The Echeno
Full Name The Echeno
Current Age Unknown
Gender Presumed male
Species Unknown
Align Evil
Current Status Alive
Vulnerable To Fire
Height 9'03" (2.8194 meters; Normal)
60'06" (18.44 meters; Complete)
First Appearance Pillow Fighters
 The Echeno is the embodiment of evil in the Zaxinian Lifts, and is perhaps the most evil creature to exist in the Lifts, being free of emotion, spirit, and care. Born from Zyvoline's fears, it is the reason why the Lifts had become a dark, murky place and a well-sought being by many of the Lifts' antagonists, especially Mallory. It is a terrifying creature that looks like a cross between a bookshelf, a store directory, and a demon, lurking in the dark and seeking out prey from the shadows, taking them when they are not looking, or appearing in a room that has its exits locked or blocked. While independent, it has been captured and put to usage for others' goods before, but only by very capable deities that know what they're doing.

The Echeno is mostly a solitary creature that only works alone, and savagely attacks and sometimes kills anyone that attempts to cooperate with or otherwise swindle it. Due to its supposedly infinite power and unusual source of energy, it has been a topic of mass research and is one of the most feared monsters in the Lifts. It is said to induce so much fear into select individuals that they become antagonistic from the nightmares associated with the beast. If it escaped the boundaries of the Zaxinian Lifts, it would absolutely be able to wreak havoc on the Fantendoverse due the amount of fresh energy present there being able to overwhelm it.


The Echeno has no real personality to speak of, being an emotionless monster developed from nothing but fear and paralysis. It cannot physically speak, but it can manifest one's mind and speak dry, toneless words into it. The Echeno was only created from Zyvoline releasing his fears as one collective mass so he could handle the Zaxinian Lifts more responsibly, so the Echeno has no real goal to speak of thanks to its lack of real personality. The only thing it does is feed off of positive energy so it can sneak into homes and feed off the positivism of its prey for survival. The Echeno, however, does seem to have a tinge of regret when in the daytime, often not wanting to cross into any area with light penetrating through.


Really, the Echeno is just an overpowered monster that appears wherever and whenever it wants, just as long as it's within the range of someone who isn't immune to mind control. It also tends to appear around others that happen to be scared of the Echeno -- and it can appear in more than one place at a single time to deal with different targets. The Echeno can easily seep into one's mind and tear it apart, and increase levels of anxiety and paranoia in an individual by vast numbers just by being in their presence. Mental control is not the only thing it can do: the Echeno can crush metal and human bone with its jaws quite easily and eat anything of any size, able to extend its body outwards so it can swallow things bigger than itself. The Echeno can lock doors from miles away with magical means and paralyze the mentally weak.

The Echeno is invulnerable to damage, but it is stupefied by significant light sources and tends to show weakness around signs of powerful emotion. These do not make it any weaker, but allow the target a chance to run away. Its presence can be negated significantly if the truth of the Echeno is not spread to those that don't know, as simple knowledge of the Echeno gives it a chance to attack. It is suggested by the Lifts' deities that the Echeno can see over all of the parts of the Zaxinian Lifts where its name is feared, which gives it a chance to strike when it conceives the time to be convenient.

(For the sake of games where the Echeno may be a boss, however, it should just be fended off until the player is given an opportunity to run. If the player's character has deity-level powers, they may be able to do damage to the Echeno directly if the attack used was powered by light.)



  • The Echeno was a distorted creation created back in Athena's old day - just at the age of 4, Athena encountered this beast in a nightmare.