You'll never work in this town again
Dr. Mush speaking to Dr. Toadley

The Dr. vs. Dr. Saga: It all Begins is an upcoming game published by Dr. Toadley and illustrated by Yoshi Egg. It also marks the debut of the Dr. vs. Dr. Saga, an series of games revolving around Dr. Mush and Dr. Toadley.


Dr. Mush's business is at a loss when a new hot-shot doctor opens up a rival clinic on the other side of town. Now it is up to Dr. Mush, Nurse Chansey, and Ultra Man to take back the business from Dr. Toadley and his crew!


One day in the Mushroom Kingdom at Dr. Mush's Clinic, Dr. Mush was looking at guest books for his office. He noticed that the amount of people coming to his office had decreased by a large amount, so he asked his assistant, Nurse Chansey, to investigate. Nurse Chansey began to snoop around town looking for anything that might be discouraging people to come to Dr. Mush's Clinic. She then found the problem--A new clinic had opened up across town in the Shopping District where the most people are daily. She then returned to Dr. Mush and informed him of the new clinic. Outraged, Dr. Mush went over to the new clinic and demand the owner to shut it down at once. The owner, Dr. Toadley, laughed in Dr. Mush's face when he demanded the clinic be closed. Dr. Mush vowed that Dr. Toadley would regret his action..

Chapter 1: On the road to success

Dr. Mush returned to his clinic thinking of a way to he could close down the new booming business. He decided to ask his nephew, Ultra Man, to go and see if he could get an internship at Toadley Clinic, so he could help his uncle in causing trouble to Dr. Toadley. Ultra Man really didn't want to get rid of Dr. Toadley for he had nothing against him, but in order to please his uncle, he sent in an application form to Dr. Toadley. About an hour later, a small white bird bursted into Dr. Mario's Clinic exclaiming,

"FYI FYI FYI FYI! Ultra Man, you have been accepted to Toadley Clinic! Meet Dr. Toadley there!"

Dr. Mario couldn't help but put on a large smile for he could not believe how well his plan was going.

Chapter 2: Ultra Man's quest

Little to Dr. Mush's knowledge, Dr. Toadley was not fooled by Ultra Man, and immediately noticed the similarities between Ultra Man and Dr. Mush. Dr. Toadley decided too accept Ultra Man as an intern so he could have the pleasure of watching Dr. Mush fail. Dr. Toadley first assigns Ultra Man the task of going to Forever Forest and capturing a boo that is in perfect health so that Dr. Toadley could study boo's more in depth. Ultra Man agreed to the task and set out to Dr. Mush's Clininc to inform his uncle of what he was doing. Dr. Mush thought about the task for a seconded; He couldn't quite figure out why Dr. Toadley needed to run tests on a boo. In the end, he decided to tell his nephew to go try to capture the king of boos King Boo and have King Boo follow UltraMan back to Dr. Toadley's Clinic where an angered King Boo would destroy Toadley Clinic thinking Dr. Toadley was to blame.

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