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The Deep, Dark Truth Pt. 2 is an episode of Tayshaun & Amy - The Other Side. It first aired in March 2016.


Krystal returns from the Fantendoverse and the fight between The Other Heroes and D'Angelo and Sons rages on, and ultimately results with Jess being knocked into the Fantendoverse.


The previous episode is summed up and Jess, Blaze and Skye are seen chatting. A door is kicked open to show Krystal.

Krystal: Guess who the fuck's back!
Jess: For fuck's sake, did you really have to fucking kick the fucking door down?
Krystal: Hey sorry, I just wanted to do that.

Nick and Aminu are heard charging.

Nick: Good morning, Ms. Pérez.

Jess slaps the two. Jerry and Laura are seen walking downstairs.

Laura: Krystal, you're back!

Laura runs to and kisses Krystal, causing her to blush.

Jerry: What're you doing back, you said you'd be gone for two months?
Krystal: Yeah, but I managed to find a way to get back. I see you managed to keep the universe intact.
Aminu: Well, if you call Jess getting wasted and assaulting an entire army and almost causing a lethal firestorm keeping the universe intact, then yeah.
Krystal: Lethal firestorm?

Jess, looking embarrassed, looks down at the floor.

Jess: Okay, I was fucking pissed and those bastard D'Angelo & Sons guys had driven me over the fucking edge.
Krystal: (in her mind) D'Angelo & Sons... that name seems eerily familiar...

Krystal gets a flashback to fighting a soldier. She realises the soldier has a D'Angelo & Sons badge.

Krystal: Shit, I know who they are!
Skye: Who are they then?
Krystal: You know that guy who tried taking Amy?
Skye: Yeah?
Krystal: It's them. I can help you out if you want.
Jerry: Yeah, alright.

Mr D'Angelo is seen in a room with a soldier.

Mr. D'Angelo: So, what do we do to take care of Ms. Pierce?
Soldier: I have no clue. There's no way we can just try and attack her, she's got too much strength.

A second soldier comes bursting in, panicking.

Soldier #2: Sir, I have bad news.
Mr. D'Angelo: What is it?
Soldier #2: Krystal Pérez has returned.
Mr D'Angelo: Oh crap.
Soldier: Isn't she the woman who almost ended Mr. D'Angelo's life?
Soldier #2: Yes.
Mr. D'Angelo: Ugh, now we have two people to worry about. Pierce and Pérez.

The trio continue discussing while the team are shown with Krystal. Nick, Aminu and Laura are seen gazing at her.

Nick: She's so beautiful...
Jerry: So, what was through that portal?
Krystal: It was just an alternate universe. There was some blue bear thing that scared the shit out of Hitomi at first. Called himself a "Beorn".

Nina hears "Beorn" and gets a flashback to a week before, when she saw a creature with the exact same description crash down from the sky.

Nina: (in her mind) ...Nah, they can't be the same... can they?
Krystal: So, where did D'Angelo & Sons strike?
Jess: The bastards attacked us near that portal that fucked up this universe.
Krystal: Oh. Alright then. So what to do for now?

The others shrug.

Six people are shown in a rather large house. The camera focuses in to show them to be the Special Ops.

Matt: I'm bored.
Donnie: I think being peaceful is kinda nice...
Kenji: I can't believe I'm saying this is good to be alert.
Ashlee: We already met Amy, what about trying to meet Krystal and Tayshaun?
Matt: The basketball player? Never knew you were a fan of the greatest sport, ever.
Ashlee: I'm not.
Danielle: After last time? Absolutely not.
Tommy: I'm with Danielle.

The Other Heroes and Krystal take a walk through Anaheim.

Krystal: So, aside from Jess assaulting various things, what else happened?
Skye: Not all that much.
Jerry: We found out Jess is a vampire, Kirsti is an alien, Blaze is a sp-

Blaze kicks Jerry in the groin.

Blaze: You heard nothing.
Laura: I managed to break free of my organs burning down to nothing and I can finally use my powers.
Krystal: Oh, nice.

Blaze stops for a second.

Skye: Is something up?
Blaze: I sense soldiers.

Blaze looks around and sees a soldier hiding.

Blaze: Take cover!

Blaze gets the others to safety but Krystal stays where she is.

Blaze: Krystal, come on!

Krystal pulls out a gun and shoots the soldier in the arm. Blaze look on, shocked.

Blaze: Never mind, Krystal's taken care of them!

The others go back quickly to see the soldier with a gunshot wound and Krystal pointing her gun at his head.

Krystal: Where are the others?
Injured soldier: They're near that portal.

Krystal takes the gun off his head and goes off to the portal, with the others following her.

Nick: I'm scared now...

