The Doll
Adventure version.
Date of Birth Around 1990 (Doll)

Before 1886 (Skeleton)

Gender Unknown (Male?)
Species Costume/Poltergeist
Current Status Withered up, haunted.
Ability/ies Teleportation, giving hallucinations, disabling machines...
Vulnerable To Ultrasounds
Height Small
Weight Light-Medium
Sexuality Dead human
Series Several Nights at Fierce's
Were you looking for the Guard Doll, a related character?

The Doll is one of the many characters in the Several Nights at Fierce's series. Unlike most other characters that come after the player, it isn't an animatronic, but a haunted costume of Michael the Minion.


The Doll was initially made as a Michael costume that kids could wear. However, people could only enter it from the back and it was difficult to get out of it, not to mention it had risks of suffocating them. It was scrapped, but was kept in storage. Keeping it was a bad idea, however...

When the first Fierce's Foods restaurant opened, a prototype animatronic, AnimaProto, got curious because of the sounds. Since he didn't know what a kid was, he defaulted them as "Test Robots" and lured one in the back rooms. The prototype proceeded to put the kid inside of The Doll. He proceeded to close the zipper on the Doll's back, preventing the kid from escaping and eventually suffocating it to it's death. This kid presumately haunts The Doll.



The Doll is a doll of Michael the Minion. It appears to be made of grey fabric. The costume itself has black eyes, but glowing red pupils appear in other cases. In some appearances, There controller that rolls on the ceiling of Fierce's Foods, moving The Doll with strings just like a marionette. In other cases, it appears to mysteriously teleport around and/or float. It has two black buttons on it's chest, which, along with the fabric appearance, give it it's name. It appears to be slightly withered up. A zipper can be seen in it's back.

Broken DollEdit

Broken Doll is the original Doll, but darker, older and damaged. One of it's arms, the tip of the other, one of it's legs and part of it's chest have been ripped up, revealing what seems to be a skeleton in The Doll; presumately the one of the person that haunts it.

"Skeleton Doll"Edit

While this is still the Doll, most people don't guess it at first glance. Nearly all of it's suit has withered away, making it not much then a black and charred skeleton. It is missing one of it's arms and one of it's legs. There is a metal bar on it's back; upon inspection, it appears to be it's zipper, except melted.


The Doll is one of the strongest characters, thanks to it's haunted status. It can be seen outright teleporting around Fierce's Foods, althrough it's teleport distance seems to be limited. It appears able to carry an human beign with little trouble. It can disable most machines and can give violent hallucinations to a person.


As the costume, it would probably just have Michael's personality; dynamic and active. The ghost haunting it, through, appears extremely negative, bordering "edgy". It appears to be pissed off very easily, and usually gives unfair "revenge" to those who offense it. In general it seems highly aggresive.






  • The Doll was the first animatronic to be added to the early version of Several Nights at Fierce's after the initial six (seven counting Fierce).
  • The Doll was actually made by a friend of the creator of Several Nights at Fierce's. However, it's role, abilities, personallity, etc. were made by the later.
  • Strangely, The Doll's most recent adventure version has three buttons instead of two. This is just an oversight for "better look", however.