No one can and will defeat me...
The Demon Titan, Hooves: The Karate Chopping Pig

The Demon Titan is one of the 12 Titans from the Hooves (series). He has had a never-ending fued with his brother, The Life Titan, over the custody of Animetropolis, it's citizens, and the entire planet. The Demon Titan killed Hoove's master, Master Rex, as a challenge for Hooves, even though he knew that Hooves was the only one who could defeat him, so that he could kill him and take over the world. The Demon Titan was defeated after Hooves and his five friends killed him together. He was later resurrected so that he could join The Masters of Evil in Fantendo Civil War.


The Demon Titan is made up of pure evil. So, he is pure evil, to make a long story short.

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