The Darkest Light
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Developer(s) Black Diamond Fiction
Publisher(s) TBA
Platform(s) PC
Release Date(s)
Single player
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Adventure, Action
Media Included TBA

The Darkest Light is an upcoming game developed by Indi555's and Fridayboy578's development and writing team, known as Black Diamond Fiction. The game was conceived by Fridayboy almost two years ago, and has been in a stage of planning and brainstorming since that time. In August 2011, much to the annoyance/amusement/excitement/happiness of his friend Indi, Fridayboy began pursuing the game's actual developement with near-fanaticsm. He began an attempt to put together a team, and hasso far been met with a considerable amount of interest. The game revolves around a fifteen year old boy named Niri, who becomes embroiled in the eternal conflict between the forces of Order (Angels) and the the forces of Chaos (Demons).

Team Members

These are the poor hopeless idiots users who have pledged their souls to our cause expressed interest in helping with the project. If you're interested, just add your name to the below list.

  • Fridayboy578- Project Head, Lead Programmer, Grand High Poopah of The Darkest Light Project, also involved with anything that's not art (he sucks at drawing- believe me, he manages to make some of our site's n00biest artists look like friggin' Monet), Head Arrogant Idiot
  • Indi555- Head Writer and Co-Head of project, Head Level Designer, also in charge of keeping Fridayboy's overinflated ego in check (Fridayboy: I never assigned you that job)
  • Cobweb- Composer, Head of Bovine Affairs
  • Spark01- May help with music, and anything else he wants
  • YoshiEgg- May help with spriting and whatever the hell else he wants to, 'cause he's awesome that way



The game is set within the Fringe, which is the universe in which all of Indi55's original fiction takes place. In the version of earth within which the story takes place, there are three Realms, each making up part of the world’s existence. These Realms are Heaven, which is the bastion of Order, Hell, which is the Realm of Chaos, and Earth, which is pretty much the normal world. The two sides are locked in an eternal struggle to turn the tide to one side or the other, shattering the Balance and bringing Earth to their side. Heaven is populated my beings called Guardians, known as Angels by humans. Hell is populated by Demons, beings long thought by human begins to be entities of pure evil. Neither side is good or evil, but each represents an entirely different philosophy and outlook. Angels tend to look down upon the world with contempt and scorn (because of the corruption) picking and choosing those who they think worthy, while Demons show a love for earthly ways and human antics, if not the beings themselves. The war has been raging since the dawn of this world, and neither side has gained any sort of significant upper hand over the other. Minute shifts in power often occur, though it is never enough to give the other side the benefit they need. It is a stagnant battle, leading nowhere.

Both sides gain power from human souls. The human soul is made up of two halves, one representing Order and one Chaos. When a human being dies, the soul is released from the mortal body, and whichever side showed through more during the human’s life consumes the other, lending power to either the Angels or the Demons.

One day, a child named Niri is born, with an amazingly strong and powerful soul. That’s when the fun begins.


Both sides see that Niri would be a valuable asset to turning the tide of the war from the moment he is born, but they bide their time, waiting until he is older, stronger, and they can be sure that making a move will not destroy him. When he is fifteen years old, Niri is overcome by a sudden, flaring pain within his mind while walking down the street. Falling to his knees, eyes closed, teeth gritted, he cries out in agony: the leader of the Demons, Sǽveth, has entered him in an attempt to bring his soul to the side of Chaos. Sensing that his rival has finally made his move, the head Angel, Colthäs, descends from Heaven and enters Niri in an attempt to nullify Sǽveth’s influence.

Within Niri, while he is blanketed in blind, deaf agony, the two sides clash, each attempting to bring his soul to their side. Both fail, and each of them become enveloped within the boy’s extraordinarily powerful soul. The two literally become part of him, making him the artificial incarnation of Balance within the world, with power over both Light and Darkness. This, in turn, makes an otherwise geeky, socially awkward kid into a world-shattering badass. Consumed by the sheer amount of power within him, Niri, of course, blacks out.

When he awakes, he finds himself in a dimly lit circular stone chamber, where he is greeted by a butler like individual who introduces himself as Hell’s butler. Nah, just kidding- little in joke. Anyway, he awakes in a dimly lit stone chamber where he is not greeted by a butler like individual who does not introduce himself as Hell’s butler. Because he doesn’t exist. Anyway, Niri finds himself alone in this strange place, unaware of how he got here, so naturally, he does what any character in any video game would do: he decides to take a peek around, heedless of the fact that he has absolutely no clue where he is or how dangerous it could be. The dank air, dripping candles with purple flames, and sounds of distant whispers in the air, do nothing to dissuade him. Because, he is after all, in a video game. It’s at this this point that calling him a badass begins to receive reconsideration, “dumbass” perhaps being a more apt description.

After walking through a few more empty, dimly lit rooms and wondering shallowly where he is, he falls to the ground, overcome once again by- you guessed it- a pain in his head. Eyes closed, he lets out a strangled cry. He feels a strange, almost electric power within him, and focusing all his strength on it, is able to project it outward. This relieves the pain, and Niri watches in amazement as a ball of fire about the size of two fists materializes in the air before him. This ball of fire, called Ember, acts as both Niri’s companion and an extension of his own being. The power within him is too great for his body to contain without destroying itself, and so it created natural extension through Ember, allowing him to use his power without killing himself.

It’s at this point where Niri begins to suspect that he may, in fact, be schizophrenic, as it’s around this time when the two beings inside of him, Sǽveth and Colthäs, begin to come awake within him. Naturally, the two aren’t exactly happy with their situation, and act as guides to Niri. They explain to him the dynamic of his situation, which he accepts without question. We’ll put that one off on the beings’ influences within him instead of his naivety. Then again, after all this, he’s probably pretty desperate for some answers, even if their convoluted enough to make Kingdom Hearts look simple and comprehensive.

Sǽveth informs Niri that he is in Hell. Colthäs is not happy. The two bicker, each trying to bring Niri to their side, attempting to influence him to their cause and berating him when he does something they don’t like. Niri, annoyed with their fighting, which is, after all, inside his own head, drowns them out mentally and continues exploring his new surroundings.

Niri finds the entrance to another large, circular chamber, although this one, surprise, surprise, is not empty. No, it has an obviously ancient and probably dangerous and powerful object in the center: a mirror. So, naturally, Niri goes up and touches his reflection… which, of course, turns out to be a stupid idea. His reflection changes in features, the hair becoming pure white, the eyes red, and steps out of the mirror. This entity is Ø (pronounced “Zero”). Turns out the mirror is capable of creating an opposite of whoever touches it. Niri, being the incarnation of Balance, which makes up the world, creates duplicate who is, in fact, the incarnation of Oblivion.

This guy, of course, becomes the game’s main antagonist, who seeks to bring about both ultimate Order and ultimate Chaos through destroying the world, which leads to Oblivion… which is, in itself, both Order and Chaos at once.

And so begins Niri’s quest to retain the world’s existence and stop Ø. More stuff happens. But you don’t get to know what that “more stuff” is yet. Yet.


While the genre is as of yet undetermined, we're pretty sure we can rule out Pet Simulator, Real Time Strategy, Light Gun Shooter, and Tetris Rip-Off. Indi555 is pushing for an old school Action/Semi-RPG, ala The Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past or Minish Cap.

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