The Doomuli are a artificial-biological mixture race that are ruled by Doomulus Prime. They are responsible the conquering of several planets and inadvertently the destroyer of Zeon, home planet of the Beorns. They have been around for a long time and their power rivals the deities of the Fantendoverse. They are odds with The Gypsy, who orchestrates their destruction with her prophecies. Their established headquarters is known as the Doomulus Shrine.

They are set to be the new main villain after Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory, succeeding The Threat.





A Doomuli Member by the name of Doomulus Grime took over the planet Zeon, managing to keep it under his control for a decade, which is rather puny by average Doomuli standards. However, Doomulus Grime destroyed Zeon, causing the near extinction of the Beorn race. Doomulus Grime was cast out of the Doomuli, his standing already in jeopardy before the incident. Although the Doomuli have left Doomulus Grime on his own, he has become a demonized image within Doomuli Society, a weakling who destroyed his own planet out of rage.



Doomuli Genetics

Doomuli are not a real race in the sense that one can be born as a Doomulus. They are were formerly another race, chosen to become a Doomulus through circumstances. Their old bodies are the "skeleton" of their new bodies, which have interchangeable parts. Doomuli Members can switch out their limbs and bodily functions for weapons or other limbs. The interchangeability of the Doomuli race is often referred to Doomuli Genetics.

Notable Members

New Fantendoverse


Alternate Universes

Exist only in alternate realities.


People working with The Doomuli but aren't necessarily linked to the organization itself.