prey in the shadows, taking them when they are not looking, or appearing in a room that has its exits locked or blocked.

Even though it withholds a lot of evil within the Zaxinian Lifts, it often teams up with other villains to give a worse time to its victims.  It's often sought out by people like Endal or King KrunchKake due to its immense power and its incredible capability of taking over the universe, and perhaps even if the Fantendoverse if it ever escaped.



The Echeno is best described as really just overpowered. It appears wherever it wants, whenever it wants, as long as it's in the range of someone who is terrified by its existence. If word about the Echeno is spread and if people are scared by the creature, it will have a chance of appearing near them and attacking. As such, it is capable of teleporting many places, feeding upon those who have fallen pray to the Echeno by words alone.

The Echeno, physically, is incredibly strong. Its arms can chop apart metal, its bite cracks human bone, and it can suck out blood like it were a vampire. It can also spit books out from its shelf and hit opponents from a long distance if they are too far away for it to hit. Even mentally, the Echeno is strong, it can lock doors from hundreds of miles away and it can hold people in place, paralyzing them.

The Echeno can also possess other people - but only strong souls.  People who resist the Echeno's power will be possessed instead, and the Echeno will feast upon other strong people this way, as it lacks the ability to come close to those that aren't frightened of it.

So how do you even defeat this thing? No one knows. It's said by overcoming your fears or by using fire that you can defeat the Echeno.


The Echeno is very much personality-less, not speaking, not feeling emotions, not caring...but it does run a very basic personality - the type to go around, scare and devour those frightened by its power and appearance. It lives and laughs off people's cowardice, and loves to prove its power to people. It is very dark in general and only knows how to have malicious behavior. Positive traits? It has none - because it lives off nightmares, it feeds off negativity.

Knowing that the Echeno can possess others, it'll remove all their positive traits and either expand their negative ones or overrun everything with negativity, and completely alter the character, and even alter physical appearance greatly.

Relationships with other characters



  • The Echeno was a distorted creation created back in Athena's old day - just at the age of 4, Athena encountered this beast in a nightmare.

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