The Default Eight
TV Series Super Smash Bros: The Animation
Season Number 1
Episode Number 001
Runtime 23 minutes
Preceding Episode N/A
Following Episode Angel of the Skies

The Default Eight is the first episode of Super Smash Bros: The Animation.


Eight heroes regain conscious in the new dimension they have arrived in. Mario, Donkey Kong, Link, Kirby, Samus, Yoshi, Fox McCloud and Pikachu. They each head out to look for their lost ones, but a certain object leads to a fight between Mario and Link. Meanwhile Fox is in search for his Landmaster when he suddenly encounters Samus' Gunship.


Mario awakens in a grassland, different than it is in the Mushroom Kingdom. He stand up and feels his head in pain. He wonders what has happened. He looks in his hand where he sees a cross (Smash logo) and suddenly remembers what has happened.

Some time ago he was still in Princess Peach's castle. He kissed Peach and brought her a nice flower. However Bowser, in his Koopa Clown Car, came through the roof with a metal ball in his hand which has the cross on it. He turned the upper part 180 degrees and threw it on the ground. Mario quickly ran to it and grabbed it but it burned his glove instead. Bowser wanted to attack and kidnap Peach. Toad quickly jumped in front and said Peach to squeeze him. Toad emitted a gas which repelled Bowser's claw. Bowser shouted that he will get her later, in the new world. A second after that the metal ball exploded and released a dark essence from it. Mario tried to grab Peach's hand but only managed to grab her long glove. After that everything went black.

Back in the present day, Mario continued his walk over the grass plains, heading towards the forest. Meanwhile Kirby woke up somewhere in the ruins. He looks around confused and explores the area, he suddenly sees a hidden chest, and opens it. It reveals some food which Kirby immediately swallows. He then walks off in the distance. Somewhere else Donkey Kong wakes up in a jungle environment. After examining his surroundings he spots a banana peel, and further ahead another one. DK decides to follow the track.

Somewhere in a canyon Fox awakens. He checks his communicator, but it is acting really weird. Fox concludes that it must have broken when he fell down or something. He also seems to be missing his Landmaster, of which he remembered he just was cleaning. Fox sets out to find it. After a long walk Fox wants to give up, or at least take a rest, when he suddenly sees a ship in the distance. As he approaches it, he discovers it is not the Landmaster, but another high-tech gunship. He tries to find a way to open it, and finds a button on the back of one of the legs. He suddenly hears someone shout "Stop!" from behind and is told to put his hands into the air. Fox does so and Samus Aran approaches Fox with her blaster pointed at him.

Donkey Kong is still following the trail of bananas until he suddenly sees a large stack of them in front of him. DK gets a bit angry and looks around only to see Yoshi lying on a tree trunks in slumber, with a big belly full of bananas. DK walks up to him and grabs him at his throat.

The scene goes back to Mario who now is in the forest. He keeps hearing Peach's voice in his head calling for him. Mario then suddenly finds the long glove of Peach on the ground and picks it up. He then gets kicked from behind causing him to fall on the ground. Mario turns around and sees Link, not that he knows, standing over him holding the sword against Mario's throat. Link says that the glove belongs to Princess Zelda. Mario smiles, and quickly does his breakdance move which trips Link. The green elf quickly recovers and engages into battle with Mario. They go head to head during the battle, but it eventually ends in a draw when Link grapples Mario, who at the same time performs a super jump. Mario and Link both get stuck in a tree with the grapple.

Meanwhile Samus is still holding Fox under fire. She commands fox to drop his gun, which he does. She then asks what and who he is. Fox says he means no harm, but immediately turns around to do his illusion dash but Samus quickly transforms into her ball form, dodging the attack. Samus then asks what the hell he is doing. Fox replies that he has to get out of here, and look for his friends. Samus replies that they aren't here. But before they continue talking Samus invites Fox into her gunship.

Mario and Link discuss how they should get out of this situation. Luckily they eventually manage to get out, although they do land hard on the ground. They both laugh and stand up. Link asks if he can take a closer look at the glove. Mario shows it and Link apologizes, as it clearly isn't the one of the princess he is looking for. Mario suggests that they should look together for their princess, to which Link agrees. Both of them continue their journey.

Fox and Samus sit down at the couch in the gunship. Samus tells that she has been looking on the ground and in the air for her friends, but she has yet to find one of them. She however failed to spot any other people, aside from enemies. Fox asks if she knows how this all happened. Samus shakes her head, and says that the last thing she could remember that she looked outside of the gunship and saw a black essence engulfing the gunship, and after that she fell unconscious. Fox replies by saying that is kinda the same happened to him, unfortunately the Landmaster was not present when he woke up. Samus pets him and says that his ship must mean a lot to him, and that they will find it.

Somewhere inside of a laboratory Pikachu awakens, and looks around and faces the screen while a dark shadow is approaching him from behind.