The Duck Hunt Movie
Director Ben Affleck
Producer(s) Nintendo
Studio(s) Warner Bros. Studios
Genre(s) Comedy, relationships
Frank Welker as the Dog, Jay Baruchel as Joffery the Duck, Liam Neeson as Mr. Ossan, and Sarash Silverman as Lucille
Theatrical Release Date(s)
August 17th, 2015
Home Edition Release Date(s)
January 20th,2016
Original Language English
Budget 65 million dollars
Box Office 8/10
Prequel(s) None
Sequel(s) None
"The Duck Hunt Movie" or just "Duck Hunt" is an American-made movie based on Nintendo's hit videogame classic, Duck Hunt. It stars an all-star cast, such as Frank Welker, Liam Neeson, and even Sarah Silverman. The movie was funded with 65 million dollars, and was released in theaters on August 17th 2015, and shortly on DVD later.


It was just a normal day in the life of Mr. Ossan. His passion had been duck hunting, and it seems his dog, Brutus, had the same passion. Since he was a pup, Brutus had caught the ducks Mr. Ossan shot from the sky.

But all of that changed one day.

That faithful day when sundown was coming and Mr. Ossan shot down a male and a female duck. The ducks fell farther into the grass, and the dog had to go fetch them. When he found them, however, he found a duckling, asleep in it's nest. Brutus realized the ducks were the duckling's parents, and that the duckling had to no family. However, the duckling woke up, waddled over to Brutus, and snuggled him. Brutus realized that the duckling thought he was his dad, so he brought the duckling back to Mr. Ossan, making that look on his face saying "Please let me keep him."

Mr. Ossan said yes.

Fast foward a few years later. In dog years, Brutus is 14, while the duck, which Brutus named Joffery, is younger. Brutus has taken care of Joffery, making Joffery think he's his son. Mr. Ossan leaves home for the groccery store, and now it's Brutus's time to talk freely! He asks his son if he wants to go play fetch, since Joffery was taught the ways of a dog. They go play, roll down a hill, get shoved into a lake by another dog, (on accident) fetch a stick, play frisbee, and even share some food. Mr. Ossan comes back, and it's nightfall, so it's time to go to sleep.

The next day, Mr. Ossan and his companions are exploring the spot where he usually hunts when Joffery notices a female duck, named Lucille. Joffery falls in love, chatting with Lucille, when they suddenly come across an old nest. In the middle is a cracked eggshell. Joffery wonders who it's from when Brutus shows up saying that they have to go. Joffery says goodbye to Lucille and goes home.

Joffery has kept wondering about the eggshells and the nest when he asks Brutus the question: why were they even there? Brutus figures out it's time to tell Joffery about what happened 7 years ago, and takes him to the nest. He explains that his owner accidently shot Joffery's REAL parents down, leaving the duckling from the past all alone. Joffery yells at Brutus, knowing what he has done, and starts to waddle away when...

They hear a gun getting ready to fire.

Joffery, not knowing what that sound is, lifts his head up to see an unfamiliar man, holding a shot gun. Joffery starts to fly away, and the unknown man releases fire, but...

Brutus jumps high, and takes the bullet.

Mr. Ossan hears the gunshot and runs over to Joffery, only to find Brutus, with a hole in his chest. He takes him to the hospital, and leaves them to go take a phone call from his wife outside. Brutus is on the vergr of death, asking for forgiveness from his adopted son. Realizing all that happened to him, all that Brutus would do for him, Joffery puts his wing on Brutus's arm and says "Yes."

Brutus smiled and let out a little giggle before closing his eyes, and his life flies away in the breeze.

Later, Mr. Ossan digs a hole in his backyard and puts Brutus inside, covering the hole in dirt. Mrs. Ossan is with him, along with all the neighborhood ducks, including Lucille. Joffery knows that his father would've wanted him to live as long as possible and be happy, so Joffery and Lucille fly away, the Ossan's waving good-bye.

After the credits roll, an extra scene shows up, showing three ducklings, named Brutus Jr., Lilian, and Maxwell, walking around, as an older Joffery and Lucille watch them, smiling at eachother.


Image And Name Description



The main character. While this image is quite confusing, Brutus is actually a caring and compassionate puppy who, after finding a duckling, stopped Duck Hunting.



Joffery, the one duck that Brutus takes care of. After thinking Brutus was his dad when he was younger, Joffery has been taken in my Brutus and the Ossan's.



Joffery's love interest and future wife. She's caring and cute, but she's wisecracking and a dangerous mallard if made mad.


Mr. Ossan

Brutus's and Joffery's owner. He used to Duck Hunt until Brutus brought in Joffery. He's nice, but he's also scrict. Overall, he's a good owner.

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