The Easy 2D Platform Game is a 2D Platform Rage game made by The amazing owen.


"Oh no! The princess has been captured by Dr. Evil! Now the kingdom is falling apart! However, the king has chosen a hero has set off to save the princess! Oh and P.S, all of these levels are 100% easy and I am so not being sarcastic. No really, I'm not lying what so ever. I SWEAR, OK?!"


In The Easy 2D Platform Game, the player will play as a poorly drawn stick figure made from Microsoft Paint going through 10 poorly drawn levels also made from Microsoft Paint. While it may be a clone of Super Mario Bros., it has random transparent animated pop-ups and random sound effects, mostly from internet memes, to distract the player. While it may seem like that the player can stop until the randomly selected transparent animated pop-up and/or the randomly select sound effect stops, there is a time limit, making it hard for the player to complete a level. The Player in fact, has infinite lives, simular to Cat Mario.


All characters were made from Microsoft Paint.

Character Artwork Name Description
Hero TheEasy2DplatformGame The Hero The chosen guy to save the princess before his kingdom falls apart. The Hero is a poorly drawn stick figure with a basic drawing of a cape.
200px The Princess The Princess of the kingdom that was captured by Dr. Evil. The Princess is a poorly drawn stick figure wearing a basic drawing of a dress.
200px The King The King of the kingdom that chosen the Hero to save the Princess. The Princess is a poorly drawn stick figure wearing a basic drawing of a Crown and Wardrobe.
200px Dr. Evil The main antagonist of the game that captured the Princess in order to destroy his hated Kingdom. Dr. Evil is a poorly drawn stick figure wearing a Monocle and has hair resembling the hairstyle for a classic Mad Scientist. This is the only character in the game to have a full name.






Transparent Animated Pop-ups

  • The Little Einsteins flying by "in they're favorite rocket ship" with Annie singing the 1st sentence of the original Little einsteins theme song.
  • Wrastor from the famous smash bros. clone, Rivals of Aether, flying by.

More to be added

Sound Effects

  • The Final Fantasy Ninja saying "YO!", which is also what he says before a match starts in Mario Sports Mix.

More to be added

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