The Dreamland Crusie (AKA Stranded on the Animal Island in UK) is a 2000 film by Kirby Superstar Adventures


The film started with Daroach and his Squeaks. They planning to destory Kirby in the crusie.

Meanwhile in The Dreamland Crusie, Kirby is ready for Ball when King Dedede takes him to elevator. Adeleine asks Kirby to dance with her dog, Escargoon, Bandana Dee, Rikki-Tikki-Tavi, Phanphan, Rocky, Poppy Bros. Jr., Paint Roller and everyone else expect Meta Knight.

Sailor Dee asks Captain Vul when somthing's wong in ship the animals trapped in cages in the bottom of the ship. Meanwhile Meta Knight was at the bottom of the ship, he must free the animals until the Squeaks are coming. One day, Spinni appears to kill Meta Knight but, he failed to kill him and Meta Knight free all the animals from cages.

After the Ball, Poppy Bros. Jr. and Rocky went to diner to eat dinner but, Soto appears Rocky attacks Soto and they went out the diner. Meanwhile Doc planning to attack Kirby but Phanphan destorys Doc's ship.

Ax Knight asks Captain Vul when they going to island but, there a zebra in the beach! The crusie lands the beach and Meta Knight reaslesd animals to the jungle. Elephant joins the herd, cheetah joins the hunt, rhino sitting in the mud, aligator and platypus swimming in the river, kangaroo join the mob, eagle and parrot build their nests, gorilla climb trees, and lemur joins other lemurs. An island called The Animal Island.

Elsewere in the mountain, Daroach, Spinni, Soto and Doc are sitting in the snow were the goat eats the grass and they planning to destory Kirby again. Poppy Bros. Jr., Rocky and passengers of crusie ship made a camp for making fish for dinner with a skunk until Doc appears and King Dedede attacks the ship meanwhile Kirby, Adeleine and her dog went to the mountain and they saw the Squeaks Master, Daroach. Rikki-Tikki-Tavi joins the battle as they fighting Daroach until the snow ball made by Kirby attacks. Snow ball with Daroach roll over other squeaks and roll and roll and never see them again.

The film ends with Kirby with award and Captain Vul would say, "Thank you Kirby for saving The Animal Island."

Cast list

  • Kirby - Matthew Taranto
  • Meta Knight - Zac Efferon
  • King Dedede - Ed Helms
  • Adeleine - Taylor Swift
  • Adeleine's Dog; Zebra; Goat; Skunk - Frank Welker
  • Escargoon - Tim Carrey
  • Bandana Dee - Terry- Thomas
  • Rikki-Tikki-Tavi - Nathan Lane
  • Daroach - Tom Hanks
  • Spinni - Jim Cummings
  • Soto - Tim Allen
  • Doc - Roger Miller
  • Poppy Bros. Jr. - Richard White
  • Rocky - Jerry Orbach
  • Phanphan - Jesse Corti
  • Paint Roller - Hal Smith
  • Captain Vul - Will Smith
  • Sailor Dee - Dick Bakalyan
  • Ax Knight - Robin Williams


This film is rated G.

In UK, it's rated U.


  • USA and UK - MGM UA

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