The team go to the portal and find a large amount of tents. Krystal cocks her gun, Jess prepares to unleash a flurry and Carli going into a sort of zen mode.

Jess: Hey, you bastards! Come out and fucking fight us!

A large group of soldiers come out of the tents and Carli goes into a cocoon.

Jerry: Wait, what's happening to Carli?
Skye: I don't know, but i'm scared and intrigued to find out.

Carli lets out a loud roar as she breaks out of the cocoon as a griffin.

Jess: Holy fucking shit, you can fucking do that?!
Blaze: Evidently.
Krystal: I've known this since we killed that demon thing in December that tried enveloping L.A.

The team start to fight the soldiers again. Eventually, the entire group of soldiers are cleared out.

Krystal: Thank god they're done with.
Skye: Yeah.

Carli swings her tail and accidentally hits Jess, who stumbles back and falls through the Fantendoverse portal.

Blaze: Jess!

Blaze tries grabbing her before she falls through but narrowly misses.

Krystal: ...Shit. Okay, Zednik, Sankovic, Caballero, come with me. You can't survive that universe alone.
Jerry: Wait, wha-

Krystal grabs Skye and Jerry and walks through the Fantendoverse portal. Blaze follows. Carli goes back to her human form.

Nina: ...So how about them Warriors.
Carli: They're unstoppable this season.

Krystal is seen frantically running through New York.

Krystal: Where the hell are they?!

She runs further to find a big house. She rings the doorbell and a young woman with blue hair answers.

Krystal: Hey have you-

The young woman realises who the person at the door is and lets out an ear-splitting scream of happiness.

Tommy: Are you okay, Ash?
Ashlee: Krystal's at the door, Krystal's at the door, Krystal's at the door!~
Danielle: Huh, the universe brought your idol to you
Krystal: Idol?
Matt: Ash is a big fan of you, Amy and Tayshaun.
Krystal: We have fans?
Donnie: That was Amy's reaction too.
Krystal: You met Amy too?

Ashlee holds up the napkin with Amy's signature she received a week before.

Krystal: Huh.
Kenji: What brought you to this place?
Krystal: I'm looking for my friends.
Ashlee: Amy and Tayshaun?
Krystal: Nah, these are some other people. Have you seen anyone called Jerry, Blaze, Skye or Jess anywhere?
Matt: Nope.
Krystal: Gah. Well, thanks for your time.

Krystal turns to walk away when Ashlee stops her.

Ashlee: Wait, Krystal!

Krystal turns around.

Ashlee: Could I get your autograph?

Krystal shrugs and signs a piece of paper for Ashlee. As she walks away, Ashlee squeals over getting another autograph.

Matt: Krystal's hot.

The rest of the team stare at him.

Matt: What?

Back in the RTAverse, Nina, Nikolai, Leah and Nick are seen playing F-Zero GX on a GameCube, while the others watch. Flynn cheers on Nick, Kirsti cheers on Leah, Laura cheers on Nina and Aminu cheers on Nikolai.

Nikolai: Come on, you're no match!

Nick's character approaches and knocks Nikolai's character off-course and Nikolai is sent out.

Nick: You were saying?

Nikolai flips Nick off and goes into the other room. Leah suddenly bursts bast Nick and wins the race.

Nick: How...?
Leah: I played this a lot as a kid. I managed to beat master class and the story on the hardest difficulty. Dr. Stewart was the reason I went into medicine, as weird as that seems.
Nick: Huh.
Kirsti: I didn't know you could play this that well!

Kirsti kisses Leah and Leah blushes.

Nina: I'm just spinning in circles, I dunno what to do.

Leah takes Nina's controller and finishes her race for her.

Nina: Thank you.

A soldier bursts into Mr. D'Angelo's office.

Soldier: Sir! We caught Pierce and 3 others.
D'Angelo: Perfect.

Jess, Jerry, Skye and Blaze are seen being held by soldiers.

Jess: Let us go, you fucking bastards!
Soldier: Your powers will be great use to us.
Jerry: Powers? I don't even have any powers! I'm just a normal kid!
Blaze: (in her mind) If there's anyone out there... please help us all.

The camera cuts to the Special Ops. Ashlee is seen holding Krystal's signature while sleeping.

Donnie: It's kinda cute, the way she idolises those guys.
Tommy: Yeah.
Matt: I still find Krystal hot.
Tommy: Shut up Matt.
Matt: Come on! Dani, you'll agree with me that she's hot ri-

Danielle gives Matt a stare that causes him to quieten down.

Kenji: We should get some sleep. Just in case tomorrow's crazy.

They head off to their bedrooms for the night while Ashlee lies on the couch.

Ashlee: (mumbling) I'll meet Tayshaun... one day...





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