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The Deep Dark Truth Pt. 1 is an episode of Tayshaun & Amy - The Other Side. It first aired in February 2016.


Jerry has a bad dream about Jess, believing she's a vampire, and ends up being proven right. Skye, Carli and Nick try to help him. The team are attacked by soldiers from a company called D'Angelo and Sons.


The episode starts with Jerry in a dark house. He looks around and sees a shady figure in a purple cape.

Jerry: Jess, is that you?

The figure turns to show Jess with fangs and blood dripping from the fangs.

Jess: Yes, I am. You got a fucking problem with me?
Jerry: N-no, I'm just wondering why you look like a vampire...
Jess: Because I am a fucking vampire, that's why!

Before Jess attacks him, Jerry wakes up and screams, waking Carli up.

Carli: Dude, are you alright?
Jerry: Yeah, I just had a bad dream, that's all.

The two hear music playing from the living room. They go through to see Skye, Blaze, Nick and Nikolai on the couch watching a match of Super Smash Bros on a Wii U.

Jerry: How long have you guys been at that for?
Blaze: What time is it right now?
Carli: 4 AM.
Blaze: Then about 6 hours.
Skye: We put 8 fighters into a 99 stock match on the biggest stage a couple hours ago and we're seeing who wins.
Jerry: Okay then. Where's Jess?
Nikolai: We don't know, she's probably asleep.

Jerry and Carli shrug as they go back to bed.

Jerry wakes up again a couple of hours later to see Skye, Blaze, Nick and Nikolai sleeping on the couch. He goes to grab a megaphone and blares it.

Jerry: Hey, you lazy shits, it's time to save the world!

The four wake up to see Jerry laughing.

Blaze: You're a prick, Jerry.

Jerry continues to laugh as Aminu wakes up.

Skye: Eh, as long as something gets us up. If it wasn't Jerry, Aminu probably would've bounced all over us.
Aminu: Shut up Skye. Or should I say Bethany?
Skye: How do you know my real name?
Aminu: Your good friend Petra Zednik let it slip one time.
Blaze: Aminu!!

Aminu chuckles and Jerry kneels down and high-fives him. Jess then walks through.

Nick: Morning, your Ragesty.
Jess: Fuck off, Nick.

Jess bumps Jerry, who notices she has a fang.

Jerry: Uhh, Jess?
Jess: What the fuck do you want?
Jerry: You know you have a fang, don't you?
Jess: I do?

Jess goes to the bathroom to look in the mirror, but she has no reflection.

Jess: Where the fuck's my reflection?!

Jess notices what this means and lets out a blood-curdling scream. Carli, Leah, Kirsti, Laura and Nina are woken up by the shriek.

Jess: I'm a fucking vampire!
Jerry: Huh. I was right for once.
Blaze: What do you mean by that?
Jerry: Nothing.

Jess is seen pacing around, worried.

Jess: Oh god, what do I do, what the fuck do I do?!

Flynn's voice can be heard.

Flynn: I don't know, it's not like you can't figure it out yourself...
Blaze: ...Flynn, where are you?
Flynn: ...Somewhere.
Kirsti: That sounded really loud to m- Flynn you've decided to sleep in my ear haven't you.

Flynn stammers.

Aminu: I think that's a yes.

Flynn then flies out of Kirsti's ear.

Flynn: Okay, yes. It's weirdly warm in there. So what?
Kirsti: That's probably because my race has a real high body temperature.
Skye: Race?
Kirsti: Oh yeah, you guys don't know. I'm an alien.

The team stare at her.

Nick: That was the most casual serious announcement ever.
Nikolai: I've known this since Christmas.
Blaze: Is this information leaking hour or something?
Jerry: No, this is any day we don't have to protect everyone from some bullshit.
Jess: This isn't fucking helping!
Skye: Oh yeah, we were meant to be helping Jess.
Laura: Just live through it. You can survive sunlight, right?
Jess: Yeah, but-

Jess then gets memories of high school, realising what got her kicked out of two high schools.

Jess: Holy shit, I just realised this was why those schools kicked me out! Okay, who wants to join me to apologise to my teachers?

They all agree and they set out.

A man in a business suit can be seen in a dark room with an agent.

Businessman: How are you expecting to watch this team, exactly?
Agent: Well, this girl I used to work with is in that team and she has a nifty device that we could manipulate. The only problem is her brain has enveloped it and our attempt to control it could go wrong and make her even more powerful.
Businessman: Hmm.

The agent tries hacking into the device. A small, rectangular item with a flashing red light is seen in the depths of a brain. An electrical impulse hits the item, causing it to sink into the brain's neural network as the agent gets in the device and a camera turns on.

Agent: Right, I'm in. but it seems I got in a bit too late, the device has slid through a crack in my ex-colleague's brain.

The camera zooms out to show that the brain belongs to Blaze.

Businessman: Ugh. Well, I'm sure we can find all we need in this brain.

They search around in Blaze's brain, looking for any information they may need.

Jerry and Carli are seen walking side by side on the street.

Carli: So, how does it feel having Amy for a girlfriend?
Jerry: Well, having a girlfriend who saves the world and travels to other dimensions is cool, I guess...
Jess: Okay, we're at the first shithole I got kicked out of.

The team look up at a large, intimidating building.

Nick: It looks like a prison block.
Jess: It was basically a fucking penitentiary, I'm surprised they managed to stay open.
Leah: The windows having metal bars don't give me much hope. I'm certain this is a slammer.
Laura: I can't blame you for attacking someone here, I would if my school looked like this.

Jess walks into the building and a cold feeling shivers down her spine.

Jess: If this school has any kids anymore, I'll be fucking shocked.

