The Darkest Light: Beyond is as series of one-shot short stories designed to flesh out and set within the world of the upcoming game The Darkest Light. They are written by Indi555, set within a world conceived by Fridayboy578, which is further set within Indi555's fictional universe, known as "The Fringe". The first of these stories, Heaven's Light, has been released. A follow-up, tentatively titled Hellfire, is in the works.


In the version of earth within which the story takes place, there are three Realms, each making up part of the world’s existence. These Realms are Heaven, which is the bastion of Order, Hell, which is the Realm of Chaos, and Earth, which represents the Balance between the two. The two sides are locked in an eternal struggle to turn the tide to one side or the other, shattering the Balance and bringing Earth to their side. Heaven is populated my beings called Guardians, known as Angels by humans. Hell is populated by Demons, beings long thought by human begins to be entities of pure evil. Neither side is good or evil, but each represents an entirely different philosophy and outlook. Angels tend to look down upon the world with contempt and scorn, while Demons show a love for earthly ways and human antics, if not the beings themselves. The war has been raging since the dawn of this world, and neither side has gained any sort of significant upper hand over the other. Minute shifts in power often occur, though it is never enough to give the other side the benefit they need. It is a stagnant battle, leading nowhere.

Both sides gain power from human souls. The human soul is made up of two halves, one representing Order and one Chaos. When a human being dies, the soul is released from the mortal body, and whichever side showed through more during the human’s life consumes the other, lending power to either the Angels or the Demons.


Heaven's Light

Welcome to Celestia, Realm of Order and home of the beings we call Angels.

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