The Earth Dimension is the first dimension that Mario visits in Super Mario 3-D Galaxy. It's very peaceful, with long stretches of grassy hills, bouncy blocks and small caverns. Very few Goombas. The main boss of this dimension is Iggy Koopa.

Once the player has beaten all the stages in a galaxy, the Bonus Challenge is unlocked.


Galaxies Stars Boss/Rival Stars Needed
Goomba Hills Galaxy
  • The Adventure Begins
  • Dino Dilemma
  • King of the Hill

(Bonus) The Highest Score

King Goomba N/A
Blocky Heights Galaxy
  • Giant Land
  • Race Through The Sky

(Bonus) 100 Coins Challenge

Koopa the Quick 1 star
Cryptic Caverns Galaxy
  • Mole Mountain
  • Fiery Hollow
Major Burrows 3 stars
Platform Panic Galaxy
  • Spikey Skies
None 7 stars
Mynaruff Galaxy 7 stars
Large Egg Galaxy 10 stars
Iggy's Fearsome Fortress Iggy Koopa 16 stars

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