Jess walks to a desk, barren of staff, with the exception of the headteacher.

Headteacher: Hi, can I-

The headteacher realises the person in front of him is Jess and quickly panics.

Jess: Calm the fuck down! I came to apologise for that shit I pulled when I was younger.

Jess realises that the teacher won't listen and gives up. She then walks out.

Skye: So how'd it go?
Jess: The fucker wouldn't listen. He just hid in his office like a fucking wimp.

The team carry on to find the other high school Jess was kicked out of.

The agent and the businessman are seen trying to get through Blaze's brain.

Businessman: Okay, we have all the information we need. We know their strengths and weaknesses. We don't need that device anymore.
Agent: Alright.

The agent shuts off the device. The businessman walks into a dark room.

Businessman: Deploy the troops.
Agent: (to himself) Troops?

A group of army soldiers are seen. The agent realises what they're being used for. He goes into another room and calls Blaze.

Agent: Zednik!
Blaze: What?
Agent: You need to get yourself and your team to safety, this bastard D'Angelo tricked me into hacking your eyepiece and getting details on your team. He's sending a team to take you out.
Blaze: ...Shit.
Agent: Also the eyepiece thing managed to slip into your brain.
Blaze: ...Goddammit.

Blaze hangs up and catches up to the others.

Blaze: Going to the second place might not be a smart idea.
Jerry: Why?
Blaze: A former colleague of mine accidentally gave information on us to that guy who tried capturing Amy and he's sending a group of soldiers to kill us.
Jess: Oh for fuck's sake!
Skye: Well where do we go to hide then?
Blaze: The spot of the portal.

The team, although skeptical, decide to follow Blaze's choice as they set off to the portal.

Upon arriving, the team notice that the place of the portal looks deserted.

Laura: Well, it's empty. That's a good start.
Leah: Empty doesn't mean they aren't hiding.

The team walk cautiously as a group of soldiers appear from behind a building, charging toward them.

Jess: Oh fucking hell!

The team fight the soldiers and Jess takes out a group of five, Aminu shocks a bunch with a harsh thunder strike and Laura strikes a large amount into the ground by combining her pyrokinetic, hydrokinetic, plantakinetic and cryokinetic abilities.

Laura: Feels good to finally do that without fearing organ failure.

The others take out the odd few until reinforcements arrive. Jess sees them and her brain is shown going into overdrive.

Carli: Uh-oh.

The team takes cover as they hear Jess's thumping heartbeat get louder and louder.

Jess: This... is... the... last... fucking... STRAW!!!

Jess screams at the top of her lungs and a fiery whirlpool comes from her mouth.

Skye, Blaze and Jerry: Jesus fucking Christ!
Nikolai: I think she's snapped.
Nina: (in Russian, subtitled) She's lost the fucking plot.

Jess stops screaming and goes into a frenzy, torching some soldiers, freezing some in solid ice and throwing some far away with her mind. Eventually all but one weak soldier is left.

Jess: Who the fuck sent you here?! Tell me right fucking now!
Soldier: D'Angelo & Sons. Please let me go, I have a wife and kids!

Jess puts him down and sets off to D'Angelo & Sons.

The team are seen walking through Anaheim.

Kirsti: Ms. Pierce, are you okay?
Jess: I'm fucking fine.
Leah: Your heart was beating louder than a lion and you made an inferno by screaming. As a doctor, I can confirm that is not okay.

Jess gives Leah an icy stare.

Aminu: I found the place.

Aminu points toward a small goodwill store with the D'Angelo & Sons logo on it.

Flynn: That place is tiny! How would they be able to hold a bunch of soldiers?

Skye gets a memory of when she found out Amy was from the future.

Amy: Those soldier guys are from D'Angelo & Sons too.
Skye: That goodwill store?
Amy: They're a lot more than that in my time.

Skye's flashback ends and she sees Jess storming toward the store and entering.

Jess: What the fuck is your deal, huh?! Trying to fucking kill us!
Theo: Huh? What're you on about?
Jess: Sending fucking soldiers to kill us for what?!
Theo: I have soldiers?

Theo looks in the back of the store and finds a bucket.

Theo: I have these toy s-

Jess knocks the bucket away.

Jess: Prove to me that you don't have any fucking real life soldiers.

Theo takes Jess into the storage to show a bunch of cardboard boxes with the stores stock in them.

Jess: (in her mind) Wait, if he doesn't have soldiers, who the fuck does? (out loud) Okay, I'm sorry for going at you, the fact that those guys are also called D'Angelo & Sons fucked with my head a bit.

Jess walks out of the store, slightly embarrassed.

Jerry: So, how did it go?
Jess: There's some other fucker with the same name out there
Skye: (in her mind) More like descendant...

The team carry on as they try to figure out who would've wanted them dead.

The businessman is seen in a dark room.

Businessman: How did the operation go?
Army captain: Not good, D'Angelo. Only one soldier survived the combat without injury.
D'Angelo: One?!
Army captain: Yes, one. That Pierce girl is a lot more powerful than we anticipated.
D'Angelo: What do you mean?
Army captain: She took out a good majority of the soldiers and froze some of them.

D'Angelo sighs.

D'Angelo: Is there any way to stop her?
Army captain: Sadly not.
D'Angelo: Ugh. I guess we just have to find some way around her.

The one remaining soldier is taken into the room.

D'Angelo: What did Pierce do to overpower the entire squad she took out?
Soldier: She snapped. She beat the crap out of almost everyone you sent. She even managed to breathe a whirlpool of fire and we all just froze up in fear.

D'Angelo puts his face in his hands.

D'Angelo: Well, we're going to send more troops soon.

The screen fades to black and "To Be Continued" appears out of the black.





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