• The Dark Below is a indie,puzzle-platformer,horror type game that was released on August 12 for PS4,Xbox One,Wii U albeit heavily censored and 3DS along with a scheduled IPad/Tablet Port that will be more of a spinoff than main storyline title. It was devolped by Hunter Interactive and Published by NecroGames.


  • In 1842,A Young girl by the name of Daniella was tried for witchcraft ergo her punishment was simple,drowning. As she was lead by stocks to hang in the water. She was terrified to face the predators and utter isolation of the ocean. A Miracle then happened which let her see and breathe in the ocean which let her survive. She then headed through the ocean to meet a ancient crab teacher so she could fight and defeat those predators. After taking a shortcut through a drowned orphanage which was terrifying she then met with her sister.
  • Soon Her sister Alicia fights her before Daniella causes her to snap back to normal via fighting. Soon they continue forward through the dangerous murky Octopus Caverns and finally go through the Dark Depths to fight her last enemy,a giant anglerfish. Afterwards the entire depths started crumbling around Daniella so she dragged herself and her unconscious sister to depths before going into hiding in another town in England.


  • Gameplay is heavily influenced by Limbo only this time you can see the protagonists face and body. Daniella has to solve puzzles,platform her way to survival,avoid death and try to get to higher area's with either a shark or a stingray. There also are item's to collect such as pearls or oysters which let's you gain new items/access to new areas.


  • There was a brief controversy because a youtube video of the game caused some feminists to become angry. It showed a fat flat fish probably hump/rape Daniella to death. This caused the game to get an AO Rating so Hunter Interactive had to remove that death in particular along with the clamp death which was considered too disturbing and gross. Afterwards the game was given it's planned T Rating for Blood,Strong Violence and Disturbing Themes.


  • This game is rated T for Strong Violence,Blood and Disturbing Scenes. It is rated Cero C in Japan and Pegi 16 in other territories with the same content descriptors as the ESRB Rating.

TV Miniseries

  • It has been confirmed that Syfy will run a five part miniseries based on this game on particular due to it's strong story and plot.


  • The game is well known for 142 Deaths In-Game. This is a slightly higher number then the ones in Limbo.
  • This game is inspired by 2D/2.5D Platformers like Klonoa,Oddworld due to the puzzles,Mario,Spider The Videogame an obscure PlayStation platformer starring a cyborg spider,Where the dead go to die a popular original horror title on this wiki which I took influence from and Limbo due to it's dark,depressing and terrifying scenes and feelings.
  • The Devolper stated this game wants to give you a unique feeling of fear,isolation and terror. He has confirmed the game will not have often jumpscares but one part from the dark depths where it's fitting,
  • Some hackers found this cut song,,It was originally going to the multiplayer menu theme but it was considered ominous and terrifying so it will be saved for a dinosaur game.

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