The Day Off is an episode of Tayshaun & Amy - The Other Side. It first aired in March 2016.


The team end up having nothing to do and decide to take a day off while Jess, Jerry, Skye and Blaze are in the Fantendoverse and end up going to Disneyland.


The episode starts with the team in the HQ living room watching Rick and Morty.

Nick: Y'know, it's been weirdly quiet since Blaze, Skye, Jerry and Jess went through the portal.
Leah: Yeah... those D'Angelo & Sons guys backed off from us as soon as they went through.
Aminu: Do you think there was something in them that we don't have?

The others shrug.

Carli: So, what do we do for the time being?
Kirsti: We could always have some fun, go into Anaheim...
Nina: Wait!

The others look at Nina.

Nina: Isn't there a Disneyland in Anaheim?
Leah: ...Yeah there is. Okay, who's in favour of going to Disneyland?

Everyone raises their hand.

Leah: Nice, let's go!

The team are seen chatting while on the way to Disneyland.

Nick: Would you guys say we're like those Teen Titans Go gu-

Carli lifts her leg up and kicks Nick in the groin with the heel of her boot.

Nick: Argh! What was that for?!
Carli: Next time you bring up that shitshow you get the stiletto.

The others laugh.

Nick: Now that's two people I'm scared of fucking around with.
Flynn: What about Jess?
Nick: ...Three, even.
Laura: Guys! Up ahead!

The team see Disneyland and run to the entrance and see the tickets. Nikolai winces at the prices of tickets.

Nikolai: Are you sure this isn't pricey? It's $100 for a day.

Leah pulls out her purse with a bunch of $20 bills and goes to a stall.

Leah: Eight for one day, please.

Leah slides over 40 $20 bills as the team progress through to the park.

Nick: I'm going to find that It's A Small World ride.
Leah: I'm goin' to the cinema.
Kirsti: Wait for me!
Nina: I'm off to Space Mountain.
Laura: I'm gonna find the safest thing here, I don't want to risk a heart attack.

The rest scatter off to have some fun.

Laura is seen on the Disney Railroad with Nikolai.

Nikolai: So, how does it feel having superpowers?
Laura: I don't really know, being fully honest. That fight with D'Angelo & Sons was the first time I'd properly used them.
Nikolai: Why couldn't you use them before?
Laura: I got my powers when I was 14 after I inhaled some radioactive ash. I have no idea how I survived.
Nikolai: Jeez, that sounds painful.
Laura: What was even more painful was whenever I tried using my powers. My organs felt like they were on fire.
Nikolai: Jesus, that's really gotta hurt.

Laura pulls up her jacket to show a large scar.

Nikolai: What the hell happened there?!
Laura: One of my kidneys was so badly damaged from the accident that they had to take it out.
Nikolai: Whoa.

The two continue chatting as the ride goes on.

After a while, the team are seen back out in Anaheim.

Leah: What the hell happened for us to all be kicked out?!

Carli's face goes red with embarrassment.

Nick: Carli, I've seen that face before. Is there something you know?

Carli hesitates.

Aminu: ...You transformed, didn't you.

Carli nods her head lightly and the others sigh.

Carli: What?! All I did was get pissed by the line for Autopia.
Laura: I don't get why they kicked us all out though.
Kirsti: Security probably saw us enter the park with Carli.
Laura: Fair enough.
Nick: I managed to grab some souvenirs.

Nick pulls out a few mugs and a Blu-Ray of Inside Out.

Carli: Oh cool! I never got to see Inside Out!
Nick: I swear I got a Blu-Ray of Osmosis Jones and The Lion King.
Flynn: Why would a Disney theme park be selling a Warner Bros film?
Nick: I don't know.

Nick rummages further to dig out a copy of Kingdom Hearts 2 and Donald Duck: Goin' Quackers.

Leah: Holy shit, Kingdom Hearts!
Kirsti: You've played Kingdom Hearts?
Leah: Yeah! I played it religiously when it first came out!
Nikolai: Nothing compares to Ice Climber.
Nina: Dude, you've been playing that game since, like, 1993.
Nikolai: Yup.
Nick: So who wants to go watch Inside Out?

The group cheer as they go back to the HQ.

Kirsti and Leah are seen sat on the couch in the HQ's main room in front of a PS2 and a TV, playing Kingdom Hearts 2.

Kirsti: That Atlantica world looks nice, I loved The Little Mermaid.

Leah gets a flashback to playing Atlantica in Kingdom Hearts 2 when she was 12 and remembers what the world is like.

Leah: No!
Kirsti: Why not?
Leah: It's got no fighting at all, it's just singing. Sora's singing voice is terrible.

Kirsti shrugs as they carry on further into the game. When Leah goes to turn off the PS2 for the night, she turns around to see Kirsti with a wedding ring and squeaks.

