The Dark Ones are an ancient civilization of people who serve their god, 死の影. Their leader is Lord Orichalcos. These characters were made by me and are owned by JS Games Inc. --JetStreak 05:34, 29 July 2009 (UTC)


The Darkness is Released

Over 5,000 years ago, there lived a world were only misery and despair existed. Countless towns and villages were robbed and tortured by their evil, greedy kings and were used for experiments by overpowered governments and organizations. Many people in these villages died, not because of the dangers of the experiments or because of the executions for their kings, but mostly because they wanted to die. All their times being alive they had few happy times to enjoy life and because of the misery and sorrow of losing their loved ones, they committed suicide, wishing that they had the power to destroy their enemies. But one boy would soon grant their wishes.

This boy had lost his father to an organization's secret project and his mother and sister were made servents of the king of his village. His friends all comited suicide due to their lose in hope and he was just about to do the same, when a dark figure with strange patterns all over his body approached and began to offer him a deal. "Boy, I'll make you a deal. I can grant you the power to obliterate your foes, but you must do exactly as I say." The boy agreed on what he was supposed to do. He was to wear a stone amulet that was given to him by the dark being, bring death upon himself while releasing his rage and hatred and his will to live, and only then would he achieve the power to destroy. As jumped torwards the hand of doom, he could feel the darkness within him grow as the shadows of death surrounded him. As he released that darkness within him, his skin became shadow, his blood turned into darkness and his very soul was chaos itself. Plus, standing before him was beast of a bizzare shape and pattern, and next to it was the mysterious figure with the marks. "You have done well. You have released the darkness in your heart. Now, use that darkness to crush your enemies." And with that, he disappeared from the erie twilight and the boy could not help but smile.

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