Kirsti: Leah Auvic, will you marry me?
Leah: Yes!

The two squee in happiness and charge through to the garage, where the others are watching Inside Out.

Nick: You guys seem really happy, what happened?

Leah puts her hand up, showing the ring on her finger.

Carli: Holy shit, congrats!
Aminu: Nice!

The others congratulate the two as they kiss.

Jess, Jerry, Skye and Blaze are seen at the portal.

Jess: Thank fuck that shitty mess is dealt with.
Blaze: Yeah. We actually managed to rescue someone. Sort of.
Jerry: Hey, at least we got money out of it.
Skye: That whole experience was scary. It's also how I found out Blaze has them ninja star things.
Blaze: Shurikens.
Skye: That's the one.
Jess: Well, if those dickhead soldiers touch me or any of us again I'm gonna go fucking full on assault and fucking murder them.
Jerry: Isn't that going a bit far...?
Jess: I've murdered assholes who have fucked with me in the past.

Skye, Blaze and Jerry shuffle away in fear. Jess flips all three off before they head ack to the headquarters. They decide to enter through the garage and see the assorted Disney merchandise.

Jerry: Did we miss something?
Nick: We went to Disneyland and got kicked out because Carli was getting pissed about the queue for Autopia.

The team see Jess's eye twitching.

Laura: Well, she's gonna exp-
Aminu: We can expla-

The team hear a loud explosion, which they can barely hear over Jess's yelling, and hear someone slam up against the door.

Kirsti: The fact that that explosion was quieter than Jess scares me.

Leah opens up the garage door to show Alex Schmidt in pain.

Blaze: Whoa, ma'am, are you okay?

Alex is in too much pain to reply. Leah then sees a gigantic scorch mark on Alex's leg.

Leah: This looks bad, I gotta get her down to the hospital.

Leah picks Alex up and carries her to her car and drives her off to Los Angeles. Link Perez is then seen.

Link: Crap!

The camera pans to show Beth Johnson laughing manically.

Link: Beth, give it up, you aren't this kind of person!
Beth: Oh, but I am now!

Beth shoots a lightning bolt and a trail of fire at Link.

Jess: Hey, Asshole McDickshit!

Beth turns around to see Jess cracking her knuckles.

Beth: What do you think you are?

Jess punches and knocks Beth out.

Jess: I'm a fucking universe protector, that's who the fuck I think I am.

Alex is seen in a hospital bed, with a young man named James McCloud next to her. Leah and a doctor called Serena Jones are seen in the same room.

James: What the hell happened to her?!
Leah: Well as far as I know, there was an explosion and Ms. Schmidt ended up with this scorch mark on her leg.
Alex: Beth had turned evil, she attacked me and Link while we were on duty out of nowhere. I heard a woman yelling and it startled me, enough for Beth to cause an explosion and cause this injury.
Serena: Well, it's good to know you're safe.

The camera cuts back to The Other Heroes to see Beth knocked out and on a couch and the guys chatting with Link.

Jerry: I hope your friend's okay.
Link: Alex should be fine, she's suffered worse before.
Laura: I know suffering a lot.
Link: What do you mean...?

Laura takes off her jacket to show two glass panes. When the light stops reflecting off the panes, her heart can be seen from one and her stomach can be seen from the other. The others jump back in fear.

Skye: That's terrifying!
Nina: Aren't you ever scared that the glass could break and go into your heart?!
Laura: Nah. Gorilla glass.

Beth can be heard waking up as Jess turns to attack her.

Beth: Whoa whoa whoa! What the hell?!
Jess: What the fuck is fucking wrong with you, you fucking psychopath?!
Beth: You're calling me a psychopath?

Jess prepares another punch, with her hand surrounded by fire, but Laura fires a shot of water at Jess's hand, dousing the flame.

Beth: I feel really bad for attacking Alex.

The two teams continue chatting as Alex stays at the hospital.

The next morning, Alex is seen walking to the house in crutches.

Link: Hey, you're alright!
Alex: Yup. They really had to bandage up my leg, but I'm fine

Link and Alex hug as Nick and Laura are seen walking down the stairs. Laura is seen holding her regular clothes in one hand snd her boots in the other while Nick is seen holding his jersey but wearing his jeans and trainers.

Nick: Last night was gre-
Laura: If you even mention last night I will swing these boots right where you won't want me to.

The two walk through to the living room to see Alex and Link. They both see Nick and Laura then smirk.

Laura: What?
Alex: I know that look.
Laura: It's not what it-
Alex: I know that line too.
Laura: Dammit.

A young woman bursts through the door, revealed to be Anna Edmondson.

Alex: Oh hey, what's up?
Anna: I found out why Beth went evil last night.
Alex: What happened with her?
Anna: The aliens captured and brainwashed her. They're in a base in San Francisco.
Alex: I knew they had something to do with them. Okay, do you guys wanna help?

Nick and Laura shrug as they head out. Jess catches up and holds onto the back of the vehicle the team go off in.

Nick and Laura are seen inside a vehicle when they hear thumping on the roof, and angry grunts.

Laura: Jess, are you--

Jess is then seen punching the window, which shatters, and she climbs in.

Nick: Jess, what're you doing?!
Jess: I'm fucking kicking some fucking ass, that's what the fuck I'm doing! And you two fuckbuddies aren't gonna fucking get away from it!
Laura: How did you know we--

Jess gives Laura an icy stare as Nick receives a call from Alex.

Alex: The base is right up ahead.
Nick: Alright.

The team go to a large skyscraper and try to enter, only to find out the door is sealed off by a security PIN.

Alex: Ugh, guess we gotta do this.

Alex puts on a pair of gloves and tries multiple codes and gives up.

Alex: What the fuck could this code be?!
Anna: Step aside, let me try.

Anna stares at the PIN machine then blinks. The camera shows Anna's view, and what the numbers are.

Anna: 7... 2... 0... 6.

The machine beeps as the gates to the building open and they go into the building.

The team walk through the building to see a bunch of aliens laying dead on the floor, most with gunshot wounds to the head.

Alex: Someone's clearly here already and they clearly haven't held back.

They walk through to an elevator and go up. They see a large alien who seems to be disappointed by their arrival.

Alien: Schmidt.
Alex: Quam.

Nick sniggers at the alien's name.

Quam: Perez.
Link: Quam.
Quam: Edmondson.
Anna: Quam.
Quam: The other three.
Nick: Yo.
Laura: Your name's Quam, right?
Quam: Yes. Quam.
Laura: Okay.
Jess: Asshole.

Quam pulls out a blaster and the team engage in a fight with him.

Nick: I sense this is gonna end really anticlimactically.

Quam tries to swing for Alex but crashes into a wall, Jess slams him into a wall multiple times, Laura burns him with her pyrokinesis and Nick punches him in the face multiple times, and knocks his blaster away.

Quam: I'm gonna get that ba-

Before he can finish, a bullet is shot through his head, killing him instantly. He is knocked back by the shot so much he falls out of the window and onto the streets of San Francisco. Krystal then walks out of the shadows.

Jess: Nick, you fucking called it!
Laura and Nick: Krystal?!
Alex: You guys know her?
Laura: Yeah, she's my best friend!
Krystal: I found out about this place a few days ago, only just fought the fuckers right now. Don't worry, the rest are dead.

Alex and Link sigh a breath of relief and the team all go back to the house together.

The team and Krystal are seen in the house as they go over what happened.

Jess: I'm so fucking relieved that battle ended quickly. I did not want to have any bullshit after yesterday with the portal and all of that shit.
Nick: I'm happy I didn't have to fight too hard.
Alex: I'm happy Quam's gone. He was nothing but trouble to us.

Link agrees as the team continue chatting. Kirsti and Leah are seen hugging as the camera goes to Skye, Blaze and Jerry talking.

Skye: So, how are you guys gonna use the money Rizzo gave us?
Blaze: Gonna start up a business.
Jerry: You sure 5 grand's gonna be enough?
Blaze: Maybe.
Skye: What'd it be for?
Blaze: (in her mind) Don't say spy agency, don't say spy agency, don't say- (out loud) Spy agency. (in her mind) For fuck's sake Petra, you had one job!
Jerry: I'm probably just gonna get Amy something nice.
Skye: Like what?
Jerry: I dunno, a fancy dinner, perhaps? Or some getaway to the Caribbean?
Skye: She likes watching hockey...
Jerry: Wait.

He reaches for his phone and calls Amy, who is shown to be in Seattle.

Amy: Hey, Jerry.
Jerry: Hey. Listen, I was wondering if, when you get back, you wanted to do something together?
Amy: Sure, you name it.
Jerry: Are you up for a trip to the fanciest place in LA?
Amy: Wait, I thought you were broke?
Jerry: I helped out in that other universe and some Rizzo chick gave us a cash prize for helping catch a "leader".
Amy: A leader for what?
Jerry: Those D'Angelo & Sons guys.

Amy's eyes go wide and her pupils contract.

Amy: You caught a leader of D'Angelo & Sons?!
Jerry: Yeah.
Amy: ...You guys are getting a huge reward when we get back.
Jerry: Cool. See you soon.

Amy ends the call and lies down.

Amy: I put that universe in good hands.

Jerry puts his phone down as Skye looks at him with her deep blue eyes.

Jerry: She's treating us for catching that leader guy.
Skye: Cool!
Blaze: Nice!

The three hug before going to bed. The camera zooms out of the house to show DeMarcus Bolton outside the house.





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